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Lack of Support – Installation Not sure HOW to install this. I paid for it, and I’ve looked for support and information on installation or how to contact support, but it seems non-existent. Emails have not yet been responded to. Frustrated here. Would probably look at different calculator software for Form 7 if I had this to do over again.

Can you check email support again!
Thank you

Hi! I need help with plugin.

Calculated values don’t round to 0 decimal places as set in the settings. Instead they give values like 10349.975999999999

Link to contact forms:

Can you send a ticket support and we will help you fix it!
Thank you

Where and how can I send a ticket support?

i have been trying to get help for 3 weeks now and still no help. It will give randon numbers or not calculate all the formula,This has cost my business thousands of dollars and still no contact. Why did I pay for support when there seems to be none.

Can you check email support again!
Thank you

Hello, I can use a date in my price calculation?

For example, 10 € a day 01.01.2019 – 03.01.2019 = 30 €

Is that possible?

Many Thanks :-)

Sure, this plugin support 01.01.2019 – 03.01.2019 = 30
Thank you

Do not buy the premium version of this plugin, just get the free one and do what you can to make it work, because there’s no support.

Moreover, there’s a major bug in it (and in the free version), already mentioned by others buyers, with options at the same price.

Example: you build a form where color options have same price values: white is 100$, red is 100$ too, you just select “red” and then, in the confirmation mail you’ll receive, it will tell you that you chose “white” = always the first value name which is at the same price.

Other people with the same trouble, never fixed in CodeCanyon btw:



I bought the plugin in november 2018.

No news from support after something like 10 e-mails sent in 2 months (with WP admin access, as they asked me once).

No news from my refund request neither.

I don’t know what to do right now…


It’s me, again, and again, and again…

Can you, PLEASE, just fix your native bug or refund me???

Still absolutely 0 support/answer. It’s absolutely amazing.

OK, let’s contact CodeCanyon now.

Don’t forget, never buy this plugin, cause you won’t get any support!

Did I already tell you not to buy this plugin because there is absolutely no support + a major bug when you build a form with options at same prices?

OK, done again.

Hi, can i do something like this (CALCULATE YOUR SAVINGS) Thanks

Hi, I’ve sent a message about this already. Please help! I need this very much. I tried using Math.floor to calculate, but can’t. I don’t know what math functions are supported.

This is urgent! I need the functionality to calculate buy 30 get 5 free. So, in the quantity, if they enter 35, I should only calculate the price for 30. How can I do this? Thank you.

Hi, I installed the latest pro version but I do not a date range field. I need to calculate days from a starting and ending date.

how can I do that?

Hello jazzbuzz
Can you send a ticket support and we will check it!
Thank you

Hello. I am contacting you again because I have been asking for more than five days and I have not been served yet.

I need to know if it is possible to show the sum of the fields only after sending the form, as below:

[number* aluguel placeholder “Valor do aluguel”] [number condominio placeholder “Valor do condomínio”] [number iptu placeholder “Valor do IPTU”] [number luz placeholder “Gasto médio com luz”] [number agua placeholder “Gasto médio com água”] [number gas placeholder “Gasto médio com gás”]
Total à vista:
[calculated calculo-total “0.0738 * (aluguel + condominio + iptu + luz + agua + gas) + (aluguel + condominio + iptu + luz + agua + gas)”]
Parcelado em 10X:
[calculated calcul-parcela “(calculo-total * 1.1578)/10”] [submit “Solicitar cotação*”]

We will check it now!
Thank you

Settings on “Setting calculator” tab cannot pernamently save. If you do additional changes on “Form” tab later, you have to set “Setting calculator” parameters again and again and again…

Hello gorgonzola73
Can you send a ticket support and we will help you check it!
Thank you


I need a very nice opportunity, and i can not find if have yoru plugin this featur.

I have a price list. And than my lead or customer change the quantity, than goes the price down. Can i use my list?

For exampe. Than you buy 10, than cost one thing 100€. Than you buy 20, than cost one thing 80€. Is ist possible?

Thank you!

Hello! Can you help me? I have you write a ticket, a mail and a comment.

Hello farroliver,
Can you send check email support again!
Thank you

Why is the cost calculator settings tab losing the entered data all the time? I have had to re-enter these settings too many times now.

What a lousy support for this plugin!

Sorry, I have been hospitalized for more than 15 days!
Can you check the email support again!
Thank you

Hi. Before I buy the plugin I would like to know, if it’s possible to have image as radio or check box button? And what kind of solution do you have for this? Do you have maybe some demo for this?

Thanks for answer.