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Hello, I own a service company, and on a look, this app suits my need. Let me know, do after this, i need to purchase any other stuffs like a database for the app…of any other stuff.

and who will provide me with support and updates ???

Thanks for purchasing the item, my skype id: Aziz_cs for support.

Hey old pal, please give rating :)

hi can you give support for this app still?

Maybe you can edit in Gallery, when user click on any picture it asks to complete this action by youtube, then user can buffer video, and you can make this pictures in the gallery screenshots from your videos.

if i need guide can you guide me>?

Yes of course.

can you give a link to the demo app made from this on google play store please

sir its working now thanks , but sir courses part shown in the demo app is not working even after changing website adress “it always shows no internet connection”

Welcome, about courses section, unfortunately the domain I uploaded my XML at is now closed, so please go to Company profile project > res > values > strings.xml and replace <”XML_URL”> with this url:
instead of:
and it should work.

Sir why cant gallery images be not changed by swiping, can you add the code its too cumbersome to click on the images above to change the gallery images

I have trouble setting it up. after i tried “clean project” it seem cant find the android-support-v4.jar but then when I redirect it to new location, i had 118 errors 20 warnings. what did I do wrong?

I got it working. Need to change path of googleplay libs.

Glad to hear this :)

I’ll appreciate if you give rating to the app :)

thanks sir for helping and sorry for disturbing you a lot!

But the map feature doesn’t work even after changing key, i read on google that map api v2 are discontinued?

Thanks ksbarot, love you :)

sir in gallery options, can you add the code of changing image by swiping

yes it’s applicable, but you need to totally remove the gallery, and add in the layout “view pager”.. it needs little work, but yes you can.

Hi, The grid view takes up only a very small portion of the screen. Is it possible to increase the size of the image views within the grid view ?

Ps where can I rate this app?

You can do this yes, but if you gonna make it wrap_content, make sure all images have the same actual pixels, or another solution you can make the attributes of height and width >> dpi, which handles the size for different screens…

for rating, maybe go here:
and scroll down a little under purchases and comments maybe you find rating, or search for review in the above tabs

Hi, may I know what SDK IDE should I use to configure and customise this template? Is there a recommended IDE?

Hello cynthialim, hope you are fine :)
all you need is to download the ADT Bundle which contains all you need (Android SDK + Eclipse IDE), you can download it from this link:

Hi, Could please show me how to add more icon on the on the main page. Thank you

Hello hjabul, hope you liked the app.
To add more icons in the main page, open the project >> src >> Main.java >> at line 68 you will find like this:
listAppInfo.add(new AppInfo(BitmapFactory.decodeResource(res, R.drawable.news), “News”));
Copy and paste this line and change these two fields:
To change the icon change R.drawable.news
To change the title change: “News”
On line 106 (switch cases) is to handle when user click on this icon what happens..

Hi Aziz_cs, how can I: 1- set the new page that I want to add as a webview (still in the app, not automatically open a web browser) 2- Create a ” Back” button on the top right of every page. 3- Align the Logo and the text of the page to center. Thank you

It’s already opens the website inside the app (you will find at the top bar the name of the app while opening the website). Easy, drag a button, and set a listener on click and write this command “finish()” when clicked. You mean the page of the website?, this is done from the website perspective itself not from the app. If you need a fully customized app I can do it for you with very low cost through freelancer.com.
P.S: I’ll really appreciate if you rated the app :)

Iam always here for support


Is this available for iOS?

Hello, sorry it’s not available for iOS, only Android.

Hello, I want to know the cost & time for those customizations :

Hello, the sections of application :
  1. about us section ” dynamic text”
  2. download company catalog section ” dynamic link”
  3. contact us section ” GPS to determine the place of company from any place and on dynamic map we can change it in the future

Features : (1) the application runs with online back-end (2) as usual the application brings the dynamic data from the online back-end (3) every user download the app , the system must save his name & phone number in online back-end data base (4) notify the user every certain event in time & date with area to type samples of notifications (5) social icons “google plus – facebook – youtube” with dynamic links (6) ability for user to send SMS to our company (7) create 2 app , one for android & one for Iphone ............................................................................................................ what is the cost & time ? ............................................................................................................

Hello sanayar, sorry for replying late.. unfortunately am not expert for the backend / iphone part, other than that I can do all what you need, so we need someone to make this backend, and then I can deal with this backend for all the info you talking about.

Hello, i want buy this app,but i have some question about this,can i add your skype and ask my question? ps:i tried add your skype id,but there are lot of Aziz_cs users,i don’t know which is yours?:(

Hi all..i’m author’s brother…we are so sorry for not replying to you..he is not available now..hope he gets fine soon.. Thanks all

Hi, I purchased your item. There is no download link for Eclipse, so I downloaded Android Studio. And the project doesnt work in that. Could you please help me to run it?

Hi Aziz_cs,

I am interested in your app. I would like to know about static data. It means if I have static content (no need to update), the app can work offline, isn’t it?

And how it difficult to prepare static content. Thanks in advanced :)

Best Regards, Homekung

hi, i want to purchase this product. but before that, can i know if i would be able to edit it using android studio ? and will all the codings be given ?