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Amazing Work! Congratulations! Nice Work & Good Luck With Sale :)


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

very good job, fantastic work :) all the best for your upcoming sales and a nice day :)

the plugin works but because it doesn’t save the images to the wordpress media library, it doesn’t work with my upload to Amazon S3 plugin. Is there a way to get these two to talk to each other or a way to add upload to Amazon S3?

Sorry for unknown reasons it was disabled. Please check now, thank you.

thank you I have emailed you

any update on the plugin uploading the images to amazon s3?

Nice and handy plugin with lots of features, recommended!

Great product. GLWS. From DigitalCenturySF

Hi, is it possible to add custom checkboxes, e.g. accepting terms of privacy with a link to the corresponding internal website? And is it possible to translate the plugin in German language?

Thank you for your fast reply.

Every public label that appear in the form is translatable from the administration panel. We have not an option for a privacy checkbox, you can eventually add a note (can be injected configuring it in the comment plus panel) with your privacy statement.

will this work with BuddyPress activity comments?

Probably not, we do not tested it with buddypress.

does this plugin use the native wp comments?

No, it has a custom tabel to store the subscription and does not interfere with the regular wp tables.

Hey TheNewsletterTeam, i was searching for one plugin for commenting, i want to create something like “Wall Commenting”. Something like this, is momentally not existing. But with your plugin i can reach my idea. I readed your PDF and the informations here.

When i buy this plugin, then i will create a new site “Wall” as example and then i will add this commenting area in this new site “Wall”. So then the loggedin users can wrote something and post images etc.

My question is, is there a shortcode where i can paste it in the “Wall” site?

Information: I dont want to teach the default wordpress comment function as example from my Blog. I just need to add one comments area for my “Wall” site. I hope you understand me.

I would be happy about your answer and thank you in advance


have you tested your plugin on a WordPress Multisite?

Hi, nice work – quick question: Does your plugin have a double opt-in feature for the comment notifications? I didn’t find any information about this in the documentary. I’d really like to use Comment Plus, but double Opt-in is legally mandatory in most European countries.

Do you have customization work according to my theme core

Hi, can you plugin manage multiple uploads or is it set to one image per comment?


All ok!


1- Can multiple images be uploaded with each comment?

2- Will photos uploaded with the older version (comment images- free version) transfer over to the plus version?

3- Besides short code, is there a function we can use to manually add the gallery in a specific part of the wordpress theme?

Hi, Is it possible to upload multiple images for each comment? Someone already ask the question 2 months ago but no answer. Please let us know. thanks

  • import users from replyable postmatic * Hi,

Im very interested on your plugin feature for subscribe to comments.

But I need to know if there is some way to import actuall subscribers from plugin “replyable” ( these users are normal users on wordpress tables with role “subscribers” and custom fields for every subscribed post. ¿Maybe you can help us to import these subscribed users to your plugin?.


Hi, I’m very interested in this plugin, I was wondering if it was possible to add or change the fields for comments. I’ll explain to you on my website we’re creating a graphic contest section, so the particiopants comment on the contest by publishing their proposals. Is there a way to add a 5-star rating system?