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hi I got error while I try to run the app, and downloading the image after categories, it is error, and always force close :( :X

please mail i have check that

hi I got error while I try to run the app, and downloading the image after categories, it is error, and always force close :( :X

please send me screen shot in mail.Thanks

When import i give this error:

AdListener cannot be resolved to a type AdView cannot be resolved to a type InterstitialAd cannot be resolved to a type Menu cannot be resolved to a type

please check library path broken follow how to import section last point.

Updated the paths and it worked! But in doing a test from the GenyMotion with the code without any change in about 10 seconds APP closes: “Unfortunately, Coloring Book has stopped”

please check in real device.

Can i edit using Android Studio for Mac?

I am dealing with a problem. When I try to share something and decide to cancel the sharing, the app goes back to the previous screen instead of staying on the same one.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Install and launch the app
2. Tap on anything and tap on any template.
3. Color the template and tap on share
4. Tap on device back button.
5. Observe that the colored template is lost. Data loss.

How can I keep the app on the coloring page?

Let me check..please sir mail me.Thanks

I have emailed you. Thanks!

i have reply you. Thanks

hi I got error while I try to run the app, and downloading the image after categories, it is error, and always force close

please mail me your error log. Thanks

Hi, I want to purchase this app , Can I publish it as it is on google play store ? Can I remove admobs ads and add startapp ads ? Do I need any other software other than Eclipse to edit this ? I am newbie, so will you help me if I stuck somewhere while editing ?

yes you can publish as it is but you have to change some basic things and yes this is eclipse project and yes i can help anytime. Thanks

But How i can Do to Take a screenshot To Google Play

wait i have added you to skype

Hi, I’m already try your demo apk, when draw a picture get error message ““Unfortunately, Coloring Book has stopped”. I don’t know what wrong. Can you fix it?


sir i have check but that run successful.

no i did not face any error. please try once may be you have faced out off memory error.Thanks

I have added my Admob ID but I didn’t get any changed number at my admob account like:

Requests, impression, fill rate … everything is 0 Although i got the ad but no number is changed ? what is the problem

please make sure you have enter correct id and yes then contact admob regrading that. Thanks

yes. Thank you it works for me


does the color just fill the interior or does it allow the free coloring? also is it easy to add more images?

if you want to paint the images just tap on that and closed area fill by color and you can easily add image just copy paste image

I mean like being able to not fill, but color with the finger

no that not possible

Hi, it gives me an error, I paste the code in a pastebin link



I did not get yoru message, please resend, I need it asap :) Thanks!

sir, i have to 3 times but after some hour thats resounds back delivery failed.

Hi, Any news about the update? I am more interested in the bug that loses data when you try to share the image or simply put the app in background and later switch back to it. The data is also lost. Anyone having a solution to this? Thanks

i know and i am try to solved this but i am stuck in some please be patient.Thanks

OK, thanks!


i got same bug, waiting for new version :(

please listed bug me via email.

Hi, I want to buy. But when i tried to run your apk in genymotion (All versions of Android), it comes up with force close error and shuts down the app. Actually, it happens when it has retrieved all the category of images and waiting for input.

If you have updated APK please let me know, So, I can test that too.

please test in real device. Thanks

I have seen the demo. why can not zoom the image, it is difficult for coloring a small portion

Why I input image can not be colored? as a link that I sent to you

please send mail with that image and tell me what exact. Thanks

if anyone knows how to save images? why I can not be colored input image

i have reply on mail and please be patient. Thanks

ok. thank you


Why I input image can not be colored? image What are the requirements?

first image must not be transparent and black outline

hi you can help me please! how to changue green color on top bar, thanks

please mail me i have send screenshot

ok mail send thanks


How could I remove admob completely and add StartApp or Appnext? (actually, adding another sponsor is not a problem, just need to remove all admob related code, don’t want to submit an app with someone elses’ advertising ID leftovers..) where do I look?

please mail me i have give you ads free version for you but you have to wait 1 days. Thanks