ConferenceChatbot - Messenger bot for Conferences

ConferenceChatbot - Messenger bot for Conferences

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ConferenceChatbot – Messenger Bot for Conferences

Take your conference to the next level, using ConferenceChatbot for Messenger! Don’t make your attendees download mobile apps or browse websites!
Give them the innovative experience of a chatbot!

Built on top technologies (JavaScript), the bot provides info regarding the schedule, speakers, evening events, sponsors and more.
Conference data is easily managed by a Ruby on Rails powered dashboard / API that comes together.

* HOT FEATURE: Messages can be pushed to bot users via dashboard (perfect to inform attendees for updates)!

Both chatbot and backend (API / dashboard) can be easily deployed to Heroku and be on-air in minutes. Guides included!

Questions & Demo

Talk to our demo ConferenceChatbot

If you have any questions, please post them in comments.

Bot Features

  • Modern Technologies (NodeJS + Frameworks)
  • Modular Architecture
  • Easy Customization
  • Easy Deployment to Heroku
  • Can be Easily Configured for Existing API
  • Greeting Text
  • Get Started Button
  • Persistent Menu
  • Friendly Texts with Emojis
  • Quick Reply Buttons
  • Carousel Cards
  • Pagination of Carousel Cards
  • Understands Related Words
  • Shows Venue Info, Schedule, Speakers, Events, Sponsors
  • Shows Schedule by Morning, Afternoon or Evening
  • Shows Date, Time & Location of each Event
  • Quick & Easy to Use by Attendees
  • Backend Features

  • Modern Technologies (Ruby on Rails)
  • Modular Architecture
  • Easy Customization
  • Easy Deployment to Heroku
  • User Sign-In / Sign-Out
  • Add & Edit Conference Info
  • Add & Edit Schedule
  • Add & Edit Speakers
  • Add & Edit Events
  • Add & Edit Sponsors
  • Push Messages (Changes or Updates) to Users
  • Save User Full Name for Future
  • Manage Everything & Update Real Time
  • Bootstrap Frontend
  • DataTables for Data Display
  • Chatbot Statistics
  • Maps with Marker for Evening Events
  • Data

    Deploy the backend to Heroku and setup your conference’s data in minutes!

    You can also easily configure the bot to be used with your own existing API.

    Edit any conference data through the dashboard and view them live in your bot!


      1.0 - August 14, 2017
      - Launch