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Nice work GLWS :)


Great app! Need some help, i have send you a email

Yes, i can help you

i just want the interstitial and banner ads from admob? And does it work with in app purchase so they disappear when you make the payment?

Hi, it run with Swift 2.2?

maybe get lost.

Can you resend me?

yes, i will reply you by email

Hi there – can the colour dot images be replaced with anything?

Thank you – I have sent you a message.

Hi rburns50 i have send you message if you receive , please reply to me

All good thank you – like a charm :)

I have gotten a take down notice from PlayDots, Inc. don’t try and upload this to the App Store.

Hi, I think you need to reskin game and if you want you can upload to AppStore

I did a reskin & made a new app icon. It’s all good.

is there a guide for changing the images from dots to other objects?

Just emailed

I emailed you?

Hi, sorry because i have network problem, i send email for you, check it

Cant use this code with update to swift 3 :/ gives a lot of errors

It will have an updated version soon

great thanks

Hi, cant use this code with update to swift 3 and swift 2.3 also. gives a lots of errors. fix it..

Hello, it will be update soon, send me your email

Hi , i have solved the errors. But when i play this App on iphone 6 plus and iphone 6s plus simulator, App crashes. And says “Failed to lookup the process ID com.x.x of after successful launch. Perhaps it crashed after launch”. Fix it.

Hello, maybe you are fix don’t correct, i have try all versions it will run normally so send me your email i will send new code update swift 3. or if you need now, set use legacy is YES in Xcode (see at : https://gyazo.com/536910c67fa745796fc8b2c193e185dd)

Hi there, can the colour dot images be replaced from dots to any other objects or character?

Hello, currently you can change colour dots or if you want change any dots to images, you need customize source code

yes, i need customize source code. Reply me.

Give your email address.

Won’t compile with Xcode 9.1. Used Xcode 8.3 to update Swift but just get lots of errors. Can’t use. =(

It has been updated to swift4, support xcode9.1 when this update is approved evanto send a notification to all buyers.