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How can i change label on launch screen “Colorz Line”? On the loading page.

You welcome. If you will need assistance please let us now.

You are right. i tested with admob from my other app. It shows. Guess i have to wait some time. Cheers again, thank you

We are back to office. Sometimes you need to wait some time for AdMob to be visible. It happen with us also.


There is a critical glitch when the user hits the score of 15. The counter stops counting score and it is impossible to move on due to the colors not changing. Please help.

Thanks, Faraaz

HI there,
We will look into this and will let you now.
Thank you for telling us.

Thank you! Please let me know when you find a fix.

Hello there,
We have fixed code already and send it to CodeCanyon Team for review and approval.
Please contact us through our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

Swift or Objective-C Sir ?

Cocos 2D-X, BuildBox Game Engine.

Hi how can i change “colorz line” on the loading page?

Hi there
Please goto PTModelObjectLabel.0.attributes.xml and look for:
<string>Colorz Lines</string>

Hi how can i change “colorz line” on the loading page?

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Hi contacted you on fb. Look forward to your response thank you

Already replied.

Can open with Xcode and edit? Can the ball change to other image?

All images need to be change in Photoshop or any other image program.
Image for change are atlas image file, multiple image in one.

can change to 3 color only which can more easy to play?

In game ball changing 4 color palette.
If you will need more colors to be added please contact us threw PM.