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Have a question before I buy.

What if my show is located in the states and I want to only allow free shipping only in Florida and charge $20 for shipping in all other states, is that possible?

Hi and sorry for the delay but we were in holiday mode :) Yes, you can specify which states are enabled for free shipping (for you: all the US states but Florida).

Purchased and enabled plugin, set for specific category however, Local Delivery shows up for everything?? Need solution fast

what should I check or uncheck to get this to work

Hi, which version of WP and WC are you using?

I think it’s working now, will contact if I continue to have any issue thank you!

This didn’t show up after configured. I tried everything.

Hi, which version of WP and WC are you using?

I have just purchased, downloaded, and set up the plugin – but have a question about the “motivational phrase background color”. Since there is no “preview” to see what it looks like – can you tell me what color the text is or why I need a background color? I have branded colors on my new site, so it would be nice to know what it looks like “out of the box” so to speak… A screen shot of it without background color and maybe 2 alternate shots of colored backgrounds would be fantastic!

Thank you for your answer. It turns out that since the motivational phrase CANNOT be activated with a number of items in the cart – it’s useless to me. With international shipping, I need the number of items to be the trigger, rather than a dollar value. So I just had to add some “notice” text at the top of my cart instead. Would have been MUCH better if your program could show the text with the number of items as an alternative choice!! Any chance that might be included in the next update??

Hello, you’re right: the motivational phrase is only triggered by the minimum amount, like clearly highlighted in the screenshot we attached on CodeCanyon. If we will receive other requests about extending it to the quantity of items, we will include this additional feature in one of the next release, for sure.

Great! OK FOLKS – get those requests in!

Hi, is there a way to only allow free shipping to selected postcodes/zip codes if purchase is over certain value?

Thanks, James

Hi, this feature is not included in our plugin, BUT nowadays you can do it with the new feature “shipping zones” that is included since Woo version 2.6+. Technically, the current version of our plugin (v. 1.47a) is compatible with WooCommerce up to version 2.5x, but we are testing it with later releases that include shipping zones and it seems to work fine, even if we will declare support for Woo 2.6+ only in the next update.

Hello, I have the site in two languages, English and Hebrew – http://a2470-tmp.s48.upress.link. There is two currencies – USD and Israel Shekel. I set “Minimum amount for free shipping” for 250. Tha’s means that free shipping works for cart total from 250 USD and 250 NIS. But that’s wrong because I need to set free shipping for 250USD and 1000 NIS (1USD=4NIS). I’ll very appreciate for any solution.

Hello Anton, I’m very sorry but our plugin doesn’t support multicurrency, you are the first one that asks for this feature.


cjarabm Purchased

Licencia 03dd4858-5c2b-4665-ba4d-598d9100353e . Help. No active WooCommerce plugin settings WC Version: 2.6.4 WP Version: 4.6.1 email cjara@jarabm.com

Hello, I’m going to contact you by email.


cjarabm Purchased

03dd4858-5c2b-4665-ba4d-598d9100353e Help. No active WooCommerce plugin settings WC Version: 2.6.4 WP Version: 4.6.1 email cjara@jarabm.com

Hello, I’m going to contact you by email.

Hi i have a quick question pre-order question. All my customers are only in one city. But its a large one. Will this plugin allow me to have a different cart minimum for different zipcodes? And will it work in Indian National Rupee, Not dollar?

Hi, the plugin will use the same currency you’ve set for your online store, so there will be no problem with this.

The selection of areas for free shipping is limited by a field where you specify one or more states/provinces, so it will depend from the granularity offered by WooCommerce for your country. For example, USA is divided in states (so we’re talking about HUGE areas), while Italy is divided in provinces (really smaller zones).


furto Purchased

I wanted this to add another more customisable ‘free shipping’ method to the new woocommerce shipping system, not the old legacy system. Sorry but woocommerce is about to stop using this system completely soon, so I would like a refund.

Hi, the plugin at its current version (v. 1.47a, the one you paid for) is declared as compatible with WooCommerce 2.5. It actually works also with WC 2.6.x with the new shipping zone features, in legacy mode.

Anyway, if you want to get a refund please fill the dedicated request so we can review and process it. Take note that the plugin is still maintained: an updated version with full support for shipping zones will be released in the future.

pre sale questions:
1-I need to cancel free shipping when a specific product is in the cart? Does your plugin can do that?
2-Does your plugin works with Table Rate Shipping by bolderelements (https://codecanyon.net/item/table-rate-shipping-for-woocommerce/3796656)?
Thank you

Hi TotorPedro,

1. Nope: you can limit free shipping to one or more categories (and so exclude orders that include products from other categories). You can also disable free shipping when the delivery cost is above a certain cost, but – at the current version of our plugin – you can’t exclude single products.

2. Theorically it will work alongside any other standard WC shipping plugin. Take note that it works separately, offering free shipping instead any other shipping method when the conditions you set match. You can also decide to keep one or more methods, even if free shipping becomes available.

Can you tell me the CSS code to only show the motivations message once instead of twice (2).



Hi, do you see it twice in the same page? On the cart? It shouldn’t appear more than one time per page.

Yes … on the “View Cart” page. it appears to work in Safari (Mac) but it shows twice in Chrome.


raneri Author

Could you tell us the url of the website, to look at it “live”. If you don’t want to disclosure the address publicly, please write to us by email: info {at} raneri.it