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I want to purchase your plugin. Just a quick question. I want people (holiday home) to leave their comments with (or without images). Does it works without register?

Thanx, John

Yes, this plugin has functionality to support both users and guests alike.


I want to purchase your nice plugin.

1) Is it possible to upload images to a custom directory in wp-content/uploads/.

For example: wp-content/uploads/comment-photos/

2) How many photos can visitors upload with their comments? We need a minimum 3 photos.

I’m sorry for my English. I hope you understand me.


1. Yes, but you’ll have to edit a file to do this.

2. You can set a limit to any amount you desire. Limits can also be different for logged in, and visitors.

I was looking at the free version. 1. Does the paid version give us the ability to choose which post to have comments on as well? In other words…not all posts must have comments…I can choose. 2. Does the paid version make it easy to place the image to the right and the comment to the left?

Sorry for the mix up. May I see a page with this plugin in action? I see the form, but I would like to see the comments with images? Also, is it easy to choose a width for all images so that they are not too huge?

Sorry for the mix up. May I see a page with this plugin in action? I see the form, but I would like to see the comments with images? Also, is it easy to choose a width for all images so that they are not too huge?

Preview: Open up the item details page for Comments with Image and click the live preview button. Once you’re on that page, use the form and that’s how it’ll act for users.

Yes. You can adjust the thumbnail width in the backend via a setting.

Hey, i ve purchased and installed your great plugin unfortunately i cant see the uploaded images in the comment area. Do you have any ideas?

thx a lot for your help


Had to report your comment as you posted FTP details. All comments are publicly visible so you should change your FTP and WordPress details.

Could you test for plugin conflicts? (replace Yoast with Comments with Images :P)

Please note this response will likely be removed if your initial comment gets removed rather than edited.

Hey … Plugin is working fine now.

I have a last question: How can i add PDF support?



Technically, yes but there’s nothing implemented to display it. So I wouldn’t recommend it.

Hi Just wondering if this can take mobile video and display it to play?

Sadly no, it cannot.


I’ve just purchased ‘Comments with Images’ and not only doesn’t it work (images are not attached) but if active, any old uploaded image is not shown.

Can you help, please?

Thank you.

Just to confirm, CWI is enabled, right?

Now it is enabled. Thanks.

Would it be possible to get FTP access? If so, could you please send me the details via my profile?


We have a problem about the this upload plugin. We want to insert image upload section in the wp-job-manager reviews. So we tried insert image upload in the reviews section. But it did not work when we tried to upload images(size over 50KB) in reviews. It shows page not found when we finish reviews(comments , rating categories, name, email and upload image). It works when we uploaded pictures’ size below 50KB. Could you help us to check this out? Thank you so much.

Are you using Bluehost? They are very restrictive of where they will allow uploads from in WordPress and thus cannot run Comments with Images.


just purchased your plugin. Actually nice, but there is something strange with the upload. In case I uncheck multiple uploads i am not able to upload images at all. In case i set up multiple images allowed, it is possible to upload only one image (nevermind if logged in members or guests) -> as You can see here.

Any ideas to fix?

Thanks a lot in Advance


I’ve submitted a fix to CodeCanyon. Please allow upwards of 24 hours for the update to process. If you would like me to send you it (so you don’t have to wait), please email me via my profile.

In demo i cant find “Multiple image upload support”. I can upload onlu one image. How can i see this function in action ?

The demo currently doesn’t allow for multiple images at this time. Sorry mate.

Hi there. I have some questions before buying.

1. Can I translate to PT-BR?

2. I would like to use your plugin in some pages of my site. So, each page would need a different set of comments. Is it possible?

3. The problem is: my theme uses some kind of Wide Layout that does not show wordpress comments… only on its boxed layout. But I really need to use the Wide layout. So, will your plugin work?

1. Yes, you’ll need to manually translate it with either a translation plugin or translation software such as PoEdit.

2. Yes.

3. To be honest, it doesn’t seem likely. I would recommend contacting your theme developer to see if it’s possible for plugins to be introduced. Without comment support, this plugin is very likely not going to work. Sorry mate. :(


I have 2 queries:

1 – How can I reduce the size(width and height) of thumbnail images that shows on article pages where the comment is posted with image. I find the image dimensions are big especially if a user is uploading 3 image it takes lot of space on page.

2 – Is it possible for you to add feature to show MULTIPLE BROWSE IMAGES buttons to upload multiple images? Right now its not very user friendly to upload multiple images..specially it becomes a problem in mobile devices.


Hi there, quick pre-sale question… what happens to the videos and photos if this plugin is removed in the future? Are the photos wrapped in a shortcode? Or does it use regular HTML tags? Thank you.


Unfortunately, if you remove this plugin your images will stop displaying – there isn’t a fallback available at this time. All images will still be present on the server, however.

Sorry mate.

Thank you for the reply.