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It is responsive ?



Hi Mick Thanks for msg. This menu version not responsive. Maybe later.

tebrikler karde?

Eyvallah dostum.

Hi there,
this looks very good. Is it possible that you add a fallback function that people with javascript disabled in browsers can click the menu button – maybe a css3 solution that opening the button.

cheers, Dennis

Hi Dennis

Thank you for the suggestion. Menu works without javascript now. Thanks again.

wow I’m speechless and I’ll get it right now!

I have to thank you efendi dwsee, very fast implemetation.

cheers, Dennis

:) Thanks Dennis.

Tebrik ederim hocam, gercekten guzel bir calisma olmus. Iyi satislar :)

Eyvallah dostum. Sana da iyi sat??lar

I want to add a 2nd row with three more menu boxes, I have edited the js and css file so it works, my problem though is that when the first row menu expands, it goes under the 2nd row menu tiles. What do I edit to make the collapsed menu be displayed on top of any content?

nevermind I figured it out..thanks

Any trick to getting this to work with WordPress? I’m having NO luck.

Any trick to getting this to work with WordPress? I’m having NO luck. (Sorry for re-post, want to get email updates.)

Hi Dwsee. before i buy, is it compatible with jquery 1.4 and can i get the hover content load by ajax but keep the same animations. waiting for a response.



Good Luck with sales