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Hi there. Can I mass generate combinations for a poducts i the same category?

Hello milaonline, You can mass create combinations and save them as PreCombinations. Then these precombinations can be assigned to 1 or to as many products as you want. You save the precombinations into Sets and can edit them and save them further into other Sets. Please check the documentation for details, it has detailed instructions on these features

If you have other questions please feel free to write us here. Thank you for buying Combination Master.

Respectfully, Bogdan from Monszaic Concepts

Hello !

I’ve tried your products and i really like your interface im looking to buy the image+mass updater … however i need something that gives me the ability to deactivate a combination and reactivate it when needed i already have a module that does that for me but im wondering if this can be implemented into your modules

Hello juglair,

Thank you for the feedback regarding the modules image and mass updater. That is a good requirement, having the feature of disabling/enabling combinations.

I m thinking now how to make it and it will most likeley be in CombinationMaster module as a new feature and it can also be a standalone module of somewhere around 5-10$. I’m currently a bit strecthed as I really need to finish 1.7 version of the existing modules. When i manage to finish the compatbility to 1.7 I will also update all existing modules with the newest features. I can add this feature in ImageAssignator for you in the nearby future when I ll make it work, but I cannot assist in implementing this feature at this point.

I hope this is alright with your plans regarding the modules.

Kind regards, Bogdan from monszaic concepts

Hello, I would need to create about 30,000 combinations on prestashop, could you tell me which plugins to buy yours? easy attribute and combination master? Do I have to buy them both? Can only these 2 products be enough? product mass updater I think I do not need it because this variation will have a different price.

Have you managed to solve your issue with the module ? I’ve replied on email about the amount of combinations possible to create.

Hello, i’ve a problem on mass update when i push the button update all. The weight and the price of products when i update all are not saved in the table _product_attribute and only saved in the table _product_attribute_shop. When i go to checkout the value in impact weight it’s not correctly calculated. It’s seem that Prestashop use as default the table _product_attribute to read this value.

How can i solve this?

Thank you

Hi Bogdan,

thank you for your replay. We utilize the Prestashop version We don’t have a multi-shop, just a single shop. How do you propose to fix this issue about to show the weight also in the chart? Best Regards

Hello, is it possible to add combinations using your module without the previous combinations being deleted and replaced? Thanks so much

Hello artigraficheboccia,

Yes it is possible to add without deleting the Combination as a small customization. I can make it for you and email the modified version.

Please let me know if you are still interested in this version. Also i will be having 1.7 version soon available and can add this option as an alternative way of adding Combinations.

Hello, is it possible to add combinations using your module without the previous combinations being deleted and replaced? Thanks so much

Hi. I want to buy this module. I’m building a contact lens store but prestashop native combination generator can not generate many combinations. I think it will solve my problem. One question: the appearance of the products in frontoffice, remain unchanged, right? I would like to keep the look of my template.

The module is PS 1.7 compatible?

I verify that the product demo page is not working. Can fix the problem? Thank you. Best regards.

Can you send me the module via email?

Yes, please send me the email

If it not working, i can issue a refund and work tonight and tomorrow hopefully to give you 1.7

Hello. I installed the module without problems. I added some groups of attributes. Others already existed. I generated the pre-combinations without problems. 256 combinations in this example I made. When I added the combinations to the product, after about 4 minutes, prestashop stopped processing. I thought I had entered the combinations successfully, but no.

Now my shop (frontoffice) does not appear and the administration also. In both cases a blank page appears.

I had an online store in the same domain that also crashed. Blank page. It looks like the server crashed. Has this problem happened to you yet?

Hello nfaustino,

The module gives a blank page or timeout execution error if the hosting does not allow significant memory usage to compute the Combinations. The module has built-in fail-safes that check the amount of combinations and increase the available memory of hosting and php script timeout so that it can finish the operations.

The blank page in both front end and back end means the Database access is restricted. The hosting you use may have certain triggers if massive DB operations occur in a short amount of time. Since the module handles specific table in the DB and Prestashop platform being very module, you should not have blank pages in FO and BO because of the module’s processes. Even if you get a blank page in Combination Maser, you can refresh and delete the uncompleted combinations and do it all over again.

For 250 combinations the server must not crash, this is something that is being done in a few tens of seconds on a default 10$ hosting from any company. Try to make 1,2,then 10 Combinations to see if it crashes and you may have to check what limitations there are to such executions. Or it can be that the hosting does not have an upper limit to script execution and it does not know to stop or handle time-consuming code and it runs until it crashes.

I never got a server crash and i made around 30.000 Combinations in about 4-5 minutes. Can you keep me posted with what is happening ? I m very curious to see what is the problem.

Also a tip to see what is behind the blank page, activate dev_mode to true in Prestashp config file to get an error message about what is happening.

Hello. Maybe it was my fault. Before running the combinations, I remembered going to the hosting account’s Cpanel and changed two PHP.ini values:

max_execution_time to -1 (infintie) (the default is 90)

memory_limit -1 (infinite) (the default is 128M)

Now I am waiting for my hosting company to solve the situation because I can only access the Cpanel. Nothing else works. :( Regards.

Hello. The problem was already solved. It was a memory problem. The hosting provider has increased the memory value.

I’ve done several tests each time with more combinations and it worked beautifully.

Now, I did a test that generated 31968 combinations. The process was interrupted with the message (in a red popup window) “Network error”. The 31968 combinations have been registered in the product, but when I go to the product page, in frontoffice, it appears completely white. (only the page for that product).

I deleted the combinations and the product page reappears correctly. I do not think I will need to generate more than 16,000 combinations for my products.

Now I’m a little worried … I do not know if the site will be slow, with such a heavy database. What do you think?

I tried again with 15000 combinations and the product page goes white again. Do you think the problem remains that of server memory that has to be increased?

Thank you.

Hello. The module is working properly and is very practical and time-saving.

But I realized a situation:

If I need to enter a product page to change some information (for example, Product REF.), and if that product has hundreds of combinations, when I save changes, Prestashop gives an error. This is because the combinations are also recorded again in the DB.

I asked the hosting company to try to make some more changes on the server but I do not know if it will solve the situation …

D you know some way to solve this problem?


Hello nfaustino, Sorry for the late reply, I was really caught up with a lot of work at the day-time job and barely had time to reply.

When you change the Product REF. and save the changes the module only saves for that specific Product. This means a single DB update is being made and not on all products. Is the problem still persisting ?

Have you encountered any issues ? Do you need any assistance ?

Kind regards, Bogdan

Hi monszaic, wonderfull works! As artigraficheboccia I’d like to add new combinations without deleting the existing ones! Can you do something for me?

Hi Bogdan, any news about it? Thanks, Alberto

Hello abrazzle,

Compatibility with Prestashop 1.7 is available for ImageAssignator, CombinationMaster and ProductMassUpdater.

I can now focus entirely on the features of CombinationMaster and some more features for ProductMassUpdater. I’m working as fast as time allows me. If it’s ok i will send you a message when it’s finished. Rest assured that it will be finished and available.

I’ve applied this feature to a different client a while ago but it was a temporary fix and wasn’t ready for production. I need to be very careful in how i’m implementing this feature because it can break up the website and that’s something no one wants.

Regards, Bogdan

Thank you very much Bodgan! I appreciate your hard work!

Regards, Alberto

Hi Bogdan, I am thinking of buying this module. My issue is: I already have a combination table for jewellery using Material and Size. We decided to add 6x more materials to this table, so I now want to populate those tables with NEW combinations WITHOUT deleting the old ones (or changing the price and reference values) . Can your module do this?

2 – When this is done, I need to ADD a combination to ALL the combinations I created (Engraved or NOT engraved), again, without deleting the previous content. Thanks for a speedy reply, Best regards, Raphael rkahn@secure-globe.com

Hello RAFF01,

Have you tried the demo of CombinationMaster to see how it behaves, what it does ? I just want to know if you understand it’s full potential.

What you’re asking is the feature everyone is pressuring me :) i’m working on that, to keep the old Combinations and add new ones on top of them. I’ve implemented this functionality to a client but it was a straightforward approach and not a production-ready implementation.

So with the feature of not deleting the Old Combinations : 1. Yes you can do that with CombinationMaster, and also mass edit/manage the attributes and save Combinations for later use, as Pre-Combinations.

2.If you can add new combinations into product with old ones then you can sure add a combination to all (engraved or not engraved) however i would need some details in what is the exact behaviour and have to test it into Prestashop core to see how it handles. Because you should add Engraved/Not engraved as attributes within the Combinations that you are building.

Sorry for the late reply, i have to split between work, prestashop modules, new country and small baby :)

Kind regards, Bogdan from Monszaic Concepts

Hi, I have a shop on Prestashop with some issues: in fact in all the products’ details in the BO it is not possibile to click on “Save” buttons (there are spinning save buttons) and so it is not possible to edit product’s details. After investigating, I found the problem is related to “Combinations”. In fact we have about 50 attributes and, in particular, there is an attribute with more than 64000 values!

My question is this one: is your module able to solve the problem of spinning “Save” buttons in the BO? If yes, does this module allow to automatically mantain all the values’ attributes we have set for each product (it would be hard to reinsert the values for each product, since there would be more than 64000 values to insert again, as I have already said!)?

Thank you in advance.

Hello Prestapol,

Indeed, the default Prestashop doesn’t quite allow you to add so many Combinations. 64000 attribute value is a huge amount and they most likely cause performance issue in BO. You can built between 10.000 and 40-50.000 of Combinations with CombinationMaster but you really need good hosting or you must be able to change some server settings, php_timeout and php_memory_size because these restrict the execution of code in Prestashop. This is also why you have spinning save buttons because the server stops the default execution of Prestashop’s code.

You can save the values as Pre-Combinations and just add them to future products with a single click. Can you please check the demo to test it out and see if it’s what you need ? The server settings can be increased temporarily if you contact the hosting company, the small timeout of scripts is a default setting that every hosting has. The default is 30s but you can increase it to 10-20 minutes (even tough it’s not recommended). You can revert back to 30s after you’ve finished your job.

Demo Link: http://www.monszaic.com/

Regards, Bogdan from Monszaic Concepts

Hello. Can I ask you to remove my email from the post? I did not know that all the requests for assistance became public … Thank you.

Hello nfaustino,

I would remove you from the list but I don’t have access to it. It’s all internal Envato subscription and I’ve pressed “Notify all buyers for new version”. I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do to remove you from this procedure.

Regards, Bogdan

Hello. You do not have to remove me from the list. There is a small icon of a flag in each post that allows you to request the removal. That’s what I did.

Thank you very much.

Hi there,

I am developing a prestashop with 470 products and 1000 combinations/product. With default combination manager the creation and editing of a product as you know is taking too long and the browser is crashing sometimes when i am trying to edit all 1000 attributes.

Is combination master module compatible with 1.7.3 and could you please send me access to a demo for 1.7 version?

Hello saquasar,

Yes, CombinationMaster is compatible with 1.7 prestashop. Last week i’ve uploaded the compatibility version for 1.7

CombinationMaster can easily handle 1000 Combinations per product. It can handle up to 10.000 on a regular hosting. For larger combinations you would need a bigger/more performant server to allow for some memory_size increase to handle all the computation when they are initially generated.

You can check the demo here: http://www.monszaic.com/

User: demo@demo.com Pass: demodemo

Regards, Bogdan from Monszaic Concepts

Good day. Does your module generate combinations by combining each attribute value with each value of the next attribute? Best regards

Good morning,

The module works like this: You have Attribute Group #1 : Value #1, Value #2, Value #3 and Attribute Group #2: Value #4, Value #5, Value #6.

The Combinations are made (Value #1, Value #4), (Value #1, Value #5), (Value #1, Value #6), (Value #2, Value #4), (Value #2, Value #5) and (Value #2, Value #6). So the answer is Yes.

Can you please try out the demo and see how it works to check if it suits your needs ? Demo link : http://www.monszaic.com/ user: demo@demo.com pass: demodemo

Regards, Bogdan from Monszaic Concepts

Good day. I am interested in your Combination Master module – Build & Manage Thousands of Combinations in Prestashop. Does it generate combinations on a peer-to-peer basis? I have a lot of combinations in the product about 100,000 and normal generators can not cope with such a large number of combinations in the product. Only the option of generating each attribute separately (the value of the artifice) can be a solution for my store, especially since my store is based on shared hosting. In addition, I’m interested in two more modules: Product Combination – Manage Prices, Stock and Custom Fields of Combinations in Prestashop and category editing module. The last one I saw somewhere on your site, but it is not in the options of purchase by envato. As for the Product Combination – Manage Prices, Stock and Custom Fields of Combinations in Prestashop – does not I have to buy your Product Combination Module – Manage Prices, Stock and Custom Fields of Combinations in Prestashop by purchasing a master generator, because it contains the same functions? Will I get a discount when buying several of your modules?

Hello izaf4,

Sorry for the late reply. I was really caught up with work. I’ve read your message and been planning to reply for a few days now.

Topic #1 – Combination Master can generate tens of thousands of Combinations depending on the available sever power and memory. I can however enable a feature that allows you to “add” combinations on top of older ones and not loose the old combinations. This way you can built 1000-2000 combinations per round and not worry about hosting or sever limitations.

Topic #2 – Product Combination is a module that is part of Combination Master. Combination Master being such a big module, was split into 2 additional modules for customers who may need specific functionality. So if you buy Combination Master, you get Product Combination inside of it.

Topic #3 – If you buy several modules i can provide you a discount, but it will be outside Envato since they don’t allow setting up such options of bulk-buying. I can send the discounted sum via paypal or any other payment method you use. We can discuss this via email and based on your required amount, propose a discount.

Kind regards, Bogdan from monszaic

Hello, I’m interested in the Combinations Master plugin, but I have a question. Is it possible to modify the calculation of the price in this way: fixed price modifications are first added to base price and then multiplied by percentage modifications?

We need it for our products because we have fixed price attributes for sizes and percentage price attributes for colour (we need to use more colour on bigger size products). Ex. a product has base price 100$, size modification +20$, colour modification +10%, and I need final price (100+20)1.1=132.

Currently in demo I see that every attribute adds its modification only to the base price. Your module gives me (100+20)+(1000.1)=130.

It is confusing that the author gives no answer in 10 days…

Hello juroo,

I’m sorry for not replying sooner. I’ve read your comment the day you wrote it but got caught up with work and other errands that literally didn’t allowed me to reply sooner. What you asked in the comment is something that i’m negotiation for building it to a client now as a custom solution.

The demo you are seeing has this “early” option that is still in development.

It is possible to add your functionality on top of what I’m currently building for this client, but it will not be part of the standard CombinationMaster version because it has too much complexity and I cannot cover in the following weeks all the failsafes and instructions for users who don’t need this option.

If you are still interested I can apply this as a custom solution for you too, with your particular need and hopefully i can make it by end of this week.

Kind regards, Bogdan from monszaic

Info to your answer. Topic #1 I have a2hosting shared hosting (https://www.a2hosting.com/web-hosting) type SWIFT. I want to stay on shared hosting and do not want to have speed problems because for several years I have been struggling to start the store seriously. For my safety, it would be better to include the proposed function. topic #3 I am asking you to show me the offers of all your modules, because in fact I have to modify my store with some additional features. Best regards Izabella Frontczak

Hello again, Izabella Frontczak

The option of adding additional Combinations would work very well for you and will not have an impact on your hosting while you create them. However there may be an impact of Store performance due to large amount of Combinations that the Database have to hold. This is something related to the Prestashop architecture as it tends to slow down a bit on large numbers of combinations.

These are all the modules developed so far : https://codecanyon.net/user/monszaic/portfolio

I don’t know exactly what you need from here and i think it’s best if you check them out, using Demo link on every module presentation page. The initial offer is the price that is displayed on each module. I can make some discounts on bulk buying several modules. However buying 2 different modules (e.g. Combination Master and Image Assignator) does not qualify for a discount.

Discounts occur after buying several licenses of the same product or if you buy more than 3 different modules.

Let me know if you need help in checking out the available modules. Bogdan

I am interested in purchasing three modules for two (domains) master combinator module, master category, Image Assignator

For two domains means 2 separate licenses for the modules you are interested in.

Combination Master x 2 licenses Image Assignator x 2 licenses Master Category ? I don’t have this module, can you please detail ?

We can talk on email about discounts. Please send me an email at monszaic.concepts@gmail.com to have your email and discuss further there.

Thank you, Bogdan