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Questions to Author: 1. Does it use jQuery (not prototype)? 2. Is it compatible with bootstrap? 3. Will it create its own thread for each page? 4. How to administer comments?

1. Yes 2. Yes. 3. Yes. 4. Over eMail Links

Found a bug – when sorting comments by newest first, replies are shows ON TOP of original post, rather than below. Please advise on solution

Servus aus Wien^^ – kann es zb. in ein imagehosting ( system eingebaut werden? wennja. kauf ich es!

habs gekauft. einfach weil es ein cooles script ist^^


HI Clops, just resent another pm via cc here. kindly have a look :) Thanks

hi clops.. did you receive my email via cc here ?

any updates from my email ? thanks

I just ought your script ut it is not working for me, i also sent you an Email but no response

So you don’t provide support?

i finally got it to work to some level but it keeps throwing the comment box in the header

Script is very good, thank. But i got an issue. After posting one comment and then posting another one, the script only shows then comment and not the name of the person who has commented. Any suggestions?

Solved it from page 11 with :$sender = $comment->getSenderName();


i have error problem when open index.php please help…

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is this able and easy to add another filed ?


1.Wenn ich ein kommentar sende, avatar wird zuerst ganz normal angezeigt, nach dem ich die seite neu geladen habe awatar ist weg.

2. Wie kann man das Format von Wochentag/Datum/Uhrzeit ändern?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Hello dear users, can help me somebody, because Putin is currently very busy with Syria’s war and he can not help me: if I send a comment, the avatar is displayed normally after the page is reloaded, Avatar is gone.

Thank you very much in advance.

just picked up the script and it doesn’t work at all

think i fixed it


tyquan Purchased

Is this easy to ad to a user data base. Where when they login their images will so and in the comment they leave.

Servus aus Florida… I purchased this a while back and have used it in several places on my site… I just want to give a small screenshot of one example how I have customized it for a page I am hosting
okay… just another little thingy.. I put this on a publicly available page as a little demo of some different scripts from different places.. if anyone would like to check it out, test, y’know..