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great Items… good luck with your sales…


I am going to buy but when I press the Category sometime it not show all the picture and when I press the empty picture it close the app, Can you help with this problem.

sometime it not show the picture, what can I do, please help.

please mail me. Thanks

One important feature is Undo. I will buy it if you can add Undo.

It’s terrible when they make a single mistake in filling and have to restart from scratch.


That feature may be next update i try my best if that possible. Thanks

Thanks for Great Suggestion.

can i increase the number of pages, or we need to play only to what you have given.

yes you can increase as per your choice you have to just that paste pages in that category folder from asset folder. if any query regarding please mail me with details. Thanks

need help here, while I try to run the app, and downloading the image, it is erorr, and always force close, please update

Hi, i have check that run perfect. please mail me what problem you have faced Thanks

hi how to change or edit colors on color palettes


Hi, you have found one image in assets > CATIMAGE > color.png file change and replace that image with your. Thanks

i love you app thanks!



how can i shwo only 2 categorie image per line on main screen ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, at now image is arranged based on device screen and i think its best view.Thanks

hi i get the solution thanks


Would this app work with the Android studio with no problems ?

currently this support only eclipse but if you purchase application i can convert into gradle for you. Thanks

hi can you send me psd file plz ?

src > com.example.model >

thank you


Hi, if I buy this app, can you set it up for me?

yes of course. Thanks

Hi Just few quick questions before i purchase this.

Whats the minimum Android version this runs on? The size of the game? Is it easy to ad new levels and is that documented?


Kind Regards

current size of Apk is 3.3 MB

Ok Thanks, I will be purchasing it shortly, Hope you will help me out if I run into problems, as I’m a newbie to android development :) thanks

welcome of course help you.

Nice application about the package name …...!!!!? How i can change it

Details documentation there in package for customisation. Thanks

Ok tanks I purchased soon


I today used, you have done a great job with the coloring, but Reset option sucks, when i click reset all the shades were gone, but when i try to add color into the image, old colors stay back instead of my new colors.

If you can add a step by step undo option that will be great.

your suggestion is great and i am trying to implement that hope i can do that. may be in next update. Thanks


thanks you are the best. problem is solved.

welcome please review item. Thanks


I have some error with the source code, I can’t solve it. How to fix this errors? see link for image

in progress

I waited 5 days! I don’t wanan wait any longer you just refund me back! You just sold me code with full of errors! Force close! Still not fixed!

please wait some days


I have followed how to import in documentation, but i got this:

please help, thanks.

please select that remove if you still get any error mail me. Thanks

Thanks for the best code

welcome. please give review

Hello, I want realy to purshase the code but the code have an error “unfortunatly coloring book” is stopped. when the problem fixed ,i will purshase.

Hi, Let me check

Great code!
Any chance that you could add “zooming feature” and “undo last color” to the next version please?
Thanks in advance!

i try my best for that. Thanks for suggestion

I got error while running app, and its always force close “unfortunately, coloring book has stopped” please check it.

please mail me with screen shot. i have check in my device but its works so please mail