Coman - Company Management System

Coman - Company Management System

Coman is a web application project that allows a small/medium company or startup keep things better organized.
The Administrator user can manage and view all things of system like employees, clients, and tasks and much more. Other things that administrator can do include:

The Employee user can manage/view/create their tasks and register detailed work hours, keeping up organized with project timelines and progress.
The Client user can view the progress of all the tasks and hours that company and employers are making for them. Coman - Company Management System - 1

Main features:

  • Register client payments
  • View and monitor employees task activities
  • Generate reports filtering (or not) by period
  • Multi language support
  • Automatic installer
  • Bulk actions
  • Role based permission system
  • Media support, including files and images
  • Data exportation (CSV, PDF)
  • Customizable widgets
  • Customizable email messages
  • Multi tenant support
  • Clients management
  • Employees management
  • Data change historic