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Hi there,

This looks great, is this also for iPhone?

Cheers, Chris

Hello Chris,

Its for iPhone only.


Nice work, GLWS! :)


This app looks interesting! Will it be possible to add any “non-English” letters to the alphabet? Thinking about customizing for another language.

Thanks Kjell Arne

App have all alphabets mean A-Z with its object, once you draw object latter appear.

OK – All alphabets on your frontpage actually means All letters in the (English) alphabet to be precise….. Thanks for your clarification. Will have to wait to purchase before we get other languages alphabet too:-)

Right now its English only if we make other language let you know.

can i use arabic letters and make 28 letters ?

No it’ll require more modification but you can change letter which will appear after pictures drawn

Hi I bought the app. Where can I find the documentation? Can’t find it in the ZIP file?!

Please contact from my profile so i can send you “Email appzforest” http://codecanyon.net/user/appzforest

game has 64 bit support and iphone6s plus screen resolution support?

yes It support 64bit

great. is there any video preview or live on appstore? I want to purchase this soon.

I’ll send you video