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Very nice item! I’ve a few questions:
1) Can I use html, php, css inside the page when creating pages from admin panel?
2) Can I modify the first page (main index page)?
3) Can I add sub menu to the top nav menu section?
4) Does it require mysql DB?


1) yes you can use html but not php and css 2) yes you can modify the index page 3) yes you can add sub menus to the top nav section 4) yes it does


@Mahadazad: I’m the first, GLWS , great app/script, I like it very much since I can create pages with this app. Thank you for being responsible and answering my questions fast. Yamon.

thank you for the purchase. I hope you enjoy it.

Archive is broken. Reupload please.

Permissions are correct. Reuploaded files – the same error. requirements test passed succesfully

Can you give me ftp details so that I can figureout the problem, are you sure you uploaded all the files?

Sent You ftp details

Hi there, Amazing plugin. I have a question. Is it also possible to add a specific time? example: I want the counter to stop at 2012-11-20, 20:00 (8pm)

thnx :)

thanks, well time is currently not supported by the application as you can see it.

Thank You

Sent an email with some pre-sales questions. Hope u can answer soon!

Hi! How can I make the form fields on the main page NOT required. I would like to only require email, and have the others be optional. Thanks!

you can simply remove then from the required list in protected/models/ContactForm.php

Please see Yii documentation for further details.

thank you

Not admin panel?

I am really sorry, I dont understand what you are trying to say. Can you make some screenshots and reach me via email?

Thank You

There should be a code spam blocker retrieving records. Why the admin panel, records cannot be deleted? Sorry, my English is bad.

I am really sorry I didnt get your point: “There should be a code spam blocker retrieving records.”

You can delete quotes from the admin panel.

Thank You

COuld you add Google Plus if I purchase?

I noticed it gives an alert when nothing is entered into any of the fields, which is great. I like that, but it doesnt say anything to someone who has signed up with email already in db??? could you make a fix for that?

yes we have not added this. But if you want I can do that for you on your installation.

thank you

How would I go about putting this into my Wordpress website?

Its a Yii Famework based application. You can install it on your server. And one you go live you can delete all the file and upload your wordpress site

pls can u put the slider as there is a static page now and i saw otheres the sliders look great will buy post that

Well I am really sorry I am not available for any freelance work

HI i am in interesting it before buy it .. here is question when time countdown will pop to our homepage and it is automatic ???

yes you can set the time from the admin and it will start counting down

you said that you can use html for creating pages in the admin panel, All I get is the code appearing when I open the page. can you explain to me how this is done please?

No I didnt said that you misinterpreted it. You can create new themes and put them in themes folder and enable it in /protected/config/main.php

to disable mobile field you can do that in /protected/models

thank you

Can you tell me why the countdown timer stays on the same second as it blinks unless you reload the page? I need to fix this and dont have a clue why it does that. It keeps time but the same second remains blinking.

And one final question :-). How do you use the social images instead of the glyph-icons? Sorry for all the questions but I want to make this work so it will match my theme styles. The instructions don’t tell me how to set it up like this. I DO like this script, I just need help in some modifying of different sections.

Very cool! Good luck!


Awesome job..