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can i choose the image for the Combination ?

sure i think i;ll purchase this module ImageAssignator

Thank you for your interest. I will reply here when the module is ready for purchase. Validation should take 4-5 days. Have a good day

hello jefathey, the module with image assignation is now available on CodeCanyon. This is the link to it: https://codecanyon.net/item/image-assignator-instantly-assign-all-images-to-all-combinations-in-prestashop/18191098

does this attribute module has also the possibility for a paintstore? I sell paint with can be made out of 10 colorcards, and each colorcard has about 200 colors. Can i show the customer also the color in a menu like this: http://prntscr.com/cm9pk2

I am looking for a very long time for a module like this, so customers can see there color and choose more easy in stead of choosing from the default drop down menu or small color swatches in prestashop.

I am very interested!

Hello, i am looking now into Prestashop to see if i can tweak the product page for displaying the colors as in your image. I ll get back to you with more details. Thank you for the intetest in Combinatuon Master

Hello, I am back.

From what i understood in the prinscreen, the problem is displaying the colors of the colorcard into a more user-friendly way and also to provide a quick overview of all the available “nuances” of a colorcard.

Based on this assumption, the Combinations of a Product displayed in Front-Office need to be a little tweaked to allow a different design on them. This can be done within product.tpl file with a few lines of simple code that won’t mess up the whole Product page. The code will check if the attribute has “colorcard” in name ( not the Public Name of the Attribute Group but the inside, back-office name ) and if it has “colorcard” (Ex: colorcard 1, colorcard ral-1) then it will apply the design you see in the image : http://prntscr.com/cmf990.

I can provide, free of charge, the code for the design you saw in the image above. The amount of work required isn’t significant for that way of displaying the colors of a colorcard. I can provide the fix for a default Prestashop design, or a theme that does not rewrite the entire Product Attributes. In shorter words: since you are interested in Combination Master, if i have 10-15 minutes of work to do for your 2nd issue, then i ll gladly assist you. I cannot provide advanced customization such as a pop-up with the Colorcards and colors, or other type of behaviour because it will take a lot more time and i will have to charge you for that time.

The Combination Master supports building thousands of Combinations so your first issue with having hundreds of colors for a colorcard won’t be a problem.

I will need your shop url to see the theme/layout of the Product Attributes and Prestashop version you are using. (in case of an update in the future,give me a sign and i ll send the updated file with your custom code ).

Respectfully, Bogdan from Monszaic

Very nice.

I will buy the module, and send you the information you need by the support ticket after purchase.

Hi i purchased the module, how can i reach you because i dont want to put all the details here in the comment section.

Thank you for buying the module. We can talk on Skype, my id is “monszaic”. I am available now

fantastic work, wish you big sales ;)

hello, thank you very much for your support. It was been a lot of work but now that i see it here online it’s very rewarding. You have some cool items, i may use some of them when i will grow big enough to make complex presentations. Good luck with your work !

Hi, I bought your module, but I have a problem, when I create a lot of combination the system response error limit memory over 1Gb. How can I solve it?

Hello, In CombinationMaster we added several fail-safes so that when you need to build several thousands combinations the server memory will increase. Due to the nature of Combinations in Prestashop, creating them even in our way (directly targeting the db tables without loading core prestashop files) uses a lot of server memory.

The memory is increased automatically in the module up to 2GB, if the hosting provides you this memory. In one of our testing environment we can raise the memory up to 2gb (this hosting is a small 5euro/month plan).

Short answer : the server has less memory allocated than you need to finish saving the Combinations.

Tip #1: Try to avoid using too many different attributes in a Combination. It’s less server-consuming if you use 3 Attribute Groups of 20, 20, 12 Values each, meaning 20×20x12 = 4800 Combinations, than using 6 Attribute Groups of 4 Values each 4×4x4×4x4×4 = 4096.

Tip #2 :Talk with your hosting and ask them for a temporary increase in the server’s memory so you can build up the Combinations or try upgrading the hosting plan with better memory if you will constantly have to build large numbers of Combinations.

How many Combinations you want to build ?

Respectfully, Bogdan from Monszaic

I increased the memory to 2Gb and I can create about 900000 combination.

That is a very good thing. We did some tests for 1 million combinations but it takes a serious toll on the whole database and platform.

I believe, from your message, that the problem you were facing has been solved. If not please give me more details about what is not working.

Respectfully, Bogdan from Monszaic

Hi Bogdan, your modules are fantastic! From what I’ve understood at the discussion, I need to buy both Combination Master and Image Assignator modules for my project. You have two other modules on Envato, i.e. “Product Combination – Manage Prices, Stock and Custom Fields of Combinations in Prestashop” and “Easy Attributes – Build Unlimited Number of Attributes in Prestashop”. Do I need to buy any of them also or are their functions included in the “Combination Master – Build & Manage Thousands of Combinations in Prestashop”?

Hello LinQingXia,

Thank you for your interest and seeing the potential in my modules. They were carefully made to solve some significant time-consuming issues in Prestashop. You are right , Product Combinination and Easy Attributes are functions included in Combination Master. So Combination Master and Image Assignator are different and not inclusive one in the other,

I am also waiting now for a “Product Mass Updater” validation on CodeCanyon and next week i ll add an “Unlimited Product Tabs” (both of them are in the demo site from Image Assignator, in Catalog section).

Have a good day, Bogdan from monszaic

Hi, 2 questions about your module:

1-If i add 1 attribute to the existing ones (for example 1 size more), does it generate the combinations erasing all of them and creating combinations again? (as prestashop generator does) or it just add the non existing combinations?

2- even if this module allows to create so many combinations, doesn´t this produce a very heavy database that makes prestashop very slow?



Answer for Question 1. If you add 1 Attribute to an Attribute Group, it won’t be added to the existing Combinations. It is very delicate to add this kind of behaviour to all the Prestashop’s Product Combinations. It will have to make too many actions in the db constantly as you add attributes. The solution CombinationMaster has for this problem is building the Combinations before assigning them to a Product, save them as Pre-Combinations. This way you have them saved, with price and weight impact included, outside the Products “db area”. When you add a new Attribute to an Attribute Group, you just add it to the Pre-Combinations already existing in the shop as Sets.

Using this solution you can also add the same Pre-Combinations to multiple Products. The end result will be that each Product has it’s own Combinations. I really suggest trying these thing out in the demo, you will see the real benefits of this approach.

Answer for Question 2. I saw that a Product with several hundreds to a thousand Combinations doesn’t create a load on the database. If you have 100 Products with over 1000 Combinations each then it’s an issue and the store will move slower, this is a problem of reading and writing into the Database in PHP (server-side). Some clients wanted to add 10.000 Combinations and they didn’t noticed a considerable impact on the speed.

The module allows you to build a huge amount of Combinations as a statement of it’s performance. Yes you can do all that you think of but somewhere, something has to pay for massive amount of data/combinations/content.

It also depends on how complex are the Combinations. I’ve noticed that if you want to build 100 Attributes x 100 Attributes as Combinations it’s better than 20×5x10×10. There are more “elements” in the 2nd example that the Prestashop architecture has to take into account and manage.

Do tests on the demo link, try to break it (everything is breakable). CombinationMaster breaks after the server’s timeout kicks in or you run out of RAM in hosting. I’ve added in the module several conditions to temporary increase both RAM and timeout period of the website’s host, but in the end the module is limited to the hosting’s performance.

Please let me know if you have more questions, Bogdan from Monszaic


I didn’t get this module has these options or not I decided to write you.

XML link has no different cell for age, sex, price but it includes in the long description. Is it possible to create combinations from descriptions and make link of it.

Hello qiyas,

CombinationMaster does not have import/export features at this point. The focus of the module is to speed things up in manually building the Combinations. And it does a very good job at it. There are complications and a lot of things to account for when importing/exporting data via csv or xml and allowing Prestashop to make Combinations out of it. From a personal experience, not many modules provide a real and stable implementation of import/export targeting Combinations area. You need to be very careful and test them thoroughly before buying anything that may help solve your issue.

You can take a look at the demo for CombinationMaster to get an idea of how it does things. It also has the ability to save Combinations and use them later on other products.

Let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Bogdan from monszaic


Egica Purchased


I install the module but I dont see in catalog BO the menu item for access.

Hello, 1. Do you have full permisions, Admin, on the Back-Office ? If you install it from a profile with lesser permissions you won’t have access to it initially. 2. Are you using Multistore ? If yes then you need to install the module while in shop context : All Stores, to make it available for all shops at the same time.

Can you give me access to your back-office if the problem persists ? I need to test and confirm the bug and also check the permissions and the install steps.

Regards, Bogdan from monszaic

Hi, can I have your contact information to send email through. thanks

Hello, You cant contact me at : monszaic.concepts@gmail.com


I’m very interested in your product. I have 4 prestashop soultions for my own business (embroidery) I sell cloths with an embroidery and sell embroidery files to other embroidery companies (virtual products).

Do I have to buy 4 licenses or is one enough?

My email bram@grafiekas.nl

With regards,


Hello Bram,

I have sent an email with an answer to your question.

Regards, Bogdan from monszaic

I am interested in the module but I am not sure it does what i need it to do. Prestashop hangs due to a very large number of combinations. I need to create combinations for a product that has degrees(contact lens). Some combinations exist for some degrees while others do not. The way prestashop is built I have to create all and delete the ones I do not need. However, If i make a mistake I have to start all over. I need to know the following: 1. A lens has degrees fromo 0 to +4 and to -9. Axis from 10-180 but for the positive degrees some are missing. Can I mass create only the needed combinations?Lets say for 0 to +4 combinatios with axis 10,20,180 and for 0 to -9 go 10-180. 2. Can I add only one combination that I need if I delete one accidentally? 3. Can I edit quantities for each combination separately? I am checking the demo but I am not sure about all and I need some clarification

Hello nmavro73,

Sorry for the late reply, we were on holiday last week.

Combination Master was built around the idea of “speed”. Get to make as many combinations as possible in the shortest amount of time. Also get to edit the product combinations as fast as possible. These were the main objectives and the solution that exists now helps you solve the problem of 0 to -9 with 10-180 axis.

We have not added the “remove” individual combinations before they are added to the product because it added an extra layer of complexity and increased the time in which the combinations could be made and saved. It is much easier to mass build combinations and then delete specific ones for each product, at least from the angle of building thousands of combinations. You can remove all, several or even one product combination from a Product after you have built them. This is done very very fast.

The possibility to add extra combinations on top of existing ones is not enabled into Combination Master due to reasons of database stability. It is very delicate to add different combinations to a product that do not belong to the same Attribute Groups. It causes a lot of problems both in Back-End and Front-End. So as a precaution everytime you want to add new combinations, the old ones will be deleted. However, we can remove this failsafe within a custom feature for you, and you can chose wether to delete all existing Combinations or append/add on top of the existing ones. This however will mean that you need to make sure the new combinations belong to the same Attribute Group as the old combinations.

Solution for questions 1,2,3 in a nutshell: You build combinations from 0 to +4 with 10-180 axis. Save them for later use. Add them to a product. Delete the ones you don’t need from the Product. Then build combinations from 0 to -9 with 10-180 axis and APPEND then to the existing 0 to +4 combinations. Then delete those that you do not need.

The next version of Combination Master, which will be compatible with 1.7 prestashop, will have the options to delete Pre-Combinations before adding them to a product and also append Combinations to existing ones.

Respectfully, Bogdan from monszaic

Does this work with PS1.7.0.5

Hello gray_bale,

The version compatible with PS1.7.0.5 is currently in development. If you are interested in the version and buy it these follwing days, we can speed up the development and make it ready for you, PS 1.7 within 7 days from purchase. Every future upgrade will be free of charge.

Respectfully, Bogdan from monszaic

Hello, I would like to know if I can mass change the values of combinations inside the product. For expample I have a shoe that has size 37 color black and discount 50% (the discount is like combination to have in the filters by the way). If The discount change for some reason I want to change it massivly in all combinations that has the specific discount in the product. It is really annoying to have 50 combinations with the same color different size and because the the discount that is 20% and I want to change the discount to 50 attributes must go inside each attribute and change it. it is a big time. Thanks

Thanks a lot how much it will cost me? I just want to know

The first 2 hours will not be taken into account. A cost, besides the module, of 80$ will cover the additional working time required for your custom solution. Delivery date: 3 working days after the purchase of the module.

Regards, Bogdan

Ok thanks a lot, I will think about it


grep25 Purchased

Hi, I bought this module but it is useless for us because we use a shared server memory and max is 256. To add even one single attribute combination as module output: PHP server Memmory is to low for this operation. Increase PHP memory_limit. memory_limit required: undefined, memory_limit available: undefined What can be done to change it? PrestaShop itself while we routinely handle 2000 combinations.

Hei grep35,

We ha e tested the module for a 256 memory configuration and it worked very well. The module uses less memory than standard prestashop in handling the same amounts of combinations. Because of that “undefined” term that you get in the error status it means that there is an inconpatibility between the code and the hosting. The code asks for memory available but it doesnt receive anything in return. It may not have access to it, still there is a fix. We will get back to you later today after we ll take a look inside the module. Please email on monszaic.concepts@gmail.com your email address and purchase code so we can email the fixed version. If the fixed version won t work we may need backoffice and ftp access to debug and make the module work.

Regards, Bogdan from monszaic

Hello, Is it possible to generate 100,000 combinations?

The module builds entirely on the Prestashop CORE behaviour, meaning it will not add any extra complexity to the Combination process in FrontEnd. This way it provides complete stability across all types of stores, themes, custom implementations as long as those implement default combination system of Prestashop.

But I put the prices directly into the database. For editing products I do not use the backend at all. It works fine even with a large number of combinations.

The problem with 100k combinations is with FrontEnd of Prestashop. It s architecture makes the store very slow in what the user sees. CombinationMaster can very easily manage 100k, even 1 million, thr issue is when generating these comb because you stretch the web languages to the limit (js, php, mysql)

Hi Monszaic,

Can you help me with customizing the view of colorthumbs in a new theme? Ofcourse i will pay you for it.

I have send the required information on skype

Hi can you help me, cause i want to transplant my shop to new theme

I’ve applied the custom work, as we’ve talked on Skype. Have a good day and good luck with your sales !

Hi there, I’d be very happy to purchase your product, but I need it to work on the latest version of Prestashop (1.7.1). When do you think this could be available? Thanks

Hello, thank you for your interest. I can make it 1.7 compatible in about 7 days. Is this ok for you ? Respectfuly, Bogdan from Monszaic

Hello coquinelingerie,

Did you bought CombinationMaster today ? We had a sale and we don’t know if you already bought it or want to wait until we release for 1.7. I m asking because if you bought it then we need to deliver it within 7 days as I mentioned in the previous message and adjust some development planning to deliver your product within that timeframe. Please don’t view this as a form of pressuring you in any way, it just helps us avoid unwanted expectations.

Kind regards, Bogdan