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jupeski Purchased

went adding item to compare is it possible to get the number added to an icon similar to the shopping cart? once you click on that icon it will take you to the compare page?


jupeski Purchased

sounds like what i’m pretty much after. looks forward to seeing it once released. would it also have the option to have the “floating compare” in a fixed position eg on the top menu bar like the shopping cart button?

Right now the design is based on the footer, but we can certainly play with some design settings and add an option for header or footer.


jupeski Purchased

awesome looking forward to the update


Stoton Purchased


Very impressed with plugin, it works great.

Do you have a suggestion on how to move the “Compare Product” link and checkbox thats found on the product list page so that it can appear under the “Add to Cart” button?

Currently the Compare Product link appears between product price and Add to Cart button.



Stoton Purchased

Thanks very much for that, I have added the code. I have everything displaying perfectly now.

If you could add this option in admin dashboard for future update would be great…:)

Best comparison plugin out there by a mile.

Thanks again.

Thank you, and yes, I will be sure to add it before the next update because upgrading will wipe out those code changes you made.


Stoton Purchased

No worries, look forward to the update.

Thanks again.

Hi, I’m looking for a way to compare products vertically. Most I’ve seen list products horizontally. But my client saw a website that has them vertically with features listed horizontally. I know it’s counter to most comparison formats. But is that possible to show vertically?

I’m afraid that is not currently an option but definitely a good idea that would work well when the mobile optimization is complete. I have put it on the idea board, so if you have not found anything later in the year, feel free to check back and see if it is a new feature :)

Is it available “add to compare” is a button? Is compare group catalog (example i want page clothing – 1 catalog group, equipment – another catalog group) ? Can the roller in bottom move to Top?

You can with some CSS to make it appear as a button for now, it will be standard in the next bug upgrade.

At this time the plugin will not compare different comparison groups (but these are different than product categories). So as long as clothing and equipment have the same compare category you could.

What do you mean by roller? Are you referring to the basket that lists currently selected items? Yes, it has two positions, top and bottom of the list page (with some new more modern solutions coming soon).

I hope this helps but if you have any further questions, please let me know!

This is what i mean about compare please watch video.
Here is how allow setting group compare
This is real pertty compare by SINGLE compare. If you can update , i can search to give you link of demo multiple compare. user/pass: testvendor
You try to add a lot compare, you will see how pretty roll and panel compare i mean.
After all, is it available next update?

Can’t make it work… What am I doing wrong? Do you have a video… hate reading

It’s hard to say without more details. What is not working, what have you tried? I cannot replicate any issues in the demo server but if you supply more information I’m happy to help.

Is installed and shows on the back end. Tried to see on the front end and nothing is showing. Nothing is working. Is not showing anywhere. I went back to the back end and I enabled and filled settings and nothing. I installed some other plugin that does the same and worked immediately.

Well if you ever decide to use this one instead I’m happy to take a look. If the buttons don’t show up this is generally a theme issue that can be resolved by code. If the buttons do show up but clicking them doesn’t show you the compare table, this is generally because the page setting is not configured properly. You need a blank page dedicated to be the compare table page and then this plugin will override its content to be displayed. But after creating the page you must return to the compare settings and select the page so it knows which one.

Everything is also controlled by Javascript so ensure there are no page errors (if clicking the button does absolutely nothing at all, not even refresh the page)

Hi there , first of all it´s a awsome plugin. Is it possible to create a dropdown list in widget area for filter the features that I´ve created?

Do you mean to narrow down the list to only what’s selected? It’s not currently a feature but we can add it to the ideas board for a future version. At this time the only filter is a single checkbox that narrows the list down to all rows that are different.

Hi Borders Element

I am sorry as I know my support suppose to be expired. However, my issue only arise suddenly. The website were suppose working well ask I purchase this services. However, I did not do any update or add new plug-in. Out of sudden, The comparison cannot be used anymore.

When I try to add to compare any products, it has no issue. But when I click on compare to switch to comparison page, It will show “No Products has been added yet…”. Is there an issue with this? If yes, can it be solve? Do I have to renew the support to solve this issue? Thanks.

I am sorry, it does go down for a minute or two from time to time. Unfortunate timing I guess. I am on there now answering support tickets if you would like to try again.

Hi, I’ve send in the ticket since friday 3am. So far no respond yet. May I know normally how long it will take? Thanks. My ticket number is #1722

Tickets are responded to within 48 hours, however weekends do not count towards this.

hello I’m looking for plugins for my website that compare and filter wooconmerce as filter I will use that linked one it can filter custom fields meta data etc… what type of data is this plugin use to compare? will it can be work with that plugin?

and one other question, compatible with woocommerce 3.0~?

any update yet? when setting up products features not sort as like i did on category page it little dizzy and why cannot edit features on category page? i hope it could be

I’m sorry, but what were you looking for an update on? Custom made features can only be edited on their list page as they can appear multiple times on a single settings page. This reduces the chance of error when you do make a change so at this time I do not plan to change it. The list of features cannot be custom sorted, but a search will be coming soon to help with finding values quicker for those with long lists. At this time is can only be sorted by title or type.

I mean when try setting product with comoare category features doesn’t line up as I setted on category for example if I set category as 1,2,3,4 but when edit product 1,4,2,3 it make me dizzy

I have variable product having different color. I have shown single variations of the variable product in the catalog.

Will the custom color product image be added in the compare section. Do you have a compare section as a pop up as the demo redirects to another page.

Do u have money back guaratnee policy?

Plz revert asap.


I’m afraid this plugin does not compare at the variation level. You can list what colors the product is available in, but it won’t show the specific color that a customer has chosen. It will also select the default image added to the product, not the variation’s.

It also not have a popup feature yet. This will come in the next update, but that is not for a little while as it is still being developed.

Due to the nature of the content, we do not offer a money back policy. This is why we answer direct sales questions and offer full access to the demo site for thorough testing.


star09 Purchased

Is this Compatible Latest WC and WP as itz been long this plugin has been updated.


Yes it is compatible and will run on the latest updates of both WooCommerce and WordPress.


star09 Purchased

Thanks a lot :)

I have variable products, i.e single variations of the product seen in the catalog. Do u support variable products? As seen in the demo , clicking on compare section, opens new page, can we have a pop up instead? Do you have money back guarantee policy?

I’m afraid it does not support comparison at the variation level, only the product level. There will be a popup option in the next major update. But no, there is no guarantee on the product. We offer presale questions like this and the demo site to help you make a decision if this is the right plugin for you.

Ok, it may not show the variations color of the product, but will it work for comparison section? and if we click add to cart button, will the product be added to the cart? Do you have money back guarantee policy?

I’m not sure I understand the first question, it sounds like what you asked before. You cannot compare variations with this plugin. You can compare variable products, but you cannot select a specific variation for the table.

Yes, the product is added to the cart when clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button from the compare table.

No, there is no guarantee or money back policy.

Plugin looks good. Does it support woocommerce 3.0.7?

It is not optimized for 3.0 (meaning it does not use any new/special features from it) but to the best of my knowledge it does operate just fine. There will be an update shortly but no issues were specific to a WooCommerce version.

2 pre sales questions: is plugin working with word press4.7? can we have a print button in the pop up?

Yes, it is compatible with the latest WordPress versions. There is currently no popup window feature for the compare table (there will be in the next big update) but it does come with a ‘Print’ link in the upper right corner (and will in the popup as well when it is available)


I would like to understand if this plugin can be integrated in a theme that contains wooocommerce. I’m talking about this theme – Flatsome

Can I make UI changes to the looks of the compare buttons ? Or compare box where all the products are added ?

Can you please give some examples of working websites that are using your plugin ?

Can the position of the compare box be changed ? top / bottom / left /right ?

Every element should have a unique class or ID that can be modified with CSS. If you view the demo site, browsers like Google Chrome can modify CSS temporarily on the page. This would allow you to play around with things and find something that better suits your website.

I’m afraid I do not have a list of active sites right now. It’s not possible for me to get this information through CodeCanyon, and I could not find any links in past support tickets.

The position of the box can be changed. The box on the archive page can be changed to top or bottom. If you need it left or right, this is generally done with the included widget for sidebars.

I can also tell you that I am currently working on version 2.0 that will offer more style settings right in the dashboard, as well as a new location for the compare box. Hopefully this can help further into the year.

Thank you for the reply, but can you please tell me if this plugin is compatible with Flatsome theme ?

I’m afraid I cannot say for sure as I have not personally used this theme. Generally it works fine with themes developed by elite authors because they take every precaution to keep the WooCommerce template hooks in place. If you already own the theme, you can search its WooCommerce template files for the following hooks.

  • woocommerce_before_shop_loop
  • woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item
  • woocommerce_before_single_product
  • woocommerce_single_product_summary

If the theme you are using still adds these hooks in, then it should work fine. (There are some shortcodes as well that allow you to further customize things such as the location of the basket if your theme does not have the necessary hooks.)

Hi, wondering if you can help me. Will your plugin allow me to have a dropdown for manufacturers, say Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, and then another dropdown for models, but the models are only shown once the manufacturer is selected. I only want the models for the specific manufacturer to show, so no Audi models showing when Ford manufacturer has been selected. Eager to buy if so.

Hope this makes sense!

I’m not sure I understand. This plugin works with WooCommerce, so it will show the information in a table based on the customer’s selection in your shop.

Will it be possible to create a comparison page where the user can select the products via a number of dropdowns?

You may be able to custom create such dropdown boxes and have it update the cookie as necessary, however it does not come built in to the plugin.

We’re looking for a simple to use compare plugin for a clients site I was just wondering how customisable this plugin is, ideally we’d quite like:

1. The compare button & checkbox to be customisable (button text can be easily changed)

2. Can the compare button be hidden from list view but shown on single product views (or is this easily done with just css)

3. Can the compare button be shown in the header (or nav) on it’s own rather than next to the compare checkbox

4. Can the compare page be changed, i.e is there a template that can be copied and used for our theme?

5. The ability to remove products from the compare page (I didn’t see this on the demo so wasn’t sure if it was possible)

Thank you

Sure, I would be happy to help answer your questions!

  1. This is not done through the settings yet, but will be when version 2.0 is done development.
  2. Yes, this is an option in the settings page.
  3. Not yet without a little modification, but this will be changing in the next update as well.
  4. For the compare page you are selecting an already created page in your WordPress site. So this means you can modify things there including selecting one of your theme’s pre-made templates.
  5. It is possible, but it seems that the image is not loading on the demo site. In the upper right corner there should be an ‘x’ image. It’s still clickable, but not apparent to the user. A little CSS should fix that. It will also be more apparent in the next version. Lots of exciting changes coming, however it is still under development. I do not have an ETA yet.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, please let me know!