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nice work, good luck with the sales!

Thank you.

Thanks for the comment.

Thanks for the comment :)


pencilaz Purchased

i realy need this app but i cant login , create account and even login with facebook in the demo version on playstore. always say networks error, even i connect to my wifi


All features of the application work well.

How to explain more than 40 registrations?

Perhaps affected by the removal of the server (my server in Russia), or may have been a problem with my server (my server is sometimes overloaded)


pencilaz Purchased

yeah i see , everything is okay , thank you for this awesome app , hope the documentation is well too :-)

good work, very nice :)


I bought your Dating and your Social Network App, which was really good. But somehow all your scripts look and work almost the same. dont you think some unique features for all your new apps could push the sales? Nothing personal, it is just a suggestion!

See, i am not talking about the design, i mean the features. for example in the marketplace app. It is great, but it would be better if the buyer and seller can make offers and the seller can choose the offer. something like that. or maybe add some options like payment where the transaction can be handled between buyer and seller. I understand that your apps have the same base, which is really good. but when i compare them, i see only 1-2 differences. I dont get whats the purpose of the Consult Network is? I can signup as consultan and choose a category?

Or the Media Network. the only difference is that i can add image or videos, which apear under Explore? But images and video i can add to the social network too.. I really like your apps because they are almost bugfree and work very well, but more individuallity would be fine.

How about add some portfolio section or skill section for each consultant, extend the profile view of the consultant, something like a job portal, where companies can look for free workers (consultant) and chat with them…?


You propose to make LinkedIn clone? :)

not really. :) i just asked for 2 minor features that would make the app unique.

@ digitalcenturysf

Stop spamming all these comment sections with the same comments merely to push your own products. Your account should be suspended.

I really like your admob native ads in this app. Hopefully you can implement in Dating App or Social Network App :)

nice work, i need for ios

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It same like School Network app!


Again I saw that you are very careful and intelligent man :)

Applications are identical, for people who have difficulty seeing or did not understand anything

1) Provided demos where you can test everything and see the difference

2) Moderators will not be allowed to publish the same application from the same author. All applications and code are checked by moderators.

Yup, I’m always careful and intelligent man!

How do I register as a consultant in the App so I can publish questions etc?

When you register, you can choose: a consultant or a regular user

Consultants may make posts, etc. See the description.

Nice Work GLWS =D

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This comment is currently being reviewed.

Sorry, Support only for costumers


pencilaz Purchased

NOw that i have the Andoid version , please IOS version

hi sir, I’ve installed and run, but I get an error,, for more details, I send an email to you sir, a few errors, thanks

Give me a copy of your configuration file Constants.java

Send me the file to email

Great app Qascript. I would like to buy this template but please let me know how i can edit the admob bamner add to reach the sides of the tile like the image posts instead of being a box inside the tile. Is this possible? Please can you tell me how to edit it?




As i was checking out your demo i found a bug that i wanted to bring to your attention. When you click the share icon to share a post, the app crashes. Please can you fix this. Thanks.


I can not fix it – because the function works correctly.

Have a good day.

Thank you for your reply but please can you check youKumali because I unintalled it and installed it again and still it crashes when i click to share a post. Am i the only one having this problem? Thanks.