Discussion on Coming soon landing page

Discussion on Coming soon landing page

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Today is the 14th day that I am trying to contact you in various ways. I have tried to contact through all channels provided on your website and leaving multiple comments on the Facebook, but you have not responded to any of my letters or comments. Your plugin is causing a fatal error. I have sent you all the logins to my site so you can fix the error. More details about the error

So, before I buy, is this script working or not?

Hello, today I bought the script and it was working but now featuring The Following message: “Please stop hotlinking easing my script – use a real CDN instead. Many thanks”

My Site:

Can you help me?

Hello! Tell me please, can I use it for everyday countdown? I need timer with auto restarting every day.a

Hello, Sorry the plugin does not have this option.

Regards, Alexandra I.

The Demo page is not working.

There’s a problem with mine, it says “Please stop hotlinking my easing script — use a real CDN instead. Many thanks “

Could you modify the code and use a real CDN and reload the new version?

I cant find this anywhere on the support site, and I haven’t gotten an email back for a couple of weeks about my support ticket. So I’ll ask again here. Where do I put my email in so I know who subscribes?

It used to work fine on prior versions of WP however using it with WP 3.5,

I see this on my admin settings area and these keep repeating for at least 40 more times… I had to scroll all the way down to get to the settings of it…

Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/content/k/i/n/kingkufu/html/wp-one/wp-content/plugins/coming-soon-landing-page-Wordpress-plugin/smart_framework/functions/core.php on line 29 and defined in /home/content/k/i/n/kingkufu/html/wp-one/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990


We’re gradually updating our plugins to work on the latest WP 3.5, all will be updated soon.


Does this work with JQ 1 .8 or 1.7 at least?

Yes , it works with any updated versions, downgraded no.

Yes , it works with any updated versions, downgraded no.

how do i change the backgroud image

From css, edit layout.css

body {
    background: url("../countdown.jpg") no-repeat scroll center top #000000;
    height: 100%;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;


Thanks Alot

Just an FYI for the Google Chrome browser… When using the tabbed browsing feature and when the page is not in the top most tab, the clock gets stuck. What exactly the clock gets stuck to is another issue.

hey man where do I add my email address so I can get the subscribes


I’ve got the timer working, but it seems to ignore the launch date set and count down from some random number.

ie. launchDate : {‘day’ : 24, ‘month’ : 10, ‘year’ : 2012, ‘hour’ : 9, ‘min’ : 0, ‘sec’ : 0 },

And the countdown reads 16:22:51:05 (every time i refresh the page, this same number appears….when it should continually reduce?)

Other than setting the launch date, should I be adjusting any other settings to ensure the countdown is correct?

Thanks so much, Kate

Hello Kate,

Where did you set up the launch date? in index?

Please send me an email at alexandra.ipate at

assistance not very good.. I prefer to pay 20 USD an app but receive a good assistance


I have insert a future date inside index.html

/* setup launchDate */ launchDate : { ‘day’ : 15, ‘month’ : 4, ‘year’ : 2012, ‘hour’ : 21, ‘min’ : 0, ‘sec’ : 0 }

but the countdonw is not working

please look at:

I look forward to your reply.

Regards, Simone

Do you know the code to have the timer repeat it self, like for a live broadcast the repeats on Sundays every week?

the script doesn’t have this feature, it can be made custom if you want.


Please email me how much it would be


Did you select a valid launch date? Check out out demo, it’s working well:

Thanks, Andrei

I can confirm this does not work in Chrome as well.

Two questions.

First, how do I prevent that “please select feature data” box from appearing when the timer runs out.

Second, is it possible to make it the counter disappear after it ends.

Hello bobesponjawow,

Please use support formul for support.

Thanx, Andrei