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Hi there. Can I mass generate combinations for a poducts i the same category?

Hello milaonline, You can mass create combinations and save them as PreCombinations. Then these precombinations can be assigned to 1 or to as many products as you want. You save the precombinations into Sets and can edit them and save them further into other Sets. Please check the documentation for details, it has detailed instructions on these features

If you have other questions please feel free to write us here. Thank you for buying Combination Master.

Respectfully, Bogdan from Monszaic Concepts

Hello !

I’ve tried your products and i really like your interface im looking to buy the image+mass updater … however i need something that gives me the ability to deactivate a combination and reactivate it when needed i already have a module that does that for me but im wondering if this can be implemented into your modules

Hello juglair,

Thank you for the feedback regarding the modules image and mass updater. That is a good requirement, having the feature of disabling/enabling combinations.

I m thinking now how to make it and it will most likeley be in CombinationMaster module as a new feature and it can also be a standalone module of somewhere around 5-10$. I’m currently a bit strecthed as I really need to finish 1.7 version of the existing modules. When i manage to finish the compatbility to 1.7 I will also update all existing modules with the newest features. I can add this feature in ImageAssignator for you in the nearby future when I ll make it work, but I cannot assist in implementing this feature at this point.

I hope this is alright with your plans regarding the modules.

Kind regards, Bogdan from monszaic concepts

Hello, I would need to create about 30,000 combinations on prestashop, could you tell me which plugins to buy yours? easy attribute and combination master? Do I have to buy them both? Can only these 2 products be enough? product mass updater I think I do not need it because this variation will have a different price.

Have you managed to solve your issue with the module ? I’ve replied on email about the amount of combinations possible to create.

Hello, i’ve a problem on mass update when i push the button update all. The weight and the price of products when i update all are not saved in the table _product_attribute and only saved in the table _product_attribute_shop. When i go to checkout the value in impact weight it’s not correctly calculated. It’s seem that Prestashop use as default the table _product_attribute to read this value.

How can i solve this?

Thank you

hello artigraficheboccia,

I can adjust the module to save the content in table _product_attribute also so it can overcome this problem. Can you please tell me what version of Prestashop do you have ?

I remember when developing, I had this problem but it appeared in a particular situation and i’ve made a fix to it. Do you have multi-shop active ? Or use a single shop for your prestashop instance ?

Regards, Bogdan from monszaic

Hi Bogdan,

thank you for your replay. We utilize the Prestashop version We don’t have a multi-shop, just a single shop. How do you propose to fix this issue about to show the weight also in the chart? Best Regards

Hello, is it possible to add combinations using your module without the previous combinations being deleted and replaced? Thanks so much

Hello, is it possible to add combinations using your module without the previous combinations being deleted and replaced? Thanks so much