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i try to install the script, the script install sql file, but after the installation don’t finish ?

Thx fred

Hi, the hosting account have mod rewrite but the script say is not enable ???thx fred

Hi, i have send a mail, is it possible to have an answer from you ? Thx Fred

Hi, you sell script but there are many problem, it don’t work, many bugs, why you sell this script if you can’t answer when there are a bug or problem ?

I’m interested in this script but just a little worried with peoples replies on errors. Does this script work?

When creating server, page refreshes to blank page and does not create server. Only been testing this for over a hour and it has many other problems.

you add payumonery indian payment gatway to this script

Do not buy this script it is full of bugs and I have requested a refund. I beleave this is a clone of bootwhmcs a script you can get free on GitHub, I think the bugs are because the author has tried to change a few things. Also I’m shocked that Envato would add this to their site without checking the script fully. Ive spent quite a bit of money on envato and I’m disgusted this request is taking so long, not even a reply from them.

I have request a refund too, same problem

I got here because demo url is not working and I just saw comments about bugs.

So no thank you

Hello, this script is available ?? the developer doesn’t reply to anyone