ColtBoy Map : Store finder with CloudKit

ColtBoy Map : Store finder with CloudKit

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ColtBoy Map allows you to create a store finder app with CloudKit as a backend.
All you need is an Apple developer account for both your iPhone client and your backend server, very simple, almost free.
You can then send your app to the AppStore and manage your data with iCloud.
It is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above and runs on iPhone 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C / 6 / 6 plus and iPod Touch 5th generation.
Requirements to open the project : OS X 10.9.4 or later

ColtBoy Map Features v1.0

For more informations on the way ColtBoy Map works you can check our online documentation
  • Geolocation : Choose a radius area and display the stores around the user.
  • Favorites : Users can add stores in favorite, they will appear at the top of the list.
  • Store : Your can add a category, an infinite number of photos and a description.
  • Share : Facebook, Twitter and Mail integration for social sharing.
  • Extra information : you can add a link to a website or a phone number for every store.
  • Plan : Users can make a route to your stores to reach them.
  • Rating system : Stores can be rated by users.
  • Review system : Users can add reviews.
  • Powerful search : You can add a list of words for each store that will respond to a user’s search.
  • Easy backend management with CloudKit : CloudKit is include with your Apple developer program for free and is the easiest way to manage your data.
  • Languages : English and French already included but you can add any language and modify all the labels. Give your users an app they can easily interact with.
  • Easy configuration : you don’t have experience with code or Objective C ? Great because you don’t need any programming skill to configure ColtBoy Map.
  • Clean code : if you are more advanced you can easily edit and change ColtBoy Map code. We made it clean.
  • Support and documentation : ColtBoy Map comes with a complete tutorial from your first experience with Xcode to the AppStore submission. Our team is providing support under 24 hours to help you get the work done.

Video demo :

ColtBoy Map tutorial :

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