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Do you provide Quick Start Guide with this

Yes, it explains how to translate the game and other useful informations. It doesn’t explain how to reskin the game.

When played on the browser the wheels start to “shift” making it really hard to get a score over 15. In mobile it does not happen

screen 1 (at start):

screen 2 (10 points):


As you can see the circles are very off from the start position

Thanks for reporting the bug. I will fix it and get back to you.

Hello, please PM me so I can send you the updated version.

I sent you an email

I found the bug too, I want the updated version too, thanks.

Pm me please :)

I really interested but I wonder if this application could also be passed on android

Yes you can easily make it into an Android game. You will need Intel XDK. And there is a guide that explains how to do it. I can help you if this is your first time.

Nice code. can I export this to iOS ? are admob ads already integrated or we have to do it again in iOS ?

- You can export to iOS but you will Intel XDK. - Admob is integrated, you just have to change the Ids

Thanks. How can i change app name inside the screen? it it based on image or text ? those changes can be done in Intel XDK or i have to use construct 2 for that ?

The game name is an image. But I can send you the original if you want to change it. However you will still need Construct 2 to swap the images.

Hi! I’m also encountering the issue with the “crooked wheels”. Could you please send me the updated version too? I’ve sent you a PM last week, maybe you’ve missed it? Or did I miss your reply? Thanks! :)

Hello, yes you probably missed it. I send it to you the same day. Check your mail I just have sent the files again.

Ah, you’re right! Thanks for the quick reply

Hi, we would like to integrate the game “ColorTease”, among other ones, with an engagement platform that we are developing for a customer. Before buying the game, we need to know if the integration is possible and if you can support us developing the integration part.

We need your game to call some functions to notify: - the beginning/ending of a game - the beginning/ending of each attempt - the update of the score

Here ( you can find a simple project that uses a library (at the moment the library is a simple logger lib to test the methods):.

Could you please tell me if the integration is possible and give me gross estimation of the cost for the development of the integration functionalities? Thank you