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Looks very nice but is this pure css as the category here on CC supposes? I see that there are JS files included.

I removed it during review process. You can add tiny js code for touch device

Does this degrade well in older browser versions?

it’s just show/hide in IE9. I can guide you to use javascript to make it fade in/out

Best Pricing Table from Codecanyon Market! Good work and good luck with sales! (Y)

Thank you very much!!!

good luck with sales

thank you!


very nice item! How can I put the pricing table CENTER, when is only one, two or three offers?

Best Regards!

you need to set width for wrapper, this will center, column can’t center itself.

Looks great! How can I (or it) change the height when using more “ul’s” in the cp-body ? greetz!

please find in css/component.css
.cp-style2 .cp-column
.cp-style3 .cp-column
.cp-style4 .cp-column
You can change height here

great product. How do I adjust the color surrounding the icon and price? I would like to make it darker.

Please open component.css, line 128
.colorfulpricing i
You can change background color here

oh and how can I increase the size of the icons.

thank you

Please open component.css, line 128
.colorfulpricing i
and change the font size. Please note that you need to change line-height too. You can change circle with/height here

thank again.


Great looking tables!! Any idea when you’ll have a wordpress version out (or compatibility)?

thanks, IH

thank you but I don’t have plan with WP version at the moment

Hey, impossible to change icons… when I rename with another icon name, the icon disappear. I can only replace by the 4 existing icons included…

yes, you can change it by replace files in css\font folder. I used to generate font icons.

Hello, How could I implement these pricing tables into my wordpress?

Hello! I love this pricing table… but I need just three columns (centered on the page). Is it possible to show just three?

Does it support unlimited pricing tables or unlimited columns? I would buy it right away…

Good Job.Good luck with sales!

Can your CSS code use in my wordpress?