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Nice work GLWS :)

thanks :)

Laravel 5.2?

How can I add one more? “Resellers” (same as clients but just few extra privileges)

And this system would be quite good if it could send email reminders to employees and clients

Hi, this has been built using my own PHP abstraction classes. To add the Resellers functionally requires custom coding. About the email reminders, i can add this in future versions, thanks for feedback

any MVC consideration in your framework?

how easy would it be for me to customize it?

You need to define the initial YAML files to create Models, Pages, Forms, Listings… and can customize all the pieces in src/coman.php file “hacking” what you need (eg.: alter queries, form submit callback, perms check). It works like WordPress plugin hooks, but obviously you work with more solid classes and PHP Closures to modify things. I can send examples to you of how customize the business logic/templates/whatever…

Hi Moiseh, I just buy your program Coman and installed it correct and login with admin. When I insert a Client or Employee, it looks that something saved, but I cannot see the information. I also check in the database but no data? Please help!

Hi, it’s strange, i tested on my machine and worked fine. Please send your e-mail for send the new version. If it’s not work, i will see your installation environment

Hi Moiseh, I send you a email with the URL where I installed the version of Coman.

Hi, i guess that it’s can be something like the version of MySQL… Apparently the data has been inserted, because i saw the new line on the listing. Can you send me the ssh access of the server for take a look?

I have a problem. PHP 5.3.4 CREAM: Error suppression ignored for ( ! ) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in C:\wamp\www\com\src\functions.php on line 138

I have to notice that when I’ve changed the email of the default administrator account, i wouldn’t let me in. Says wrong name or password.

Thanks for the correction. I can’t reproduce this problem here. Did you change only the email? Try to re-type the password field

Well. I’ve changed only the email and didn’t retype the password.


We want to customize or develop a small small with Admin Area & member area.

Purpose: Company they have shareholders. around 500+. company transfer and make payment(shares money) to member every year.

Admin Area Features Required: ( RTL + Arabic Languages + good looking font like NEO SANS ARABIC REGULAR )

1- Admin Dashboard shows total number of members. recent transaction. 2- Add member. edit member. edit member details. 3- Export report to excel. pdf etc.

Member Area features required: ( RTL + Arabic Languages + good looking font like NEO SANS ARABIC REGULAR )

1- Member Dashboard shows his details, like = recent payment, his profile, his documents. edit and add features. 2- Member registration form, with uploading the documents. 3- Add his family, like, dad, mom, son, daughter, wife, etc.. 4- Export report to excel, pdf, etc.

please quote us reasonable price for this small script.

Our Hosting Platform is Linux.

awaiting your urgent response, we want to start this project urgently now.

Shafiq Ur Rehman email : mob: 00966 50 9064163

Hi! Sorry but i can’t customize this now… I have other projects scheduled

Hi i like your product and buy it. I have a smail issue. After installation i get this warning on the top of every pages :

Warning: array_filter() expects at most 2 parameters, 3 given in /home/u129453711/public_html/hgo/src/Core/Db.php on line 123

Warning: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/u129453711/public_html/hgo/src/Core/Db.php on line 81

Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /home/u129453711/public_html/hgo/src/Core/Db.php on line 81

Warning: array_map(): Argument #2 should be an array in /home/u129453711/public_html/hgo/src/Core/Db.php on line 85

Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /home/u129453711/public_html/hgo/src/Core/Db.php on line 85

How can i solved it.

Try this:

- Edit the index.php file on project root directory

- After the ”<?php” line, add this: error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_PARSE);

- Save and see if the error disappear.

Hi ! i did what you suggest to do ( i put . but now when create a new entry ( New Employee or whatever ) it not display database and not display in dashbord.

when i check database after creating new entry every field is empty.


Ok greats thanks for your good support. Can i customise it in french and what is the specific files or function i can customize

I want to customise it and add new field for own use

Ok, for example, see the file resources/forms.yml , in this file you can add new fields on specific form(s) (eg.: “manage-employees”) – obviously you need to add the column(s) on database.

For translation, see other resources/.yml files to modify the “label” attributes. Maybe you need translate also some files in this location: src/App/View/.php , eg.: src/App/View/employees.php

Hi I imported the sql file to my database and changed the config file. but when I do to the address it gives me :this page isn’t working why?

After the clients login he will enter to his panel.

After the clients login he will enter to his panel.

well, i never tried this before… but you can try to add the “pull-right” in the div of desired panel… the different panel styles are located in: templates/boxes/


SvenEF Purchased


I get only one white page displayed. Config.php is adjusted.

This is in the config.php (password I have removed)

<? Php define (‘DB_HOST’, ‘’); define (‘DB_NAME’, ‘intercom’); define (‘DB_USER’, ‘dynam_FK’); define (‘DB_PASS’, XXXXX ‘);

define (‘PAGE_HOME’, ‘dashboard’); define (‘SITE_URL’, ‘'); define (‘IS_DEMO’, false); ?>

What is wrong?

Thanks and regards Sven


SvenEF Purchased

Have now changed to PHP version 5.3.29. But it does not work.


SvenEF Purchased

to 5.5.38

What error you have?

Hi, i am getting the following error, what might be the problem …..( ! ) Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: SQL Error: HY000, 1366, Incorrect integer value: ’’ for column ‘failed’ at row 1 … Query: INSERT INTO db_migrations (alias,failed) VALUES (‘createItemTypeId’,’‘) in C:\wamp\www\EmployeeMBO\src\Core\Db.php on line 27


Thank you so much for the support

You’re welcome :)

Hi! Thank for your great script! I had a questions: I wanted to create a new page in script that requirds login (If user was loged in just open it else redirect to login page). I also want to save some data using that page and one of the datas I need is the username of user. How can I find the username of user when he is logged in? Wich files should I inculde in my file? Thank you Regards

And also what files should I include to use the template? For example I want to create a page exaclty like page tasks with that template, but doing something different. Saving data in database. I have that code but I just need to know what file should I incude for login if user was not login and what files to find the username of user, and what files for the theme. Thanks regards

Hello, For example, to create page like tasks you can follow the *.yml files, eg.:

File: resources/pages.yml

empl-tasks: title: Tasks template: layout/default.php menu: enabled: ‘1’ icon: glyphicon-tasks responses: – { content: listings.manage-empl-tasks } [/code]

You can add new section like this:

empl-tasks2: title: Tasks template: layout/default.php menu: enabled: ‘1’ icon: glyphicon-tasks responses: – { content: listings.manage-empl-tasks2 }

And in the resources/listings.yml, create the new “manage-empl-tasks2” section based in “manage-empl-tasks”, so you can change the columns and forms referencing (and create new forms on forms.yml).

To override the form/model saves logic, you can go to src/coman.php and add new codes like this (using the identifiers):

Model::get(‘empl_tasks2’)->onBeforeSave = function($values) { }

Form::get(‘my-new-form’)->onSubmit = function(Form $form) { }

To get user logged, you can use like this: User::logged()->username

I know it’s a bit complicated if you had any question please ask here.

  • In my comment here the YML snippets lost the indentation/formatting but you can follow the examples on the source yml files

Pre sale question: Is this in codeigniter

Hello, unfortunately no it uses my personal framework :)