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hi, i only need the first screen of 6 images. Is there a way to either limit the number shown, css or comment out the left/right buttons?

Hi there and thank you for your purchase,

If you are using coloringbook_3, then you just have to insert _inst.x=-100; in line 1989 of java script file and in gml_Object_HUD_btnMapNext_Create_0 function.

If you faced any issues, feel free to ask.

excellent. works perfectly. many thanks.

Glad to hear it! :)

Looks great! You know what would be cool is if you had a setting for auto fill so you tap or click a space it fills with that color.

Can users pinch and expand the image on mobile or enlarge the view on desktop in anyway?

Thanks! Joe

Hi there,

Currently there is Paint Bucket version that fills the space with a color and you can sue that if you want.

About enlarging the image, currently it isn’t possible.

Hi, I’‘m interested in purchasing your Coloring game as a plugin for my Wordpress site.

I was wondering :

- what is the process/price for you to provide a WP plugin based on your game

- what requirement are needed for the images (I’d like to import my own) : file type, size, definition so I can start working on them.

Thx a lot !

Hi and really sorry for the delay, I forgot yo answer your comment! :)

We can give you a plugin for free, you just need to edit the game as you need and give us your final edited version and then we will make a WP plugin from it.

And about images, they fave a frame and your new images should not be larger than that frame. Also they need to be transparent and in png format. If you like, email us and we can give you a sample of the image used in the game and you can see its details for yourself.


I have a few pre-sale questions. Hope you don’t mind to answer:

1. Is it possible to have also the loading screen responsive (eg. full width)?

2. Is it possible to change the background image in the overview gallery?

3. I guess it is possible to choose custom images for the gallery and users are not stuck to the default images from the demo, right?

Many thanks in advance

Yes and that is caused by the engine. This game is made with a game engine and so we can’t change some of its aspects (it is possible, but it is difficult and time consuming). And the truth is we aren’t web developers and so we don’t know how you can make the loading screen responsive, but we have seen that some of our customers have made it responsive using iframe.

Ok, thanks for being honest. I guess with that info I will also be able to make it responsive. I might share the solution then if I feel that it’s worth to share (eg. not to complicated to redo). Many thanks – will purchase it as soon as we’re getting on that stage in our project :)

Glad to hear it! If there is anything else that you need to know, feel free to ask.

The code isn’t working for displaying working with mass parameter, I sended an e-mail, but no reaction on it. There is also some lack of documentation (all the documentation also can be found on the description here… i had hoped for more examples and documentation about the options in the config file)

Hi there and sorry for the delay, we were away for a week. I have answered your email. Check it and see if it can solve your issue.

If buy the regular license, I can instal in google play, it will work?

Hi there,

You can if it is free to play. But note that this game is made with Game Maker Studio and it’s project file is not included in the package, so it is hard to make an android version from it.

Hello sir, A nice application you have here but my question is: can I change the photos into something suits my project more?

Hi there,

You can easily change the default images and replace them with what you want. And if you faced any issues in editing the images, feel free to ask and we will do our best to help you.

Purchased V2 and it later broke. Now it looks like it is no longer available and I’d be required to purchase V3? What gives?

Hi there,

According to out panel, you have not purchased it before otherwise you would have access to all new updates that we will release for this game. If you have purchased this game with your current account, you must be able to re-download the package again which includes version 3.

Does it works on Android and iOS webview??

Thanks Raf

Hi there,

We are not sure about it becasue we haven’t tested it before. But you can use the preview URL in webview and see how it works.

Hello, I am very interesting in buying your coloring book but have some questions first. Is there any documentation anywhere that I could read to find out how I’d set it up on my site? (I’m non technical so I’d like to know how easy it is before I buy).

I have a wordpress.org site and would want to use your coloring book with my own images (as worksheets for my students). It sounds like the “mass parameter” feature I’ve read about on here would be most useful to me so I can link to images I choose on different pages of my site.

But how would I set this up? – would I upload the Coloring Book to my wordpress site (does it come as a zip file?) and then put a link to it and an image of my choice in something like an iframe?

Thanks for your help :)

Hi there and glad to hear that you like our game! :)

About adding it on your website, there is no documentation included, but it’s not very difficult and you just have to upload it on your host and use the address of the game’s index file to run it. You can also use iFrame. We can give you more details if you want.

About changing images, it can be easily done by replacing the default ones with the new images, but the number of images can’t be changed in this way. But as you said yourself, Mass Parameter is the best version for what you need because it can easily load new images and don’t have the image number limitations of normal version.

And configuring mass parameter is also easy and there is some help in its document. We will also help you if faced any issues.

Hope I was able to answer your question! If there is anything else that you need to know, feel free to ask.

Thanks for your reply and more details would be great. I just have one question about images- what format do they need to be in? (is png ok?) and do they have to be a certain size to display properly when using mass parameter? Would be good to know the size so I can work out if it will be big enough for my needs. Thanks :)

It is better for the images to be in png format, but it also supports gif and jpg. And their size should be 1024*1024, but the actual image that will be available for painting is smaller. If you like, email us and I will send you an image as example.


I’ve bought your game.

But I can’t figure out how I could make this game responsive. For now, the iframe has 100% width and 700px height. But on my phone (iphone 5) it’s not working at all, because the iframe exceed his container ..

Can I share you the link here to try it ?

It’s not responsive on iPad too :(

Any idea ?

Hi there and than you for your purchase,

It will be good if you can send us a link so that we can test it on our iPad. Also if it is possible for you, send us your iFrame code. And it is better to email us these information and then we will answer you there.

Hi 01SmileGroup, I wrote a previous message but it dissapeared, so sorry if this appears duplicated :) I love your coloring book software and I want to include it on a CD_ROM that will acompany a kid’s book I’m developing.

Is it possible to have it as a self contained app for mac & windows? I need for kids & parents to be able to just click on an icon included on the CD and open the program. I’m guessing most of them would not know how to make it work as a plug in for a browser…(I certainly don’t)

Can you help me please? Thanks

Hi there and thank you for contacting us,

The version on codecanyon is an HTML5 version and is not suitable for what you want. What you need is a game that can be run via an exe file. Well, it can be done, but we need more details about it first. If you like, contact us via our email so we can discus it in more details.

Thx for your answer, I will.

hi, it works in my browsers except for chrome ?http://scribblemonster.com/coloringbook/

Hi there and thank you for your purchase,

Sorry for the inconvenience. The issue is related to new update of Chrome and we have released a new version that is compatible with new updates too. It will be approved and will become available on Codecanyon in a few days. But if you are in a hurry, email us and I will send you the new version.


vbj123 Purchased

Hi, I tried your new version locallly and I got a funny behave: when you paint with the pencil and get out the border, say by the left and come back inside the picture – well the painting continues even without you press the mouse button to paint and it keeps like this untill you click on the mouse button and let!!!! Well just a feedback, Thanks for the great software!!!!!

Hi there,

First of all thank you for your purchase and glad that you liked the game!

And also thank you very much for the feedback. We will try to fix this in the next update.

I’m thinking of purchasing this plugin, but I’m just wondering how easy it is to replace the images with my own. We already have a bunch of drawings in black and white and in SVG format done by our illustrator – what image formats will work with this? Could the game be embedded into a Wordpress page?

Hi there,

If you are going to use lots of images, then we suggest that you use mass parameter version. The images format can be jpg, gif or png and their size should be 1024*768. If you need more information, email us and we can give you more details and even send you some sample images. Also it can be used in WordPress.


sviaud Purchased

Hi, I just bought your Coloring Book game but unfortunately… it does not work on mobile browsers (iOS). It stays on the splash screen and not redirect to the game. Which version is supposed to work, there are many in your zip package? Thanks.

Hi there and thank you for your purchase,

Can you tell us which browser you were using? Also what the version of your iOS?

And I suggest that you email us because we check our email more often and so can answer you more quickly.

This is our email: 01smile.com@gmail.com


folajin Purchased

Please can music be added to the background and the ability to ON/OFF as desired

Ok, I have bought it now, How would you add the music ? Great software !

Secondly, I would want it on Android APP, How do I go about it ? Thank you for been there

Hi there and sorry for the delay,

About adding the music, it should be done by editing the game’s proejct file and for this, you must have GameMaker license which is not free. But email us and send us the music file and we will add it to the game for you (for free).

And about Android app, there are two general ways to do this. I can give you more details about them in email.


I am interested to buy your “Coloring Book – HTML5 Game ” game. I have some few query before that :

1. Can I easily change the images as much as I want ? Here 6 images are provided , can I add more ?

2. From developer point of view , are the JavaScript files in plain text (Not uglify) ?

- Thanks

Hi there,

I have answered your email. Check your email for the answer.

I have 2 questions for version 3.2.

First: Where can I adjust in the js script to launch the coloring book function in full screen size or set width and height to 100%.

Second: Is there a way to add more than 6 images?

Thank you for this loving project! Can’t wait to use it for my project.

Hi there and really sorry for the delay,

1- In uph_Config.js file and screen_mode function, change the value of var_mode to 2 or 1 and see the result. Hopefully this will solve your issue.

2- If you are using version 3, then it should have 16 images. But there is also a 6 images version too. Because this game is made with a game engine, it is very hard to edit its codes and change the number of images (unless you edit the game’s proejct file using GameMaker Studio engine).

But if you use mass parameter version, you can have as many images as you want. In this mode, images are sent to the game using URLs. Test this version for example: http://01smile.com/products/games/html5games/coloringbook_3(mass%20parameter%20beta)/index.html?i=http://01smile.com/products/games/girl.gif&p=http://01smile.com/products/games/paper.png

For more information about mass parameter version, check the manual in the game’s package.

Can I upload my own pictures for kids to paint?

Hi there and sorry for the delay,

Yes, it can be easily done by replacing the default images with new ones or using mass parameter version.

If you faced any issues in doing so, we can help you.