Discussion on Command - Feedback collection tool

Discussion on Command - Feedback collection tool

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I saw your portfolio, do you offer SAAS feature?

of all or any of your products? is there a way to combine all of these products with 1 login?

Hi! No, our products don’t current support a SAAS feature. However, if you contact us via our Envato profile, we will do custom work to fit your needs. If you’re interested, contact us and we can work something out. :)

I don’t understand this at all – how do we use it ? nothing to show how in demo.

Hi. Once you create a new campaign, you can go into the customize section to embed the widget on your website/page. Once you start getting some data, it’ll show up inside the stats section. :)

Hi, near what i searching for. I have buy it to support you for any more feature. great if user gan give aditional feed back after poll it. like usabilla in-Page

Hi, thanks for purchasing! Yes, this is a feature that we’re looking to add in one of the next releases. If there are any other features you’re interested in, let me know!

well, I was curious about this item, but I see no description here in codecanyon, and no description in the software. That would be helpful, mainly for your sales to describe your scripts

Hello. Thank you for your feedback. I’ll consider adding descriptions. :)

installed but it does NOT actually work. i embed it and it is blank but the website has installed properly. I tested it on PHP7 PHP5.6

Please contact me on live chat. I’ll help you there. :)

ok i fixed it by using the /subfolder/ instead

Great! Is everything resolved? I’d appreciate it if you’d leave a review if you enjoy the product. :)

Looks very nice. A few comments:

1) There needs to be a way to close the widget upon clicking an option as when I go back to the website, I still have the option to vote again (possibly the solution is with the use of cookies).

2) It would also be nice if it didn’t take you off the website. This would mean it would have it post the users feedback request within the widget. Thus removing the need of the thank you page in a new tab. Possibly using AJAX would allow for this?

3) Adding the option to allow user to add a comment alongside their rating.


Regarding your first point. I just added this feature yesterday. If you purchase, the update should be coming soon.

Second point. I do plan on adding this very soon and it should be added within the next few updates.

Third point. I’ve been starting work on this feature already, so it should be released along the other few things soon. :)

Hi, can you please show the widget on how it looks on a website not just your backend? I am sure this would improve sales. I don’t have the time to install it for demo purposes, I am sure others too. Thanks


You don’t have to install it on your site to test. Simply copy the JS embed and place it onto a testing site such as JsFiddle ( Very simple. :)

Hello, how can i enter into admin panel? Where can i see how it looks in widget mode, included to website? Guest posting allowed?

Hello. When you open up the live preview, you just hit log in and you’ll be taken to the admin panel. When you create a new widget, just go into the widget page and copy that code. Paste it into something like JsFiddle ( to see how it looks live.What do you mean by guest posting?

Will it be added features like on i.e. Guest posting/voting, Poll Top. Ability for Admin, users and guest create topics and reply for them? Now i can see only login form and backend

No, this product is different than Uservoice. Command gives you the ability to collect feedback from users directly on your site. They don’t exactly create feedback topics.

404 on demo page

Demos are currently taken offline. I’ll try my best to get one up as soon as possible.

Interested to buy, before that Want to try demo, still it’s offline , when you plan to make demo online?

Send me an email at and I’ll send you a demo to try out. :)

demo doesnt work. also which framework is this?

Email and I’ll send over a demo. The script was developed in pure PHP, there is no framework .

item looks good, but I don’t see any guide in the demo to how to integrate in a website ?

Hi there. This product is no longer receiving updates and has stopped development, but I’ve released a similar product with more features here: