Discussion on Compare Products with WooCommerce

Discussion on Compare Products with WooCommerce

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Please Update

Are you experiencing any issues with the plugin?

Hi, pre sales question. I´ve saw that you didnt support variations in some old versions. Does it support yet ?

Also the last time the plugin was updated was a long time ago. Is this plugin still active, do you have a road map and support ?


Unfortunately this is still in the works. It’s been more of a challenge than hoped for to embed it into the existing system so it’s being a bit redesigned.

The roadmap is not public I’m afraid but we do still support this plugin.

Hi compare basket is not displaying what i am doing wrong ?

Generally this a theme issue where a hook has been removed or altered. Ideally themes shouldn’t change the core components of WooCommerce but occasionally it happens and affects WooCommerce extensions.

If you are using the default popup box in the bottom right corner, then you will want to make sure that your template file puts the woocommerce ‘shop’ footer. It should look something like wp_footer(‘shop’) or get_footer(‘shop’).

This may also happen if you try to print out products on a non-woocommerce core page. In this case you will want to use a custom template that includes the shop footer.

The compare basket is designed to only appear on shop pages so it doesn’t interfere with other parts of your website.

Does it work with custom fields created with Toolset?

No, I’m said it does not work with custom fields at this time. Only WooCommerce attributes, and custom fields through this plugin.

Hi! Your plugin looks AWESOME.

Is it possible to save the compare URL between multiple products to send it to a customer? (for them just to click the link and see the compare table).


This feature will be coming in the next update, but if you want to open a support ticket after purchase, I can help you get it activated. (It’s already been developed, just awaiting a couple more additions before release.) :)

Great! Thanks a lot.

What are my missing with the demo, I click compare and it add to the first image to compare then I add again and it changer the first image to compare? and then you click compare and it says nothing selected? shoudl not be that hard?

I am sorry to hear you had a negative experience with the demo site. It sounds like there may have been some speed or JS problems. While we are looking into alternate ways to enhance this, at the moment AJAX calls in the background are responsible for managing the session data. If you leave the page before the AJAX call is complete, then it won’t be able to save your selections before refreshing the page. With a faster connection you won’t notice the time, but nonetheless we hope to have a solution for slower connections in the next update.

Hi, Is it possible to compare specific variations of the products in the plugin last version?

I’m afraid not yet. We are working on a way to enable this in the next big update, but it’ll take some time.


Will you guys update the plugin again? It is still not 100% WPML compatible and hasn’t received any updates since March 2018.

I have the plugin for more than a year and I can’t use it.

Kind regards

An update is in progress, but if you have some specific concerns, please feel free to contact us via support ticket or email form from our CodeCanyon profile so we can be sure the issues you are facing are addressed. Thank you

Great, I opened a new ticket #2843, I hope you respond to me. Thank you

Hello, is this plugin compatible with directory listing themes

I’m not sure I understand your question. This plugin is an extension for WooCommerce, so it is designed to work with WooCommerce products including their built in attributes if that is what you are using.

Hi there, I’ve been looking for MONTHS for something that will do exactly what your plugin appears to do. I’ve spent the past few hours playing with your demo and it looks like it will work perfectly for me. One question though. I need my users to be able to share their comparison page to social media pages. Is it possible to make a dynamic URL for the compare page which uses the product IDs or similar? That way, users can share the URL and it will be different for each comparison table. Thanks

Also, is it possible to hide empty features on the single product page? I’m getting some empty fields where a product doesn’t have a value for a particular attribute.

I’m afraid I do not have a timeline as work on it has not begun. The current version was just recently released. If you would like to open new a support ticket expressing your interest, I can give you an update when this particular feature is ready.

I’m afraid at the moment there is no way to hide empty rows but it’s something I can look into for these scenarios. There is already a system in place for hiding matching rows. We could duplicate something like that for empty rows :)

My mistake on the timeline comment above. I was referencing the wrong plugin, it was another one in our portfolio with a recent update. This one’s 2.1 update has begun but only with a few minor updates so far. It’s too early to have an exact time frame, but you can absolutely still open a ticket and I’ll be happy to help as soon as I can :)

The demo website is broken

How so? It seems to load fine for me and I can select products just fine. However the demo site has dashboard access for anyone wishing to try it, so it appears someone has deleted a lot of content and thus the table is empty.

Might I suggest few features:

1. Add possibility to compare product variations with each other

2. Don’t limit comparable products to 5 units, but optionally display horizontal scrolling bar

3. Separate attribute groups with white space instead of rows

4. Remove zebra stripes (Could be an option)

5. Align text to the left (could be an option)

6. allow attribute names to stretch their column and shrink value columns instead

7. add row highlighting on mouse over

I’m always happy to consider suggestions provided by users :)
  1. This is the planning stages. It will likely be optional to ensure backwards compatibility, but it is in the works.
  2. This is actually a feature already, introduced in 2.0. The admin can enter their max number of products (even 999) and the comparison table will scroll left to right to view all items.
  3. Are you referring to the subcategory headings? I can certainly consider it, but for the time being I think it would be achievable with CSS.
  4. The latest version has less CSS on the comparison table for greater flexibility with third party themes. It does add the ‘alternate’ CSS class to every other row so that users can opt in with CSS. So likely your theme has some styling for this class already and it would require some additional CSS to disable it for this table only.
  5. I try to keep the options as low as possible to avoid an overwhelming settings page, so this likely won’t be an option per say, but I can add some sample CSS to a tutorial on the support site to make it a little easier.
  6. I’ll have to look further into this one. I suppose none of my attribute titles are larger than the content so I would have to do some testing to see and better understand the problem here.
  7. Definitely another good CSS tutorial but I can consider a checkbox option in the future

Great to see this plugin still receives support and updates, looking forward to number 1! very interesting to see how it will be actually implemented.

Something is wrong with the demo:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/bolderel/public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-product-compare/inc/class-compare-tables.php on line 479

Thanks, it looks like the warning appears when no custom features have been created. It’s not really an issue but I can clean up the message for the next update :)

Hello, I have a multilingual site using WPML, I am trying to use the plugin in both languages but it seems that there is no compatibility even though it says compatible with WPML on the plugin page.

Here what I am expecting the plugin to do and I can’t: 1- product specification in a different language, right now I can’t assign specification in the second language. 2- compare products in the second language, I translated the compare page but it doesn’t redirect to it.

Please make the plugin fully compatible, if you visit wpml they have guideline and a program called go-global to make it work fine.

I bought the plugin for more than 6 months already and I can’t use it.

I see a lot of comments also requesting this, please work on it.

Kind regards

I’m afraid I do not know as there are several new features going into it. The best I can so is prioritize the WPML changes and offer you a developer copy that would include those changes ahead of the full release.

Are you using the ‘Features’ built in to this plugin, or WooCommerce attributes for comparing your products?

If you would like to open a support ticket using the link I provided earlier, it would be best to continue there in more detail. The URL issue I can understand and I have changed it to match the language as requested. It’s a simple enough change, at least within the new WPML which makes compatibility a little easier. However from there I would appreciate your feedback as to what issues you are experiencing. For me it seems most items are translated as needed so more information would be greatly helpful in resolving this for you.


Ok I will open a ticket to continue there.

Thank you for getting back to me

Hi! I’ve noticed problem – is it on my website and also in your demo here:

When you add products to compare you need to click twice “Remove all” in compare basket (widget) to remove products. When you click once, then products are not removed from the compare basket (they are only removed from floating box).

My apologies, I did receive your ticket but I haven’t had enough time this week to look into it. My hope was to have it done this afternoon and update your ticket with a solution. Thank you for your patience!

Hi! Is it possible to compare specific variations of the products?

For example I have t-shirts with different sizes: M, L, XL. Every size has different price. Is there option to choose size (from product card) and add specific size to compare? Now I can only compare all sizes, and the price is showing: “From:”.

I’m afraid not at this time but it is something that is being looked into for the next major update.

Thanks, I have open ticket, can you answer there to my problem?

1. I installed plugin, I added category and subcategory, then I tried to add features from woocommerce atributes, it showed succes, but nothing happened. List is still empty. When I go to Manage Features I see two errors (tried on 2 website, the same problem):

Warning: uasort() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /home/users/shop/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-product-compare/inc/class-table-features.php on line 184

Warning: array_slice() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /home/users/shop/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-product-compare/inc/class-table-features.php on line 202

I noticed that when I first create own feautre from category Warning dissapear and I see all featured which I added earlier. But when I delete it everything dissapear again.

2. floating box doesn’t show, no error in console, nothing happens

3. was it waste of money? any refund?

Any issues related to a plugin are best handled through the support ticket system. Please continue with ticket #2511 where I have left you a response.

Thanks for help!

Hi! Is it still working? Demo is not working..

Definitely! It looks like that particular demo site was having trouble with the new SSL certificate. I have fixed this and the site is now operational. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!


I have a couple of questions. There was a need to add code that would close blank rows in the table on a single product page. The problem is that there are products whose attribute value is 0. And when the attribute is zero, I need to hide the full row. I do not want to exclude from the list of attributes in the category. $(".row").each(function(){ var $row = $(this); var $childern = $row.children(); if($childern.length > 1) { if($childern[0].innerText === "" && $childern[1].innerText === "") { $row.hide(); } } });

The second problem is related to the update.

A new button that hides the Differences is a very cool idea. But why not make it possible for the client to hide the selected subcategory by the target?

The only way to do this via PHP would be to modify the code right now. I can see what I can do about adding a filter or extra CSS class to make it work easier. (CSS is how the rows with identical content is hidden. The PHP script adds a special class to the row that is used to toggle its display.)

Did you try modifying the JS code as I had suggested before? If I understood correctly, on line 7 you are checking if all children are blank, but the first one never is because the first

element has the attribute title. So it’s impossible for the IF statement to ever return true. You should only be checking the second element.

I checked the code now that jsfiddle is back up, but I thought it was going to be an example of the code you wrote. I understood the concept, but your JS code doesn’t match theirs. Did you try their example as well? Lines 10-15 are what you should focus on. These are the lines that handle the hiding part:

        $("#gdRows tr td").each(function() {
            var cell = $.trim($(this).text());
            if (cell.length == 0) {

You just need to change the ’#gdRows’ to match the id or class name of the comparison table. If you only want this code to run on the single product pages, then you should also add the single product page class so altogether the class name is: .single-product #be_compare_features_table

At the moment it does´t work. I have to find another solution with a table on the single product pages. I will return later to this table after updates. But now I have get a problem, after the update has stopped working “Compare” button on the single product page. I used this code that worked before the updates. echo BE_Compare_Products::display_button( ''.get_the_ID() . '' ); and now i get : Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Using $this when not in object context in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-product-compare/inc/class-product-compare.php:108 Stack trace: #0 /wp-content/uploads/my/button.php(1): BE_Compare_Products::display_button('1474') #1 wp-content/plugins/wp-brain/src/Shortcodes/templates/wp_brain_include.php(11): include('/www/htdocs/w01...') #2 /wp-content/plugins/wp-brain/src/Shortcodes/ShortcodesManager.php(60): require('/www/htdocs/w01...') #3 /wp-includes/shortcodes.php(319): WPBrain\Shortcodes\ShortcodesManager->render_shortcode(Array, '', 'wp_brain_includ...') #4 [internal function]: do_shortcode_tag(Array) #5/wp-includes/shortcodes.php(197): preg_replace_callback('/\\[(\\[?)(wp_bra...', 'do_shortcode_ta...', '[dhvc_woo_produ...') #6 /wp-con in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-product-compare/inc/class-product-compare.php on line 108

Unfortunately using the code like that was never incredibly reliable for reasons like this. Certain changes to the core file could cause an issue for users using it directly in their theme so instead a shortcode was added. Please replace the code above with the shortcode instead and it should work better both now and in the future. Simply replace ‘123’ with the product’s ID number.

[compare_item_button pid='123']

Hi, I have opened a ticket two days ago.Have you check it? Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards Leonidas

I apologize for the delay. I answered each question to the best of my ability and I hope they are helpful!


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