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Hello, Im having this issue? Error:(63, 10) error: cannot find symbol class UserData

Is it possible to not calculate fares using app, e.g, I want to use own taximeter?

Any problem with this app? My skype Emylton Leunufna

hi i buyed your script but it says no cabs available

hi i buyed your script but it says no cabs available

why there is no reply so far script is not working

somebody please reply or refund me

This application works with server firebase

simple mechanism, passengers – server ws – firebase – drivers – server ws – firebase – passengers

i am going with consumer court if not replied within 2 days

can you plz see why this error https://snag.gy/NRYGip.jpg

i want buy your service but before i buy i have some qus about this project can i add registration system via mobile number & i want use the project for bike ride share service .. please inform me .. & also i have no experience about eclipse .. please inform me

No way the seller answer a question! Crap!

Is this app support Russian language?

I need this but a bit different way. I nee a customized version. How can we discuss this further?

Ireally intrested in this app,but the attitude of the author is worrisome. No Support,rude to clients…...

Hey author, I am interested in your application. However, a few questions: 1. does the web script work on shared hosting? 2. can I get help with customizing the Android app? 3. are there any extra costs involved that I should know about? Thank you, John

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ho guys I’m interesting to buy this app someone get a problem to build the app with instruction inside ? and is for android studio? tnk

iOS app available…?