Discussion on Conformy - Contact Form

Discussion on Conformy - Contact Form

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webmy Purchased

Hi, sengrid is not working! I have error: Mailer Error: Invalid address: (From): apikey, but sengrid username is: apikey.

Please help me!

Hi, Dear Customer,

sendgrid is an email api system independent of this script, so phpmailer is used here and this is to support sendgrid because it is necessary to replace and install sendgrid with php mailer from the beginning, since this is customization, I can install and integrate it separately or by following the documents here, if you have php knowledge, you can get help from the link here and integrate it yourself. Thank you very much Best Regards.

Hello, i’m using this script for may months, works perfectly. Today, i want to add an extra select field, which JS file should i edit ? It’s ok for HTML. Thanks

Hi, Dear Customer, You need to add in js and php envato support does not support setup and customization but I can add this for an extra fee

Hi, How do I remove the phone verification from the form mail? I tried deleting the div from the index.html but it broke the form. I don’t know what to delete from the PHP files.

Hi, Dear Sir, Sory For late response will the phone be completely lifted so i will remove my phone area I will prepare it now and send it to you

I got the email and downloaded the contact form. I’m very happy with your product and I gave you a 5 star review. Thank you!

Ok thank you very much Regards.

Aafloey Purchased

Is it possible to include the file (php include for example) or does it require to be embeded in the code where i want to use it?

Hi, there is definitely a problem, otherwise it is working maybe a cache problem Can you give me a demo address to check?

Aafloey Purchased

This my fault, I had by accident edited an css rule, so that the code input would not show properly. Works fine now :)

Ok no problem regards.

Pre-purchase question. Does this script allow file attachments to be sent with email?

Hi, I designed such a special panel and we can adjust it according to your wishes, it both keeps the data in the database and sends it to your e-mail, it is sent in the file. This was a special request I made for an extra fee for a client, if you want, I can customize it according to your request and give you this panel.For details, write to me in the support section and I will provide you with login information so that you can check the forms from the admin. thank you very much. best Regards.

Hello, super form. Very good work. Everything works fine, but after sending, no message is displayed to me that the message has been sent.

Where and how can I set up that after sending the info comes to me, your message was sent, or your message has reached us. .......

Thanks for the feedback. Greetings

Hi, Is there a review address, did you include the codes correctly? Thanks Regards.

Hello I use Bootstrap 3 this project supports Bootstrap 4 or 5. What do I have to change so that the send function (message sent) is displayed to me?

Hi, Sory for late response By deleting the popup methods here, you can output an html or an alert. Because bootstrap 3 doesn’t support modal Thank you very much. Best Regards.

is it possible to change the phone number requirements in an easy way or not? it shows me an error if i use a phone number from my country (austria). thanks

ok thanks and how easy is it to adjust the form? like taking out phone input field entirely. your description doesnt say much about changing the form, thats why i have to ask. (already bought another contact form which i cant use)

ps: a tailwind version would be awesome, bootstrap sux

Hi Sorry for late response Of course. İf you want to change form field and remove. And customize please return me on support mail Also Envato support system not supported customization but i will help you No problem Thankyou very much Best regards

This is false advertising, he sells the PHPMailer code from Github, which doesn’t work with gmail, I bought it thinking it was code developed by him, it doesn’t work

Sorry, but this is false advertising. On the Envato Market code page you explain it as a solution, which is not true, because the first thing we receive is an orientation to download the PHPMailer from Github, which I had already done, and because it didn’t work, I looked for a different solution on Envato Market.

Sorry, but this is false advertising. On the Envato Market code page you explain it as a solution, which is not true, because the first thing we receive is an orientation to download the PHPMailer from Github, which I had already done, and because it didn’t work, I looked for a different solution on Envato Market.

Hi, Dear Customer, People copied my product in many places and they sell it there without my permission, even gmail itself did not solve this problem and it has been disabled since may, I realized when I used phpmailer today, when I saw your comment, it is not about me, you can return the product. he used it this way i was using it that way and now i installed premium mail,with%20this%20setting%20turned%20on. you can also check this source here it says it is closed and not working Thanks Best Regards.


I have a couple of questions before purchasing.

Can i remove the captcha code and confirmation of terms? Why when i put a phone number like 01234567 it gives me error?


If you buy, I can remove them. If you want something extra, I can work as a freelancer for an hourly or fixed fee.

hi, is it possible add google recaptcha v3 ?

Hi, Dear Customer, Since this is a form that works with ajax, the page is not reloading , so it does not work with recapthca, so we cannot install recaptcha if we want, because recapcta does not work without reloading the page. but after each submitted form, you can’t press the button until the form is submitted to prevent successive submission. After the form is submitted, the form is reset and a new captcha code is given from scratch. so it is a safe system Thank you very much. Best Regards.

ok, which antispam system have? then another thing…is it possible add attached files ?

Hi, As an anti spam system, it asks you to enter a verification code after each form is submitted, the verification code is renewed and the form is reset, so if you want to protect against bots, this is a good solution if that code does not match, the form will not be submitted anyway and you cannot submit the same form repeatedly without repeatedly entering the verification code and validation. Of course, recaptha is safer, but the working system of this product is with ajax and we work by refreshing the recapthca page, so you cannot integrate it into this product, if you want to integrate it, then the page will be refreshed, but if you want, I can design a special form for you as a freelancer. But this form is safe and I have a lot of clients using it and it prevents it from being sent blank Thanks Regards.

Hi, I purchased the contact form, I have installed it on my website, entered all the data required for SMTP in send_mail file but the form keeps loading after sending the message.


Ok Solved Port should be 587, I changed it to 587 and connected as tls and sent Thank you very much. Best Regards.


regarding the smtp im using a gmail account, i have used the 465 port and i have enabled less secure apps, but imp still getting error when submitting a form, can yo pls advise?

Hi, Dear Sir, Is there a demo address?

Hi There, I purchased your template, I appended it in my home page I put all data required for SMTP in send_mail file but it keep loading with no response can assist me with this ??

Hi Dear Customer, Of course. Is there a demo address and can you send your ftp information to this e-mail address I will be here to help you

Pre-Sales Questions: Is this package dependancy free? Or do I need specific services running? Also can I style this with custom CSS easily?

I intend on installing this on a Static HTML website.

Thanks in advance!

hi, Dear Sir, this package is free and works using bootstrap infrastructure. The html theme you use must be made with bootstrap 4, otherwise design defects may occur because the package bootstrap 4 must be used, all of them are already included in the package. Thank you very much. Best Regards.

Hi…Can i use this form on my woocommerce/wordpress website? I need a sturdy form that can accept video files and high res image files. I keep getting file too big error with contact 7 even though i have increased the file size(on form as well as hosting end)

Hi Dear Customer, Sory for the late return I just came home now this is a php script not a worpdress plugin won’t work with wordpress or woocomerce Best Regards.

Hello my friend I hope you are well! I already rated the item with 5 stars it is easy to work with it very well written code, perfect! I’ve already successfully implemented it on my platform but now a need arose and around there’s nothing in the item description or comments, I need to put a field to attach 5 images next to the email sent in the form, can you help me with some way? I’ve seen that it’s possible in PhpMailer’s class.

Hi Dear Customer, Sory for the late return it is possible but it will take some time i can do it for an extra fee because adding images will be with ajax and there are many php operations it does not support form customization according to envato rules but i can do it as a freelance as per your request or more

Hi All my emails come trough as spam any ideas why this is ?

Hi, Dear Sir, I guess you are using phpmailer() function ? If you are not using smtp, your mails may be detected as spam, so since the mail() function related to the php mail() function creates a security vulnerability, most hosting recommends using smtp.

The phone number is always a mandatory field?! How can this be switched off? That is is possible to send without phone number. Cause in Germany many users use many different formats for the same phone number +49xxxx-xxxx or 00xxxx-xxxx or 0xxx-xxxx or 0xxx/xxxx or 0xxx xxxx

Forget it i found it within the main.js ”!validatePhone”

Hi Dear Sir, i will be at home this weekend i am not near my computer right now If you want, we can remove the requirement or we can write a regex pattern in any format you want. I will inform you when I am at home. Thank you very much Best regards

Hi, Dear Sir, Did you solve problem ?

Hi I dont know why it reloads the page when i want to send an email. Could you please tell me why it is happening?

Hi, Dear Sir, Can you provide a demo address, if you remove some fields in html, you need to remove some fields in js, I guess it may be because of that.

Hi before purchase need to know the version of phpmailer you are using, I need it with the last version 6.x

Hi, Dear Sir, I think it supports versions above php 5.6, you can return it if there is an incompatibility because phpmailer uses functions compatible with php 5.6 above.

Thanks for reply, well I have php 7.6, and need the script to run phpmailer 6.4.1 the last update they change a lot of things, so want to make sure before purchase, thanks

Hi, Dear Sir, php is above 5.5


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