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Hello, Maybe it’s the best product for product comparison, but there are several problems for me.

As a recommendation should have integration with popular pages builders. WPBakery Visual Composer as a start would be perfect. Now it is not possible to have a button and check in my own custom product page. (there is already an open question on this topic in previous post)

Please add the clear selection button. Also when you make a selection in other product groups must have a button to clear the previous selection. (Only products from the same category can be compared) is not practical to go back and look for checked products. Design is also important, buttons and fields should have a color choice.

...As theme I use Generate Press-Premium , CSS Hero, WPBakery Visual Composer, Essential Grid, Display Product for WooCommerce and I have no solution for these problems.

I appreciate the feedback and some of this has already been considered. In the very least the next update will contain more shortcodes which can be used with any visual builder on the market. Once those are in place its very easy to add visual composer elements so likely they will be added as well.

If you need the shortcodes sooner please send me a PM and I will send the updated files as soon as I have them.

Hello again! Got a new and urgent problem to solve. When ppl adds for example 2 products and compares, everything works fine. BUT! after you clear them and add other products…you still get the first 2 products OR you get the new ones and the old ones too. So everything is messed up. No matter how many times you press the clear products button…you get the same result. Please HELP this is very urgent. People that use my website are telling me about this issue non-stop. Here is the website: Play a bit with it, go from mountain bikes to road bikes, you know what to do. THX!

ok. i have deactivated W3 Total Cache. can you give it a try now? I’m asking you to try it because you are the one that knows how it SHOULD work :). Thx!

Well it does seem to. The basket is now appearing instantly as it should, when I refresh the page it remembers which items I have selected and marks them as such, and after I clear all I am able to add new items and have those appear in the compare list instead. So I’m afraid it looks like the cache plugin was the issue. If you would prefer to keep it active, perhaps there are certain parts you can disable so that you do not lose all of the functionality in W3 Total Cache. I think the browser caching is probably a good first step to try and see if just disabling that resolves the problem as well.

ok. thx for the help, i was really scared that the theme Divi is the problem. I will test further the compatiblity with the W3 Total Cache but only if i feel like i need that plugin. For the moment, the website runs smooth. In the meantime, you should consider the W3 Total Cache plugin and try and fix the compatibility issues because i’m sure that i won’t be the first or the last that uses this combination. Great plugin, keep it up!

Hi this is pre-sale questions. In livepreview, I can only compare max 3 items. Can I compare 10 items at once? Thanks.

Sure thing! There is an option to limit the number of items that a user can compare at this time it looks like someone has changed it to 3. You can login with the credentials provided on the login page and change any settings you would like.

hello, nice products. There is a way to edit subcategory text or i have to recreate all my features. thank you

I’m afraid this was a slight oversight when developing the plugin. It is on my list for the next update but it has not been completed yet. If need be I could help you with modifying the database entry where your settings are stored. This way you don’t have to recreate your list of features. If you would like to try this please open a support ticket so we can share information more easily than here in the comments.

Great thank you, there is a way to compare variable product?

I customize the css of the checkbox and button on my site. I can see that is the same css class and id code for the shop page and the product page. There is a way to customize each page css? Thank you

I’m afraid at this time there is no difference for variable products but I am looking into how this can be done without changing too much of its current functionality.

Hello Team, I am using your plugin,but i don’t understand if i must to make manually all this procedure in each product!Activate compare ability,create compare categories and feature etc. Can’t i select massively all the products that i want to activate compare ability? Or to be precise,i want to be ALL the products comparable,so is not possible to select one by one all the products! Then,an other question is why each product not use his category and subcategory,and i must to create from beginning new categories and subcategories and edit again one by one all the products for connect them at appropriate categories.

Enabling and assigning the categories to products should also work from the Product list page. You can select all products on the given page, and then under ‘Bulk Actions’ select ‘Bulk Edit’. There will be settings for this plugin found at the end of the form. I’m hoping to improve upon this based on suggestion in a future version.

The plugin does not currently use the built in categories for added flexibility as products can only be compared to other products from the same compare category. (So if all products can be compared to each other, only create one category) The subcategories are actually headlines in the table that give you the option to group together like features.

If you have any other questioned please let me know!


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Can you add “Show only differences” filter, once clicked it would display only values that are different for compared products. same value rows will be hidden.

My apologies, it wasn’t set to be visible :( Please try again


Gioware Purchased

Not working, just inactive text

I don’t think the text is working properly but the rows appear and disappear for me. I can fix the toggle button.


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Right after fresh install, in Categories > Manage features, I get 2 errors:

Warning: uasort() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /home/mydomain/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-product-compare/inc/class-table-features.php on line 184

Warning: array_slice() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /home/mydomain/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-product-compare/inc/class-table-features.php on line 202

What to do?

These errors will be cleared up in the next version, but it means that you have not created any yet. At this time there is no way to create a feature on this page. You will want to create them on the Category page. After you create a subcategory there will be a link to create features.


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OK, been using the plugin for a while, love it, been lurking and hoping for an update. My suggestions if I may, either add a search in the product listing so you can quickly find products and/or add the link to the lightbox on the main product listing page. I am sure it has been requested before, but I believe being able to edit the comparison specs from the product list (not product edit page) would be awesome.. Cheers and thanks for all the great work :)

Yes, it was tested using a beta version before its release. Are you finding you have any issues with the functionality?


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I am scared to update lol :)

It shouldn’t be an issue :) Most of the changes in WC 2.6 were to shipping and the API, neither of which this plugin uses. But it’s certainly best to make sure that all of your WC extensions are compatible before upgrading.

I’m a little confused. Where does this plugin pull attributes from? From what I’ve been reading I have to type each attribute per product manually? Shouldn’t it just pull the attributes from WooCommerce?

You have the option to enter custom data for products through this plugin, but it can also pull the attributes you have already created. The only item it cannot pull yet are settings entries such as price, weight, and dimensions. But it can use the WooCommerce attributes you’ve already made for your products.

Hi, say I’ve got over 100 produts to be compared with each other. Is there an easy way to reach particular products without scrolling? Say a phone comparison website. Can user just search or use a filter to quickly get their desired models and compare them, without scrolling to the next page? Thanks.

I’m not sure I understand the scenario exactly. Are you referring to the shop page? Products are only compared at the user’s request. They can search for any products they wish in your WooCommerce shop and click the ‘Add to Compare’ button. Then the customer can view the custom comparison table they have created.


Bezman Purchased

Is this tested with WooCommerce 2.6 zipping zebra?

Yes, it was tested using a beta version before its release. Are you finding you have any issues with the functionality?

1) Can a sticky compare table basket or a small popup at the bottom of the screen option be added in any future updates? Or do i have to do this using any other plugin + shortcode for the basket? I have a pretty big shop with unlimited scrolling on category pages and once you go far enough, it’s not convenient to scroll back op to the top of my website to compare them or see products that are being compared. 2) I can not see any text by the tick to compare option and can’t seem to find an option to add it in the settings.

Sorry, i’m not at all computer savvy and have no idea how to code, so never even touch it, unless I know exactly what code to add (i can copy and paste it into a specific file)

1) Generally something like this has to be custom coded specifically for the theme but I will see what I can do about making it a permanent feature. A widget will also be added in an upcoming update and so we could see about making that sticky as well if your shop has a sidebar.

2) Unfortunately there are currently no settings for changing this text, it can only be done through filter functions, but since you do not code, I do think this is the problem. It’s possible you have some unusual CSS in your theme preventing it from showing up, but it’s difficult to say without seeing it. Could I have a link to your shop to check it out? Then if I need anything further I will let you know.

I have a “Website under construction” sign for anyone, but me. It is attached to the IP (not wp login). I am using Basel theme, maybe that can help. I have a shop with sidebar, didn’t change much on the “Shop” section, so it shouldn’t be much different than their Preview theme (default homepage). All I changed is how many products are shown and in how many sections. Also if you’re doing an inspection there, I’ve noticed one more thing. You should see that if you move a cursor to any product, at the bottom it puts a button saying “add to cart”. No matter which compare button location i choose, it replaces that button, so it gets much harder to add something to the cart without going into single product page. Maybe even those 2 are related?

Presales Question: I am using the “Display Product Multi-Layout” Plugin for WooCommerce by ‘sureshopress’ (See here: and I am curious if your Compare Product plugin is compatible with it?

I am using both the ‘list’ and ‘table’ layouts of this plugin and curious if there would be any conflicts with using your plugin along side with the Display Product Plugin by sureshopress?

If there is compatibility:

1. In the “list” layout view (See here:, where would the “Add to Compare” button be placed/positioned by default? What about in “table” layout view (See here:

2. Do admins have full control of the styling (colors, fonts, column/row size/width, etc.) of the generated comparison table?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my pre-sales questions. I look forward to making a purchase of your plugin and joining the family or happy users!

First I would like to apologize, I do not know how I missed your message but I am very sorry it has taken this long to get a response to you.

I am afraid I do not know a lot about the plugin that you are using. It may need some extra code to make it work with this plugin, but only if the necessary hooks and filters are missing. Most developers will try to ensure that they are still there. Usually the trouble comes in when you are using visual composer. It’s a bit difficult to always include the right hooks with that.

By default the compare button is positioned around the Add to Cart button but you will have more options on the single product page.

You can change the styling but I’m afraid only through CSS. There are no style specific settings, but the plugin does try to take some from your theme in hopes of getting close.

I hope this helps but if you have any further questions, please let me know!


We are having an odd issue with adding products for comparison.

When logged in, the products add perfectly and the comparison shows up on the compare page.

When logged out, clicking on the “Add to compare” tickbox will result in the box being quickly ticked and unticked. Clicking a second time will bring up the Compare button. Looking at the compare page doesn’t bring up any results after this (No products have been added yet… ).

Any help on this would be appreciated.

It may be a conflict issue with your theme or another plugin. I’m not sure why it only happens with users not logged in, but I have tested this on the demo, both logged in and not, and could not replicate the problem. If you have a staging copy of your website, I would recommend changing the theme temporarily. If that does not resolve the issue, the next step would be to deactivate your other plugins, one at a time, until the problem is resolved. If you can find the conflict, then it may be possible to correct the issue or find a substitute plugin if the problem cannot be further found.


We have tried troubleshooting (deactivating all plugins, switching to a default theme), and can’t link anything to the comparison plugin not working properly. It behaves the same way when all plugins are deactivated and the default Wordpress theme is active.

Is there anything else that we can try? Would you need to take a look at the site yourself?


At this point it might be best to take a look because it’s difficult to diagnose a problem without being able to replicate it. Would it be possible for me to login to this or a copy of your website so I can take a closer look and add some debugging code? You can send the credentials via PM so that they are kept private, and then we can continue the conversation through email:

Hi, I cannot register on your support site as my IP has been flagged. How should I proceed? Thank you

I’m sorry, I do not know why that is. If you have not done so already you may send a PM through my profile. If you would like to provide your IP address that way I can also be sure it is removed from the blocked list. I try to get to my email as often as I can, but support tickets are checked much more frequently so I urge users to use that platform instead.

(You can also leave your questions here on CodeCanyon so long as you do not need to share private information or files)

Hi, perhaps this isn’t working in WP Version 4.7: - I added all products to one category: “ALL”. - When I compare two products, it only shows the Title, Price and Add to Cart. - Where are the other tables? - Where do I add the extra tables? - Is there any updated documentation on this? Thanks, Mark

Those notices are because you have not created any features yet. To create them, you actually need to be on WooCommerce > Compare Products > Categories. For each category you have created there will be an arrow to the left of the title. Click this to expand your settings. It will give you the option to create a subcategory, and then once that is created you will have the option to create and add features to the list.


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Ah, that is what I was missing. Thanks for taking the time to explain it in detail.

Not a problem, happy to help!

Hello – I have a pre-sales question for you: our products are already set up with custom fields (aka product or post meta). Can this plugin connect with those, or would they have to be re-entered? I am also concerned about the answer to a previous comment where it was stated that there was an issue showing the product pricing and dimensions (?)

The plugin currently has two types of comparable fields: custom created/entered values, and WooCommerce attributes. So if your ‘post meta’ is setup via WooCommerce attributes, then the plugin can pick it up. If not, I’m afraid there is no way for the plugin to know what meta you have assigned to the product without knowing it’s save name so it won’t recognize these. The next update will allow for easier input of WooCommerce product fields such as price, weight and dimensions.