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I wish to know how many libraries you us e in your project and, if possible, what are them. I ask this because once I purchased an aap like this here, at codecanyom, but was not able to make it work because of the libs. Thanks.

Dear ssaguiar
We did not use Android Studio to develop this App. We know that Google recommends this environment, but there is still possible to work using Eclipse.

The App could be able to import to AS, but you sholud remember including libraries.

I am using your app and it’s realy awsome. I intend to make it as a phonebook app. I wish to know how I can use an ExpandableListView in place of the listview in main page (agenda fragment) and how not to use have the ViewPager (i just want to implement one ExpandableListView for the phonebook). Thanks.

Dear ssaguiar

That kind of change requires a significant change of code. It is unfortunately beyond the scope of CodeCanyon support.

I’d like to buy this temp. Can you test it and make it ready for Adroid studio. We have been working on AS and it is great. please let me know. asap.

Dear ray9836
It is possible to import project to Android Studio. But it is required manually adding all libraries.We will make the App 100% ready for Android, but we cannot say when exactly it will happen.

Hi, good work. I notice a small bug: the date in the top of the page is 24.10 and 25.10 while in the item details is 24.11 and 25.11 , Can you check and propose a fix? Thanks

Good, have you some indication on how to fix this? Thanks

Dear natamarsi
Please change line 22 in DayTag.java file.
Replace this
return calendar.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH) + "." + calendar.get(Calendar.MONTH);
To this
return calendar.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH) + "." + ( calendar.get(Calendar.MONTH) + 1 );

Or even better use this code
return calendar.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH) + "." + String.format("%02d",calendar.get(Calendar.MONTH)+1)+".";

This is awesome, looks very close to the Attendify event app. Wish you had it for iOS also! This would save me over $1,000 from purchasing Attendify app for my event(s).

Dear IWNWebsiteServices
Unfortunately we have not had iOS version yet.

This is a fantastic looking app! My only reason for not purchasing is that there isn’t an iOS version to also purchase (we’re striving to keep things consistent for all users). Anyway, as I would love to move forward with your product, do you happen to know of a comparable iOS option by another author that we can use in conjunction with yours? With so many people asking about iOS, I imagine you’ve probably researched a solution for your fans :)

Dear nmartinez1
We appreciate your opinion. But we cannot help you, because we do not know similar product on iOS. Maybe some day we will develop it, but we can not tell when it will happen.

Cool beans. Thanks for responding!

Hi, Would I need a backend server? How will data be exported?

Dear insighty
You do not need backend sever. SQLite Database gets initially data from .txt files. By editing them and adding photos you are able to completely manage content of the App.

hello, nice script. I want to know is it ready to use app with backend or just a developed template?

Dear joshbender
The App does not use backend sever. SQLite Database gets initially data from .txt files. By editing them and adding photos you are able to completely manage content of the App.


Sorry, not quite understand the function of the app. This app is to display app via webinar? I just need to hire a service hotline streaming?

Dear davidkubiac
The App do not provide live streaming. It displays static content uploaded to database.

can i add my own pages, images and content? I see on link “My plan” is empty etc…

Dear duvallb
It is template app. You can manage content using .txt files included to the App. To create own pages you need to reprogram the App and it requires programing skills.

“My plan” is empty because there appear event added to favorites.

Hello , I would be interested in acquiring your template. Do you have push notifications ? Even parse through . A greeting.

Do you undertake customization on this?

Dear nishmau
We do not provide customization services.

Hi there, I am interested in purchasing your app. I have a few questions:

1-Do you have push notifications integrated? If not, would it be easy to add?

2-Can you explain in a bit more detail how I update the app with content? Also, even if the app is published, can I keep updating it with content and it will appear on app?

3-Finally, I use Android Studio. Can I import it directly in AS without issues?


i purchase the app and installing in the app in eclipse but its getting problem while installing can any one help

This product is still working and supported?

what about category , subcategory and and source code ?

can i make subcategory ? and what about if i want make more than app by source code ?

Hi, do you have an iOS version?

no ios version right ?

Any near future update