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pre-purchase question: Is there any function that i can delete or disable email Inquiry details so I don’t fill up database with lots of email?

yes we can add a option for that in the plugin , to delete all emails or even not store it

so let me know when you make a purchase

I have seen that your plugin only saves the Name and Email address on the Aweber list. How can we also save additional fields submitted on the form to the Aweber list; for example, city, state, etc.?

I’ve tried creating custom fields in Aweber with exactly the same field that was used in Contact Form 7 and the data is not saved upon submission.

We need to add code for the same, kindly contact support@himanshusofttech.com along with pur chase code and login access

i would like to know if your form can create a 3 column form i.e. name | email | submit. i want to have a horizontal form that is also responsive. thanks

We need to custom code it for the same, but yes its possible

I am having problems with this plugin, is conflicting with siteorigin page builder and popup maker, what do I need to do in order solve those conflicts?

Hello. I have linked to aweber but the field imports aren’t going into aweber.

This plugin doesn’t work. You match it all up. You sync with list nothing happens. Nothing goes into aweber. Also when you go to “contact form connection” and set it up, You connect it hit save. you refresh to see if it worked it’s back at square one. Your plugin doesn’t work

Quick connect works but I want the contact form 7 to work

Is this plugin broken? I also cannot get CF7 integration to work. The plugin simply resets the Contact-Form7 Connection data after I’ve entered it.

So this plugin doesn’t work then?

it works perfect, are you facing any issue then please connect us at support@himanshusofttech.com


I want to ask a per purchase question. My client want to give your visitors the option to choose to subscribe to our list using a checkbox. Is your plugin offers this functionality.


We can code this for you

hi, I just bought the plugin, I want to add mobile number to the form how to do this, thanks

i want to use the template you have put in but apart from name and email I also want to ask clients to fill in mobile number, please help

your plugin has some issue, as soon as I activate it visual composure on my site stops working

Please contact at support@himanshusofttech.com we will get it solved for you

Hello, I like your plugin but I need urgent support. I just installed and configurated, all is fine with the plugin and the integration with aweber, however, now I have problems with other plugins and section of the site, for example revolution slide. Look like if the plugin is interfering with all the jquery of the site. Can you please help me to solve this? Otherwise I think that I have to request the devolution. Thanks in advance.

I boutht the plugin, all is working about integration with contact form 7, but I have problems in the website, I use revolution slider and another plugin that does not work when your plugin is activated. When I unactivate your plugin all is fine and Slider revolution works fine. I wait for your help, this is urgent for me.

I already sent you an email yesterday and I continue waiting for your response… Additionally the plugin has a conflict with Visual Composer plugin. I will wait for your email.

Incredible, I continue waiting for a response, but nothing happened….

How do I get it to capture all the fields to aWeber?

In case there is any confusion: https://www.screencast.com/t/fUdKiiJvC1LK

as i said there is no pending refund from your account , have you raised the refund request ?

No because you said you have refunded it already. I am only reaching back out because I dont see it. Where do I request it?

I have 3 contact forms I would like to connect to a list in aweber can this be done?

Yes its Possible

How, I have tried multiple times but only see the option to add one form. I have 7 forms I would like to all add to the same Aweber list how can I do this?

yes just select the form and connect it with list , if need direct support connect us at support@himanshusofttech.com or skype at hsoftxml

Hello, I added his plugin but it is not adding the form information inputed to my aweber list. It is though adding them to my Wordpress Dashboard. Please advise on how to connect this so when the contact form 7 is filled out it is automatically added to the backend of my aweber list. I have also emailed your support.

Sure @mesagaragedoors, the support team is solving your issue.

Looks like things are not working again. Can you please help!

Hie mesagaragedoors,

The support team is working on your query :)

Pre-purchase question:

Is this plugin still being updated? Can you please confirm if custom fields will be picked up from CF7 to Aweber?


Thank you for showing interest in our product, Please contact our support team at support@himanshusofttech.com for detailed info. :)