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Work with WooCommerce Version 2.6.11 and WordPress 4.7 ?



Hello, we’re currently testing with WP 4.7 and WC 2.6.4 and it works properly. Anyway, the current version is officially supported up to WP 4.5.2 and WC 2.5, until the next update that will include support and certified functionality with the latest releases.


I have 2 questions/requests…

1. How do I set the motivational phrase to say “Add $_ more to get free shipping!” where the blank space is the remaining amount left that’s needed (i.e. Minimum amount is $200 for free shipping, current in cart is $100, so the phrase should say “Add $100…” automatically.

2. I purchased the plugin thinking it had this functionality but apparently it doesn’t: I need to be able to limit free shipping to specific categories WITHOUT free shipping being deactivated if other categories are in the cart. I have WooCommerce setup to split packages based on categories so with this in place it automatically doesn’t make free shipping an option for certain categories. I need the plugin to only make products in certain categories count towards the minimum free shipping amount.



1. Where you type %s inside the motivational phrase, it will be replaced by the amount left that is needed to activate free shipping;

2. I’m not sure to have understood your need, anyway… the count of the minimum amount to activate free shipping is done on the whole cart so you can’t exclude categories from it, sorry :(

Is it possible for you to add the feature to exclude categories from the minimum amount. If not, is it something you’d be able to customize for me if I pay for it?

Hi, sorry for the delay, we missed your last message. Sometimes we do customizations and custom plugins as “stand alone tasks” for customers. Would you like to contact me at riccardo {at} raneri.it ?

Hello, I am having trouble with the plugin. I uploaded it but an getting a fatal error. Can you please help? Thanks.

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’!’ in …................wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-raneri-free-shipping/woocommerce-raneri-free-shipping.php on line 316

<?php /* Plugin Name: WooCommerce Raneri Free Shipping Plugin URI: http://woothemes.com/woocommerce Description: Sets free shipping given some conditions Version: 1.47 Author: Raneri Web Design Snc Author URI: http://raneri.it */

It’s the one before the latest, it should be ok. Could you send this file to me at riccardo {at} raneri.it ?

sure thing, I sent the files a bit ago to your email

Presale question: Can you add conditions for multiple free shipping methods? I.e. A certain free shipping method for orders over $60, another for orders over $120, etc. Based on the item description, it seems the plugin can add just one method.


Hi, sorry but this is a single-free shipping method (free/not free switcher), so you can add multiple conditions but the free method will be unique.

Hi :)

I need to offer free shipping on two specific products in my shop. If one of these products are in the cart together with a products which I do not offer with free shipping, the free shipping should disabled.

Is that possible with your plugin?

Hi! Currently you can specify one or more CATEGORIES of products that allow free shipping when only products from these are present in the cart—or when AT LEAST one product from them is present, your choice.

Hello, I have been using this plugin for sometime and it has worked great. However i would like to setup an upgrade option once they are offered free shipping. For example, if a customer meets the threshold for free shipping i would like to offer them an upgrade option to upgrade to express shipping for an additional $4.00.

Congrats you have spent over $200 so you get free shipping! pay an additional $4.00 to upgrade to express!

thanks in advance!

Hi sorry for the delay due to the weekend. Unfortunately our plugin doesn’t offer a “two level” of free shipping, it’s only a “yes/no” free shipping… with a bunch of condition you can configure.