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Hi Someone resolve the Error:(63, 10) error: cannot find symbol class UserData? can send us the solution please? tnk

i have purchased this app long time ago but the problem happens….. i can’t login or register to driver, after it appeared notice that “wrong username or password” and then i checked again and again that password and username entered were correct :(

please help me

Hello, you can make a payment in cash.


Szyduck Purchased

I have the same problem as pinoshine, getting the symbol class error, how is this fixed?


Szyduck Purchased

FIgured it out, everyone having this problem. You need to add to “app > java > fragments > DriverFragment.java section in android studio under Android heading, add this line:

import com.epbit.model.UserData;

underneath all the other imports. It will build correctly then.

Also add:

-dontwarn okio.** -dontwarn retrofit2.Platform$Java8

under Gradle Scripts > progaurd-rules,pro at the very bottom.

Hi xNaiko how to resolve the Error:(63, 10) error: cannot find symbol class UserData? can u help me?

Does this app automatically call the taxi?

So does the app make any API calls to your servers or is all the software housed with-in our servers?

Android Studio Prompts me to remove CabBooking Module because it does not exist.

Error Loading Project: Cannot load module CabBooking Details…

Cannot resolves symbol : UserData

is this project available? does the author still maintains this project?


Hello, I want to know if this software is supported because I want to customize this software for my business purpose. do you do freelance service


Not updating the location of the driver in the database

I’ve purchased this but the web url keeps loading with a blank screen. Every configuration to database is correct.

Please who knows how I can contact the developer? I have Internal Server Error issues and developer isn’t responding to my mails. I don’t have time to waste anymore. I hope I haven’t wasted money.

I found a way to make this work but now I’m having “wrong username or password” error. Anyone to help please?

It’s completely on you , how you setup the software on your server.. the solution is working as you can see in the demo. Currently we don’t have any bandwidth for support.

Hey, App keeps popping up “please select destination”.