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Great plugin and worked as advertised out of the box when configured. My client had me set this up to allow free shipping on select categories. This works fine. However they have given me about 15 products that are in those categories that they want excluded from the free shipping rule. Can you point me towards the plugin file or provide instruction on where to custom code these product exclusions if it’s possible? Thanks so much!

Hello, sorry for the delay, I didn’t get a notification for you message. Unfortunately, our plugin don’t support per-product roles, so you can only decide by category. The only way – if acceptable – is to hack the system a little setting a max weight for free shipping and entering a huge (fake) weight for those products that shouldn’t be included in free shipping :)

Thanks. I kinda figured that we couldn’t exclude prods within a cat selection. No worries. Yeah if we implemented the hack with the weights and weight limit it would interfere with the paid shipping options for that product so we’ll just leave it as is. Thanks for your response.

pre-sale question:

i need to make ONLY ONE product free-shipped but ONLY IF payment method is bank transfer.

is this plugin good for the purpose?

thank u.

Hi, nope. Payment method limiter isn’t currently in the list of available options in our plugin. Sorry!

I am inquiring about the plugin’s support of only being able to allow free shipping for the selected item categories and the free shipping is canceled once another item outside those categories is added.

I am attempting to use this plugin in conjunction with a plugin that separates products into packages. Our requirements are that all items of category A, over $50, is free shipping. All other products are paid shipping.

Is there anyway to get around the the plugin’s standard functionality of removing the free shipping once an item outside the listed categories is added?

Hi, normally our plugin allow to specify one or more categories for which free shipping is activated. If one item from another category is added to the cart, free shipping is deactivated. I don’t understand if you’re experiencing problems with this functionality, or if it works but it doesn’t if used with packages created with the third party plugin you mentioned…?


I was interested in purchasing your plugin however I note that it has not been updated since 2016 and is only compatible up to WooCommerce 2.5 as well as an older version of Wordpress.

Is that really so as if so I am surprised it is in the Code Canyon respository.

Looking forward to your advice.

Thanks and regards,

Bryan Gibson

Hello, yes it is so but the most surprising fact is that (even if not officially compatible, and even if it doesn’t supports the shipping zones) it still works with the current version of WooCommerce :)

Thanks – it sounds good and the reviews seem good so I will try it.

Hi Raneri,

I have just purchased the product (despite expressing concerns about it not being technically compatible with the current WooCommerce or Wordpress versions) but have had to de-activate it.

I am receiving critical error messages bot in the back end and front end:

https://www.screencast.com/t/xNtlccxy1tDH https://www.screencast.com/t/LmH4hkj7Ys

Are you able to suggest a reason/remedy.

Unfortunately I will need to to seek a refund if this does not work but I do hope there is an easy fix!

Thanks and regards,


The update (v. 1.48) is now approved.

Thank you for that. I have installed it and all appears to be working fine. Great.

Can I make two suggestions for this product – that one be able to both EXCLUDE countries and EXCLUDE product categories rather than being forced to INCLUDE same.

I think that would be well received by users.

Thanks :)

Hi sorry for the delay, due to Easter holiday. Thank you very much for your patience and your suggestion!


gganaza Purchased

Please fix warnings of php.I’m getting a long list of warnings of your plugin. [24-Mar-2018 19:04:42 UTC] The WC_Cart::get_remove_url function is deprecated since version 3.3. Replace with wc_get_cart_remove_url. [24-Mar-2018 19:04:42 UTC] PHP Warning: Declaration of Raneri_Free_Shipping::calculate_shipping($package) should be compatible with WC_Shipping_Method::calculate_shipping($package = Array) in /home/website/public_html/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-5923615-conditional-free-shipping-woocommerce-plugin/woocommerce-raneri-free-shipping.php on line 31

The update (v. 1.48) is now approved.


gganaza Purchased

How to update your plugin? Delete the old one and upload?

Hi sorry for the delay, due to Easter holiday. Yes, you can simply delete and re-upload the new version (or overwrite the content of the plugin folder). Settings will stay as they are.

Hello, I want to offer a flat rate of $4.95 for all orders under $49 and Free Shipping for all orders over $49, and it automatically selects the correct shipping class based on the order total. Can your plugin do that? Thank you!

Hi, you can set a maximum cart amount for free shipping. The shipping class selection is not managed by our plugin when free shipping conditions are not matched (WooCommerce goes back to the available shipping method and calculations are made by it, depending by your settings).

Ok, thank you!

Hi Raneri support,

I want to see How this plugin display on the screen before i buy it. Our Wordpress template is flatsome.

Thanks and best regards!

Hi, which part of the plugin you want to see? The biggest part of this plugin UI is on the backoffice… there’s only the “Free Shipping” row in order recap, when required conditions match, and the motivational phrase (if activated) that is written in black (on yellow background) over the cart.

Buongiorno, Vi prego di inviarmi la documentazione in pdf. Voglio solo un pop-up a comparire per incoraggiare il cliente deve raggiungere la spedizione gratuita indicando l’importo mancante. Molto sinceramente. gam@gamshop.fr Hello, Please send me the pdf documentation. I just want a pop-up to appear to encourage the customer has to reach the free shipping by indicating the amount that is missing. Very sincerely. gam@gamshop.fr Bonjour, Merci de me faire parvenir la documentation pdf. Je voudrais simplement qu’un pop-up s’affiche pour inciter le client a atteindre le port gratuit en indiquant le montant qui manque. Bien sincèrement. gam@gamshop.fr

Buonasera, non credo di aver compreso il suo messaggio. Non è prevista una documentazione in PDF; il plugin è molto semplice da utilizzare: una volta installato è sufficiente configurare la singola schermata delle impostazioni.

Non riesco a metterlo al lavoro. Posso inviare screenshot se ho la tua e-mail. Non è complicato, sono in Francia: Ho impostato il porto franco: Francia e Belgio a partire da 49 € di acquisti se non a prezzo fisso a 6 €. Svizzera, Germania, Italia, Austria, Spagna da 89 € di acquisti se non a prezzo fisso un po ‘più alto per il resto del mondo, si può fare da una quantità maggiore, se non pacchetto anche un po ‘più alto? Non ho nessun pop-up che appare durante la simulazione di un comando. Thank

Je ne parviens pas à le faire fonctionner. Je peux envoyer des copies d’écran si j’ai votre mail. Ce n’est pas compliqué je suis en France : Je paramètre le port gratuit pour : - la France et la Belgique à partir de 49 € d’achats si non forfait à 6€ - la Suisse, Allemagne, Italie, Autriche, Espagne à partir de 89 € d’achats si non forfait un peu plus élevé - pour le reste du monde, on peut faire à partir d’un montant plus élevé si non forfait encore un peu plus élevé? Je n’ai aucun pop-up qui s’affiche en simulant une commande.

Buongiorno, può inviare URL, username e password per verificare la situazione nella sua installazione di WooCommerce all’indirizzo mail: info {at} raneri.it


Votre plug-in ne fonctionne pas. Est-il compatible avec DIVI ? Je n’arrive pas à le faire fonctionner. Toujours pas de pop-up au dessus du panier. J’ai créé des zones de livraison : - France + Belgique - Suisse Buongiorno,

Il plug-in non funziona. È compatibile con DIVI? Non riesco a metterlo al lavoro. Ancora nessun pop-up sopra il cestino. Ho creato delle zone di consegna: Francia + Belgio Svizzera Nelle opzioni di consegna ho attivato il calcolatore delle tariffe nel carrello Ho creato delle classi di consegna ma sono inutili perché tutti i prodotti fanno parte della stessa classe. Raneri Free Shipping è compatibile con le aree di consegna e le classi di consegna. Posso inviarvi screenshot o un codice di accesso, ma non qui. Grazie -----------------Dans options de livraison j’ai activé le calculateur de frais dans le panier J’ai créé des classes de livraison mais qui ne servent à rien car tout les produits font partie de la même classe. Raneri Livraison Gratuite est-il compatible avec zones de livraison et classes de livraison. Je peux vous envoyer des captures d’écran ou un code d’accès mais pas ici. Merci

Buongiorno, può inviare URL, username e password per verificare la situazione nella sua installazione di WooCommerce all’indirizzo mail: info {at} raneri.it

Does this plugin still work? Just updated it and a message came up to say that a file did not exist and when I went to test it it no longer offers the free shipping on my woocommerce shop

Sorry .. I just cleared my basket and did it again and it worked this time. Thanks for your very prompt reply. PS I presume I CANNOT update my woo-commerce to version 3?

I’m glad it works now :) Yes, this is normal because WooCommerce caches carts. Our plugin doesn’t (officially) support WC after v2.5, but most users are using it with newer installations without problems, so I can’t tell you to update but you can try… after a backup ;)

haha .. ok thanks for all your help and advice :)