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Looks interesting, bookmarked, I will keep an eye on it. Best wishes with sales.

Thanks, we have updated the description to better understand what are the features CSA plugin provides.

Nice work, i think i will purchase it :D
Best Wishes..Cheers

i have a question,
i can create a backup for my database ?

Yes, you can select database only, file system only, both.

When i download it , i will rate it :D

Wonderful, congrats!

It looks like quite useful and easy-to-use :) bookmarked.

How can I bypass the database and filesystem backup when I click on start?

Because I assume that the plugin has tried to backup about 80 gigabites of an other plugin’s database backup.

Hi. This sounds silly, but no, initial backup is mandatory (at least till next major version).Skipping it can only be done manually. One way to skip it is to add new entry in database `options` table with option_name “confsa_plugin_version_last_run_all_tests” and option_value “1.0.1” Other way would be to edit plugins code – in file ConfodioSecurityAudit.php commenting out (Add // before text) lines 537-570 and line 600.

hello, I just bought right now, but I have an empty folder, no script :(

Inside the folder you should see the plugin as file “”. If you do not see the file (very strange), let me know, I will email it to you.

Hi there,

Do you provide up-to-date documentations for this plugin?

Hope to hear from you soon

Why this software was not updated anymore? looks good but it is not update

error 500 , does not work


I have this error with uploading plugin: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class simple_html_dom_node in /home/lawyersa/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/confodio-security-audit/inc/simple_html_dom.php on line 108

Kind Regards, Barteld van der Weerd