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I need android studio version

We have uploaded new android studio version to code canyon. You can download the same when it’s approved..

Eclipse is not available to download so it hard to follow the instructions with android studio. I cant get anywhere with the installation.

You can find the Eclipse ADT and instructions here –

i couldn’t find this section :

Change webservices Urls Goto src folder of your project expand it Goto “com.example.cabbooking.classes.extra” package Expand it and open file‏

Find the same file here : src\epbit\constants‏\

Fatal error: Call to undefined function display_sess_msg() in C:\xampp\htdocs\cabbooking\admin\index.php on line 148

Check the Paths in the Configuration Files also Please check the same.

Please check short_open_tag should be on in php.ini on local host

Php short tags are used in this project.

Dependency issues in App Combat V7

You will have to copy your app Combat files to your Project Libs.

Make sure you have updated all the Extras (especially Support Repository) in Eclipse SDK Manager.

I’m going to create an iOS version of this app with the help of phonegap. Does the source code supports phonegap conversion.

-Not Possible. For Phone Gap you need Web version & This is not an Web app. Moreover Phone Gap apps are too slow compared to native.

When the passenger books a cab, I understand that they can decide which type of cab they want to book. But would they be able to see all the available cab in that particular area like UBER. If so, will I be able to switch off and off this feature whenever I want.

- NO. But we are open to take customization orders for adding any functionality. Please share your customization requirements via profile message.

After the booking, will the passenger able to track the cab that they booked. Like, where the cab is now and cab no etc.

:NO, But we are open to take customization orders for adding any functionality. Please share your customization requirements via profile message.

Admin works but not the Users login section. How do I get assistance

Users can only login through App. User cannot login through Web system

Do I get free update of the app after purchasing?


I keep getting message like “Getting your Location” why is this happening.

Check it on Wifi Connection, sometimes it does not work on Mobile Connections.

Steps to resolve “No Status Available “

Steps 1: Update Driver Status and Restart the App, if you still find Same message.The reason is Driver is unable to update his Gcm Id

Step 2: Goto Database and check whether your driver is able to update his GCM ID or not

Incase it is unable to update his Gcm Id

Step 3: Check , Please Change String serverUrl = ProjectURLs.SERVER_URL;

I am trying to import the project into Android studio but am getting errors specifically ref google-play-services_lib could not be found

We have build this app in Eclipse as mentioned in our description. so, Eclipse ADT will be a suggested IDE. Though you have full rights on source code after purchase and you can import it in Android Studio as well.

But unfortunately we are currently not providing support for Android Studio.

Though in near future, we are planning to release a Android Studio build as well.

How to resolve “sorry no cab available” issue. What is Logic behind getting nearest drivers location?

Hi, Nearest driver works on GCM, when passenger raises a request to book cab, all active drivers with available status and complete profile for that particular category will be send a GCM. upon receipt of GCM, driver app updates its lat-long via web-services. than the neared distance is calculated and driver shown to passenger.

If, no driver is shown, check you google developer consle API Keys for server and update it.

Checklist 1. check that booking request is made for same category for which driver is registered. 2. Driver profile should be complete. 3. GPS and internet should be working on driver App mobile. 4. Make sure that all the GOOGLE API KEYS are generated and added at respective places. Refer document for more details. 5. Make sure that Google Server Key is updates in PHP Config file.

I have hosted already the admin side but i”m still getting this errors”Could not connect to database. Please check configuration and ensure MySQL is running.” i have followed the manual but it persist.

First thing, you have to add your SQL credentials in PHP config files.

In root>includes>config.php
In root>admin>includes> and

I have Purchased the Item but , It is not Supporting Android Studio, What should I do now ?

After you have purchased the item, Please send us a mail @ and we will give you the code for android Studio. Please send the mail through the same Id from which you have purchased the Item.

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