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I have a couple of questions, please.

1. Can I apply free shipping to choice products only and not to all products?

2. Can I limit the quantity of an item with free shipping? Say, for example, an item that has free shipping can only be ordered at a maximum of 3 only per customer. A message will show that he’s exceeded the required limit when the quantity is exceeded. Is this possible in this plugin?

3. Can you show a live preview site or a screenshot of how the free shipping option shows in the cart?

Thank you.

Hi and sorry for the delay, I didn’t see your message :)

1. Not on single “exact” product, but only to categories

2. No, for the same reason above, but you can set – for example – a maximum weight for the cart

3. It looks like any other shipping method, with a radio button or another command (it depends by your template), with “Free shipping” as text

Im getting this error… Warning: Declaration of Raneri_Free_Shipping::calculate_shipping($package) should be compatible with WC_Shipping_Method::calculate_shipping($package = Array) in /wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-5923615-conditional-free-shipping-woocommerce-plugin/woocommerce-raneri-free-shipping.php on line 31

That’s how the wp-config WAS set up, I didn’t change anything and yes that warning was still showing. I had to deactivate the plugin to remove the warning from my cart. Any suggestions?

my host helped me …they added this: define( ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false ); @ini_set( ‘display_errors’, 0 );

Hello, yes this depends also by the hosting. Happy that you solved this :)

I just installed and got this error on my site – Warning: Declaration of Raneri_Free_Shipping::calculate_shipping($package) should be compatible with WC_Shipping_Method::calculate_shipping($package = Array) in /home4/paintwa1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-5923615-conditional-free-shipping-woocommerce-plugin/woocommerce-raneri-free-shipping.php on line 31

He explains what it worked on his hosting, adding to wp-config.php: define( ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false ); @ini_set( ‘display_errors’, 0 );

Can you please provide instructions. My host didn’t know what that meant.

Just put this at the end of your wp-config.php file.

hello is your plugin compatible with dokan?

Hi, it should be compatible because this is a standard WooCommerce shipping method. Since Dokan is built on top of WooCommerce I think it will work, but we didn’t tested it with Dokan, so I can’t confirm for sure.

interesting i hope so, bc woocommerce is not intuitive at all with this subject. The thing with Dokan is deporting the management to the front end, and make a given feature available at the Vendor profile level.Thanks for the reply


is provided an update for woocommerce 3.1.x ??

Motivational phrase in cart page don’t work.

don’t work also support of new shipping zones


Hi! The motivational phrase is bound to the woocommerce_before_cart_table hook that should be still present and working in 3.x, maybe your theme doesn’t call it in cart.php (just guessing) ?

The support for 3.x shipping zones will be included in a future release of the plugin, but I can’t anticipate the exact release date.

The motivational phrase it works! Sorry for my mistake. We wait for plugin update…. Thank you!

No problem! And thank you for your purchase!

I had a customer get free shipping on their whole order when it’s only set to give free shipping on one category. That category was with other products and this hasn’t happened before until now. Is this a bug or an update needed?

Mail received. Going to send you an answer. Thank you for your patience :)

Comment to everyone else on here reading. Riccardo (the author) was very kind, quick and helpful when I had an issue. He helped me with a fix within 2 days and seems like a super guy.

Thank you so much Jay! I’m always happy when we are able to solve an issue __ The fix we released on your installation will be included in an update for everyone, in the next days.

Hello, the plugin is not working on my site! I installed it but the prices are keep showing the shipping prices. I have premium UPS shipping plugin installed on my site which is showing the shipping rates. Can you please help?

Check with UPS activated and WooCommerce shipping debug mode activated (I’m not positive about the possibility that it’s a caching problem, but it’s worth to try). Instructions here, second paragraph: https://www.xadapter.com/troubleshooting-woocommerce-ups-plugin/ (

Lol that was a cache issue! You guys were correct! Awesome support thanks guys. Also at first show free shipping when these products are in the care was set to “3” I set it back to “1” and it worked after clearing cache.

Thank You guys

Very happy that now it’s working for you :) Thank you for your purchase! If you are happy don’t forget to leave a feedback with a lot of stars :D

Hi. Does this plugin allow you to add free shipping to a specific product, and also let shipping rates be applied to other products in the cart at the same time?

For instance, let’s say the customer has 3 items in the cart: a t-shirt and 2 other products. Can I apply free shipping to the t-shirt, and have the other 2 products have their shipping applied by another plugin that uses the USP API?

Hello and thank you for your question. Nope, sorry: this feature isn’t included in our plugin: it’s a “all or nothing” (free or non-free) shipping plugin :)

Hi, is it possible to set the alert on the right column under the shipping cost?

Sorry, it uses an hook to inject itself before the cart block. You can move it with a jQuery trick, appending it to an element in the sidebar. It will be client-side only but it will work.

Hi, the plugin don’t do what my client want, and there isn’t a live preview of it. Can you get a refund? Thanks

Hi, yes. Here are the instruction from Envato: send us a refund request with the Envato website.

Free shipping works great unless the customer wants to use the Ship to Multiple locations feature. I am using WooCommerce Ship to Multiple Addresses plug in. The cart show $0.00 in the shipping line but the cart total continues to show the default shipping amount. I am not sure if this is a function of your plug in or the other one. Any advice?

Is the refund handled directly with you or Envato? Thanks.

I’m sorry too! Feel free to request your refund. I just want to highlight the fact (also for future customers) that every possible integration with other plugins that work with the shipping aspect of WooCommerce is not guaranteed or mentioned in the description of our plugin.

You can follow the official procedure to request refund on Envato.

Hi there,

I’ve set up a standard WooCommerce coupon (fixed product discount) and have free shipping set to over $50 using your plugin. The free shipping is being calculated before the coupon is applied and so orders under $50 are receiving free shipping.

Ex: Order is $55 before coupon so free shipping is applied. I add the code that brings the order down to $40 and free shipping is still being applied.

Thanks, Don

Hi, Don. Yes, free shipping is applied before additional coupons. I don’t know if it can be considered a bug, it’s “by design”. Maybe we can say that an additional feature “apply free shipping before/after discounts” could be better, but the current status is how the plugin is meant to work.

it is possible to do the following with your plugin: Orders over £150 – free shipping, unless they want pre-12 noon delivery, in which case delivery is £15. For orders under £150, £10 delivery unless they want it pre 12 noon, in which case it’s an added £15 i.e. £25 in total. For pre-noon delivery they have to order it before 3 p.m.

regards Paul

Hi, nope… our plugin can’t integrate with other shipping plugins, so free delivery yes/no is decided only based on the state of the cart (weight, total price, categories, and so on).

Hello. I hope this message finds you well.

I’m trying to achieve free shipping for a subscription item in my store. However, the rest of the items in my store I would like to charge shipping. Can this module achieve this goal? Thanks!

Hi, if the subscription is part of a separated product category yes, you can set this category as the only one that allow free shipping and it will work.


scullie Purchased


The plugin works except for the paid shipping method. When a order is above 75 the free shipping shows itself but the the paid shipping method doesn’t disappear .

I updated everything and downloaded your latest plugin.

Hello, are you sure that the free shipping option you’re seeing is the one that comes from our plugin, and not the free shipping that is included in WooCommerce standard shipping methods?


scullie Purchased

Ha! You are right sir!!! I was trying that option before buying your plugin. Thank you for the tip!

Glad do hear… and thank you very much for the rating you’ve just left! :)

I, too, am receiving the following error:

Warning: Declaration of Raneri_Free_Shipping::calculate_shipping($package) should be compatible with WC_Shipping_Method::calculate_shipping($package = Array) in /home/purecod8/public_html/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-5923615-conditional-free-shipping-woocommerce-plugin/woocommerce-raneri-free-shipping.php on line 31

I used the fix that was posted here. It didn’t solve the problem. I have deactivated all plugins. No change. This is a site rebuild from a previous site. It’s running WooCommerce 3.08 and the plugin works. The new site has WooCommerce 3,25 running and I get this error. Everything else is the same. I’m using the Flatsome theme on both sites.

Hi, this is not an error, it’s a non-fatal warning that comes from the recent versions of WooCommerce. Currently, it doesn’t cause any malfunction. You can hide it inserting this into your wp-config.php file: define( ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false ); @ini_set( ‘display_errors’, 0 );

I have used that fix and it doesn’t work for me. The message is still displayed.

Hi, this depends by your hosting settings. Anyway, please send me an email at info {at} raneri.it and I will send you an internal release of the updated plugin that should fix this problem.

By the way, the plugin works – I just can’t get rid of the error message.

(reference to your prevous message)—Hi, this is not an error, it’s a non-fatal warning that comes from the recent versions of WooCommerce. Currently, it doesn’t cause any malfunction. You can hide it inserting this into your wp-config.php file: define( ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false ); @ini_set( ‘display_errors’, 0 );

Does your plugin works with Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce?

Yes, absolutely.

It seems as your plugin doesn’t work with Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce. I tested and it isn’t working. If you want, i can give you credentials to my website for check my configs.

Very strange. Sure, please send us the login data at info {at} raneri.it . Expect a response in 24 hours :)


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We have products in 11 Different Categories that we call Collections. Accessories is in “Accessory” Category.

I need to create logic in which free shipping is activated when the cart has 20+ of Collections Products and after that if a customer wants to add any amount of Accessories it also will be free.

But we do not want the customer to get free shipping when ordering 20+ accessories.

20+ Collection Products + Any amount of accessories = Free Shipping


paulanz Purchased

So your plugin does not do this functionality I need?

I also need for free shipping to be applied automatically when qty hits 20. Currently customer still needs to enter city state country and zip code then press calculate to get Free Shipping applied. This should be automatic

It does support minimum quantity + category limitations but then it consider the sum of products from the selected categories against the minimum quantity. I don’t know if it’s acceptable for you.

The need to enter country and zip comes from WooCommerce, by design. It is used to discover which shipping methods are available (aka: it is “before” our plugin and any other).


paulanz Purchased

I simply seek for free shipping to be applied to Accessory Items purchased with Product in cart of 20 or more quantity.

Accessories purchased with products under 20 qty in the cart should be calculated shipping with Fedex shipping method for WooCommerce

Hello/Boun Giorno,

We have your plugin WooCommerce Raneri Free Shipping Version 1.47 installed with woocommerce version 3.26.

Is there an option that once the parameters are met to show the free shipping, that it will automatically default to free shipping and display the radio button for free shipping as selected?

We are using your plugin along with these two other shipping methods:

WooCommerce USPS Shipping Version: 4.4.11

FedEx WooCommerce Shipping with Print Label 1.6.4

Can you tell me up to what version of Woocommerce your plugin has been tested and is compatible?

Thank you/Grazie! John

Buongiorno :) The tested WP+WC versions are listed in the plugin data on CodeCanyon (even if it is compatible also with newer versions).

When free shipping is activated, the other shipping methods are automatically hidden—if you don’t choose to show one or more of them anyway.

Hi, we would like to offer free shipping in Europe for orders more than 300.

In North America and other shipping Zones, we wish to have the minimum order be 700.

I do not see how this can be configured on the back end. Can you please assist?

Hello, our plugin currently doesn’t allow to specify DIFFERENT amount for DIFFERENT countries: you can set a minimum amount, quantity, etc… and/or a country (or more countries) for which free shipping will be available, but not different conditions for two or more countries.

I see. Thank you.