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Hi , is this plugin still maintained i see the last update was 2016 ?

Yes, version 2.0 is in development and expected to be released next month. It will currently work with the latest WooCommerce, but it will improve and introduce a new modern look in the next update.

Hi There, is there a way to hide certain attributes from woocommerce so that they don’t appear in the comparison table?

I am not sure I understand the question. The comparison table must be originally setup by an admin, so that admin can choose which attributes are added and in which order. So if you don’t add an attribute to your settings for that category, then it shouldn’t appear in the table.

I don’t see in /wp-admin/admin.php?page=be-compare-products&tab=cats# where this is possible?

The plugin does not currently use the WooCommerce built in categories so on the page you linked to you will need to create a compare category, then assign the appropriate products to it. (The Bulk Edit feature of WooCommerce will help make this go faster.) Then once you have setup a category you can expand the section to view and setup the compare table. You should be able to find more details and screenshots in the documentation (included with the full plugin download).

Hi, some presales questions here. 1: Can I set up multiple compare categories, so that I can have different compare features? Like all my “t-shirts” a size to compare, and all my “cars” have a color to compare. But I will not see “size” if I compare only cars ?! 2: Is this plugin compatible with WPML / will it work with WPML? Thanks in advanced!

Sure, I would be happy to help answer your questions!

1: Each category will actually have its own table. At the moment the plugin does not use the WooCommerce categories, it requires you to setup ‘Compare Categories’, then each would have its own table. You can use features multiple times, just not within the same ‘Subcategory’ of the table. (In other words you could have ‘Color’ appear in both tables if you wanted)

2: I’m afraid full compatibility is still under development but will be ready for version 2.1. I do not have an expected release date yet, however. So at this time it will function fine, but only for the primary language.


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Hi, I’m trying to translate plugin to Estonian language with et_EE.po, files, but can’t get this to work.

Should I use different names for po/mo files?

Yes, files for plugins need to have the plugin’s text domain in the filename so it can properly make a match to the correct strings. In the case for this plugin, it should be named ‘’


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Good thank you.

One question more, is it possible to show compare preview on single pages/homepage?

Or it only shows at shop pages?

Sure thing! By default it will only shop on the shop pages, but there is a shortcode you can use to have it display pretty much anywhere else on your site. For the preview the short code is


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is table ui design update planned anytime soon?


Enhancements were made in the recent 2.0 update, but no there are no plans to change it completely. If you are having any trouble with it, please open a support ticket and let me know.

Is there a way to wrap text in the compare table or limit the width of each product column?

It is in that file, but you won’t want to modify it there as it will be erased when you update next. You will need to add the CSS elsewhere, most themes have a place for it, or you can use a plugin. To “remove” the white-space attribute, you simply reset it to it’s default value. In this case, that would be ‘normal’.

Still having trouble with this but I will keep working on it. I do have another question, how do you get rid of the stars I am assuming for the product rating?

The simplest way is with CSS:

.be_compare_features_table .star-rating { display: none; }

Hi, I have just activated the plugin. Added a category and subcategory, then went to add a feature, selected my option on WooCommerce Attributes, clicked go, got a success, but there were no fields added? Disappointed as I wanted to set up this today.

Can you help please?

Hi, it seems the features do not show up but the table looks fine and shows the information I wanted.

But the image is not centered and i’d like to remove the rating. Is this possible please?

Thanks in advance

I’m happy to look into it if you would like to open a support ticket. It seems there are a handful of servers that do not like the newline character, which is unfortunately necessary to how it works now. If you are experiencing this same issue, I am happy to make an adjustment until a better one is available in the next update.

The image not being centered is usually a CSS conflict with your theme that can be adjusted by adding a new line to your custom CSS section. The rating, however, must be removed manually from the code at this time (or you can simply hide it with CSS if that’s okay). I can give more details in a support ticket if you need help. These comment boxes are very limiting.

1) Can i hide same compare attribute. Example: People added 3 items for compare. 3 of them are same color (only white), same size (only 40) ==> Click on hide same attribute. which mean all of this info will be #ccc color instead of defaul web color. (I call this is hidden same attribute)

2) Create i create multiple compare?
Example: Compare widget 1. Only allow catalog A+B
Compare widget 2. Only allow catalog C+D
Compare widget 3. Only allow catalog E.
Widget name (count number in compare). Example: Widget 1 have added 5 items for compare. So the widget 1 name will be:
widget 1 (5)

Can i have all of this function? Or can you update please?

No i did not mean disabled this function, i just mean i update it better. It seem my explain did not clear? We have same idea. But my mean instead you grouped compare by the way hidden (forced customer understand which product stored in which catalog), why is not smarter? let them freedome “add to compare”, then we had mutiple compare table appear basic on product added in difference catalog (which we grouped in admin).

I understand what you are saying, I am just saying that this is not how the plugin is designed right now, and I do not like to promise anything pre-sale. It may or may not happen in the future, but right now, this is the intended design of the plugin.

Hi. I would like to buy this plugin… but when I try the live demo, it doesn’t look like the screenshots. The ‘show all/show differences’ button also doesn’t seem to work anymore. And is it also possible to see the comparison table on another page instead of as a pop-up?

The demo site gives users full access to the WooCommerce settings page and it looks like someone has enabled a few optional features. The table is usually vertical, not horizontal, but this is an optional feature. The pop-up is also an optional feature. By default it will appear on one of your WordPress pages, as selected by you.

The ‘Show Differences’ does work, just not with horizontal tables. I will have to hide this button in the next update when the user has enabled this. It’s easier to hide rows, not as easy to hide columns so I will mark that for the next update.

I have reset these features in the demo for you, but feel free to login (link is in the menu) and play around with the additional settings to see everything it can do :)

Hey, When trying out the demo it prevented me from comparing products in different categories. I have a website with ebikes that are categorized by purpose ie.urban vs off road. I would still like people to be able compare all procudsts even though different categories, is this possible?

Yes, this plugin does not use the WooCommerce Product Categories for this reason. You will make another set of categories but they are really just names for the comparison tables. You can assign whatever products to them, so you could create one category/table for bikes and assign all bikes to that one table regardless of what the bikes product category is.

I hope that helps to clear it up. Likely I will need to come up with a different naming scheme for this to avoid confusion.

Hi. I have a presale question. Currently, I’m building an e-commerce site with Woocommerce, requiring customization of the single product page and the shop page. Thus, I have to create some templates for the single product page, using some template builder like Beaver Themer or Anywhere Elementor Pro. Is there any simple way to add “Add to Compare” button to the customized template(s), which can be applied to all product pages? Should I simply just copy html codes of the compare button in the default woocommerce single product page and put it in the customized template? Thanks.

Thank you. I might need your guidance again on the related PHP function and probably the related shortcode creation, after purchasing. Anyway it’s ok for now.

Not a problem, the shortcode will likely be a built in thing in the future so I’m happy to offer the code in advance if it is not released yet. Just open a support ticket whenever you’re ready:

Thank you!


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Comparison Button is not showing up in nitro wordpress theme.

It sounds like they have removed the template hooks needed for this to work instead of unhooking the functions so you can leave the hooks for other plugins to use. Since you have to modify the templates anyway to make this work, you can just add some code from this plugin to have them appear.

First, if you have not done so already, you will need to be using a child theme so that your changes are not wiped out when you upgrade the theme. Within that child theme there needs to be a folder titled ‘woocommerce’. From your theme, copy the template file ‘content-product.php’ (also in a folder titled ‘woocommerce’). This is the file that usually contains the hook ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item’ which is the one that displays the button.

Wherever in this file that you wish the button to appear, place the following code:


I hope this is able to work for you, but if you have any further questions, do let me know!


I have downloaded and installed the plugin, quickly figured out and I really liked it. I’m still in the configuration stage, there was a problem with the shortcode ([compare_table]). Namely, I want to use this table for additional information about the product. But on the spot of the table we get an error : Warning: array_unique() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /woocommerce-product-compare/inc/class-compare-tables.php on line 140 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /woocommerce-product-compare/inc/class-compare-tables.php on line 143 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /woocommerce-product-compare/inc/class-compare-tables.php on line 152 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /woocommerce-product-compare/inc/class-compare-tables.php on line 187 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /woocommerce-product-compare/inc/class-compare-tables.php on li

I have already created categories and functions.

I wait of help now… :cry:

Happy to use it, thx :grin:

It was stupid, this action does not work. Maybe you still have ideas? I use “WP Brain” module can it help? I try to build Template for products ( with visual compare) and there I have some Tab created and in this Tabs I want to use Table.

I’m afraid I am not familiar with WP Brain. It would probably just be easier to use PHP, you can create your own shortcode that finds the product ID and puts it through to this plugin using the code I provided earlier. (The $product is a global variable so it should be accessible and work this way, just be sure the beginning of your function has the coffee ‘global $product;’ so it retrieves it correctly)

Is there way to enable compare for all the products in one go? Or the only option is to do it product by product – and if I have a thousand products it means I have to do it a 1000 times?

The bulk edit will also work from the Products tab of your dashboard menu. By default this would allow you to edit 10 products at a time, but you can increase this number temporarily by following this tutorial:

presale question: It’s possible to display count of comparison? like ” Compare 3 products” . Thanks

Where were you hoping to displaying the text? By default there is text with the compare basket that says “Compare up to 3 products”, and that ‘3’ can change to whatever number you need it to be. However this text is only used for the floating box at the bottom of the screen. I have enabled it on the demo site if you would like to see. If someone happens to change it before you see it, you can always enable it again by logging in and changing the settings.

Thanks for replay, last question. I want take this value (see pic at the link ), because I redesign the table comparation. It’s possible? Thanks

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand the question. Are you talking about doing custom styling in the table? Because that is certainly possible.

does this plugin work and compare variable product?

No, at the moment it only works on the main product level.


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Hello, when i’m trying to delete product from comparing then I get this error in console:

jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3 GET 404 () jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:4 POST 400 ()

What can I do?

Are you trying to delete it from the compare table itself or somewhere else? There is a known issue that has been resolved for the next update on that page. However your error message posted above doesn’t quite match what I would have expected for that issue.

If you’d like to open a support ticket I can help you determine the cause and come up with a solution to get this working again.

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This shows up when I’m trying to delete product from compare table page.


Is that your comparison page? If so, as I mentioned earlier, there is a known issue. I cannot help you further on this page as CodeCanyon only offers short public comments. For further assistance, please open a support ticket so we can share information a little easier.


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Hi, I have opened a ticket two days ago.Have you check it? Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards Leonidas

I apologize for the delay. I answered each question to the best of my ability and I hope they are helpful!