ColoringPick – jQuery Gradient Color Picker

ColoringPick – jQuery Gradient Color Picker

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The #1 jQuery gradient color picker allows you to generate any kind of CSS gradient. Make your forms look nice and easy by turning input fields into visual color pickers with gradient options and alpha/opacity levels. Very easy to use just like any other jQuery plugin.

Key Features

  • Turn any element into a color picker.
  • Generate valid CSS gradients.
  • Unlimited gradient points.
  • Supports all modern browsers.
  • Highly Customizable.
  • Dark and light theme included.
  • Full documentation and live examples.
  • Add predefined colors to color picker.
  • Load default gradient colors.
  • Uses data-* attributes
  • All files necessary to run the plugin (javascript and CSS) included in the package, no other libraries needed (expect jQuery needs to be loaded seperatly) .


  • show_input: Show the input field containing the color value.
  • inline: Force the color picker to appear inline
  • picker: Force the color picker to open in a specific state (solid|gradient).
  • change: Function to fire when the color picker value changes.
  • swatches: An array containing predefined colors, in either rgb(a) or hex format, that will show up under the main color grid.
  • theme: The theme for the color picker window (light|dark).