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Nice script here mate, but what do you do if the user doesn’t have the “tool” they need installed to firefox?

I presume firefox doesn’t come with firebug.

This use meant for developer to speedup the debugging of scripts. So not for the regular end user.

What firefox plugin do you need? The demo doesn’t work for me in FF3 – and there isn’t anything mentioning a required FF plugin.

In the script documentation is more info about this. In Firefox you need to install the Firebug plugin.

Cool thanks. Just bought the script, nice work!

very nice, is it possible ti disable alerts with Internet Explorer so that the process remains totally hidden for visitors?

This can be done by commenting out line 96 in the Console.php file:


printf( self::FORMAT_IE_LOG, $value );


//printf( self::FORMAT_IE_LOG, $value );

What’s the difference between this and FirePHP teamed with Firebug and/or chrome/webkit console?

$6 for existing functionality is a bit expensive

My sciprt works in all browsers:

  • Mozilla
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Chrome
  • Internet explorer (has no console but shows alerts instead)

Thought I’d give you a heads up about latest FireBug including console.table() –

Would be a nice addition to your script, maybe even use it to display tabular data from a given SQL query.

  • the website above is not mine, just found it via Twitter

Nice item… is there any chance that you could extend the debugging to ajax calls…



Console::ajaxShow("This is some information", Console::INFO);
...and then have a js function that will filter out the debugging, return it to the console and then return the original ajax source without the debugging info:



var returnedAjaxInfo = "blah blah blah";
returnedAjaxInfo = consoleFilter(returnedAjaxInfo);

that would be really useful :)

When you include console.php is the javascript spit out at that time or at some other time?

I don’t want any html sent to browser until I’ve finished all my business logic.

It spits it out at that time. If you don’t want that you can add ob_start() to the top of your script.

it not work for me can you explain step by step how to install and use

Include the console.php file:


Now you can log something like this:

Console::show('Hello world', Console::Info);

I love this!!! Dude you did a great job, thanks a lot. I downloaded firephp and it just included way too much crap. I love how minimal this thing is. This is one of the first things on Code Canyon that I was actually impressed with after purchasing it. Thanks again.

Great to hear such a nice words :).

How does it work on Opera? I visited the preview and it showed the messages in alert(); I used Dragonfly and reloaded but I can’t see the messages anywhere on the debuger?

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