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Nice work GLWS! ;)

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :)

Great Work! Good Luck!!!

nice work, good luck with sales

Hi! Thanx for your library! Are you going to upgrade it to version 1.3?

Hi, I have just uploaded the new version. It will be available after approval

it’s great! a lot of thanks!

Hi, it’s amazing! Can i put bubbles by smartphon? I’m try but it don’t work (Android, Xperia E5), have you solution fo this?

Hi, Wgajew, I really want to buy your work, but it is very important for me that the editor works on smartphones, I could write the text and I do not understand if this is possible now when changing parameters or not, only for the desktop version?

It’s pity that the author does not support this product (

I’m looking for a simple bare-bones drawing tool I want to set a fixed background image (a circuit board), and the tool will allow my technicians to mark areas on the board where they made a repair. I hadn’t thought of adapting speech bubbles to this until I ran across your kit, but speech bubbles could be a perfect way for them to add a few words to the nature of the repaired areas on the circuit board.

This will be all part of a web page where my technicians will be filling out an online form describing the full set of repairs they made, using checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. I can use Ninja Forms for most of the content but I’m hoping I can have an iframe that will simply display my pre-detemined background picture (technicians not allowed to change that image) and all he can do is use the drawing tools to make marks on the background image. Ability to suppress all other features so that I can keep the functionality uncluttered.   Could I adapt your tool to do this?

I have purchased this code. But it is not working on mobile phones. There has been touch events in the script , but touch events contents are empty.

Unfortunately, I haven’t implemented touch events yet. Right now I’m very busy and for the coming 4-5 months I won’t be able to do anything about it