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Hi there,

Just bought your plugin. I want to add some more text on the coming soon page. Is there an option for that? Just some plain HTML. Now I only can add to 2 taglines and have to style them separately with css. Positioning the timer would also be nice.

Hope to hear from you.



Hi Marcel. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Unfortunately, there is no such options.

Can I give permission to user role ‘subscriber’ to bypass maintenenace mode?
Can I use Google Fonts for Coming Soon headings?
Thank you.

Hi. Thanks for interest in the plugin.
1. On Settings page you can select white user roles. Maintenance mode will never be enabled for them.
2. There is no option to use Google Fonts.


I’m considering purchasing your plugin but I have a few questions.

1. I use Aweber. The first comment reply on here states you do not support it, but on the plugin page you say you do. Do you support Aweber integration?

2. Does the coming soon plugin support video backgrounds? Either from YouTube or from Wordpress directory etc

3. Does the plugin automatically disable itself after it has counted down or will I need to manually log in and disable it?


Hi. Thanks for interest in the plugin.

1. Plugin has AWeber integration. First comment was done long time ago, when the plugin didn’t have AWeber. Now it has.

2. No. My opinion – it is not user-friendly.

3. No. After it has counted down, only countdown removed from the page. Coming Soon still work. So you need disable it manually.

is there anyway to have the plugin work without having the Maintenace mode ? i need to have another page working

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

How can I make the “short Description” area a clickable link?

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such option.

Hello. Pre-sales question. Is there a way to disable the timer, tagline, social media, and email field? All I want to do is place one static image as a background. Thanks.

Hi. Thanks for interest in the plugin. You can disable any element on Coming Soon page.

Purchased the plugin. Works great, but my client is asking for a simple share button, not links to their social pages. I tried setting up ShareThis, but the only thing I can enter is a URL. ShareThis doesn’t use that. How can I get a simple share button?

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Unfortunately, there is no such option.

Hi! Can i show the social media button under the image background?? thanks!

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Preorder Questions:

Hello, actually im looking for a plugin which is matching with my claims.

I need a „coming soon“ plugin with this features:

1. a coming soon mode – i can switch on/off, so users cant go on my „real“ site. They can only see my homesite (the coming soon site)

2. i can exclude any single page from the coming-soon-mode, so i can say: users can see the homesite AND site-X (for example)

3. i have my own newsleter-sign-up form with a connection to my newsletter server. I like to implement this on the homesite (coming soon site). So, can i implement custom html with your plugin? I like to have the form directly on the homesite, not in a pop up or sth. like that.

Im happy to hear from you.


Hi. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t fit your requirements.

I need non-wordpress version please.

Unfortunately, I don’t have it.

how to remove this message from being displayed? “Website is in maintenance mode and visible only for administrators, whitelisted IPs and roles. Others see it like that:”

This message is displayed for people with certain user roles and who is in White IP list too. Clear this list, log out and you will see coming soon page. Share your URL and I’ll sen screenshot. ;-)

its showing for everyone… even not logged in users, so general audience.. I own 6 computers, and I have checked it on multiple computers and browsers. on firefox the live site shows up still, and not the coming soon page, but it does have that message… and on chrome browser the coming soon page shows, and that message shows to general traffric (not logged in). I even tried it on some other sites to see if maybe it was a theme issue, and it does the same thing.

nevermind… it was because my IP was whitelisted in the settings… I don’t recall ever doing that… it works as its supposed to… thanks

This is not working on firefox browser, the live site still shows on firefox… it works fine with chrome browser tho… please fix asap

nevermind… it was because my IP was whitelisted in the settings… I don’t recall ever doing that…

Hello again!

You’ve helped me before by introducing user roles in the plugin settings. I still have two suggestions / feature requests:

1. (Very) important: Option to hide the message from the front-end of the site (visible for admins / editors / etc… the one with ’’Website is in maintenance mode and….’‘).

When using themes with complex visual editors (visible only on front-end like SEO WP theme / Live Composer editor plugin), the message is interferring with the editor and I was forced to use a another coming soon plugin because of this.

2. Great to have – I already suggested this – option to rearrange the order in which the elements (countdown / logo / description / etc) are shown.

Hope you can update it soon with at least the first option / request solved. Again, it is now a whim, that message can iterfere with the process of creating content. Your plugin is great, I already voted 5 stars for it, hoping you’ll make it perfect in the future. Thanks again :)

Thanks for your ideas. They look good. I’ll think about them.

can I set the exact date and time in timer? let’s say 19.8.2015 11:30AM ?

Hi. Yes. The time must be in server time zone.

Where can I change the color of the font “Thank you. We will let you know when we are ready.” which shows after someone inputs their email address and hits subscribe. It’s currently bright green and very small which makes it difficult with the background image that I have set up.

There is currently no option for this. Any suggestions of what/where to change this in the code?

Hi. At that moment you can change color only by editing css/style.css. Find class .optin-box .success (line #88) and edit it. The font size can be set through Settings page (parameter “Font size of message:”).


VEMEME Purchased

Question, how do i put in google analytics.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature. It’s necessary to edit source code. But thank you for idea. I’ll add it into next release. For now you can provide access to WP dashboard and your GA code and I’ll add it into your copy of plugin.


VEMEME Purchased

Hey, thanks for replying so fast and also for helping out, where should i contact you with the admin details.

Just send them through Support Tab (you already contacted me such way – I just saw message from you in my mailbox). ;-)

Hey Halfdate,

Is it possible to embed a youtube video on the maintenance page?

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.