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Can I add more than one channel to the app ?


Can I add iAd to make more money ?

Yes, you just have to follow the tutorial and change the line config_iad "NO" to config_iad “YES” in the Config.h file.

Is it coded with xibs or storyboards ?

Xib files.

My videos don’t appear or don’t load, what happens ?

Only videos allowing autoplay, embed and mobile use are compatible with ColtBoy Tube. If not it won’t appear.

Can I redirect to youtube mobile instead of autoplay ?

Yes, put YES in the key #define config_youtube_redirection @”YES” in the “Config.h” file.

I have some yellow warnings with ASIHTTPRequest.m file like ASIHTTPRequest.m -> ‘kCFStreamSSLAllowsExpired’ what will happen ?

Nothing, you won’t be rejected if you have these yellow warnings, but if you have a red warning like :

Apple LLVM 6.0 error , Command/applications/

You can contact our support at : support[at]

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