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Great idea. Now I got to find a client who wants a unique map.

FYI, “colorful” has only 1 “L” at the end of the word.

Hello BornBusy, what a shame! Thanks for the warning, we will fix it with the next update! :)

Hi, how integrate it on the website, do we need to install an API ? Thanks

Hello thaiko, this is just an asset of skins for Google Maps, you can integrate it with the Google Maps API itself or with any JQuery or other libraries plugins that works with Google Maps, in the package we’ve included code examples of the skins, so If you’re a bit familiar with de Google Maps Javascript API v3 won’t have many problems with this :)

ok many thanks, i think i will try your solution, i found that your different personnalisation are very nice…!

Thanks you so much! If you purchase it don’t forget to rate it! :)

I would like to buy the extended license but I do not wish to purchase the item twice (For instance buying the regular license to see and buying the extended license again if I like what I see) – can you make it live somewhere and show it to me? I would like to see it working before buying. I really don’t see a point of buying this more than once…

Got is! Its working! Thanks and 5 stars from me!

Thanks a lot!

Absolutely, you deserve it!


I have some Gmaps working in an WP site with this pligin:

It’s possible to add your skins to it?

Thanks, Vitor

Hello Vitor, I can’t asure you that the skins will work with this plugin, maybe thats a question for the plugins author, the skins are made with the Google Maps API, so easy or difficult it could be done, also I think you have already checked our Google Maps WordPress plugin that lets you use directly this skins :)

I am trying to make a map with many markers on it to how the locations of all distributors. 20+ markets. But the map will not load. If I reduce the number to 5-6 it does load. Can you help with this?

Hello mentormate, this only happens when you have a skin loaded or also with the default map? This skins are made with the Google Maps API, so in theory they don’t have to give you any problems

I am not using a skin, I am not sure if I can post code in here…

I tried the code doen’t work. How can I show you what I am working with?

Hello mentormate, sorry I think your problem is with our WordPress plugin not the colorful maps is that right? I think you are posting in the wrong comments section :) Anyway, can you send me the code you are using and your site url to

Nice Work GLWS =D