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How many levels?

There are 3 levels of difficulty. All levels are played until the player loses. it is logical :) Thanks for the question :)

Hi, Your game is amazing. Please update the Game Center feature. If you add Game Center in this game I’ll purchase it! Thanks!

Hi, i purchased the game. There is a bug in the score count. Can you fix it?

Where the bug, I do not find it, please describe more.

i get score like 8 the game end and the score is 0 or 1 on the end page

Hey, I’m very interested in purchasing this item. Is the app optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 plus? Also can you please add Game Center in the app? This is great app and i really want to buy it!

Hello, I saw the same bug on the score proposed by mmasas… The first time I got about 10 or 11 points but the score was still 0.

Another thing is that on iOS8 the sound is not working.. can you fix it?

thank you

are these issues fixed yet? i am considering to buy it

Are the issues fix? if they are I would be interested

hey its really strange but when i play the “easy” button becomes the hardest level and the “hard” button becomes the easiest level. I think there is a bug

i fixed the problem but just letting you know

that game has SDK 8.1 and 64 bit????

Hello, Hard level is not update score after you lose. Can u tell me how to fix? Thanks

Hello, Hard level is not update score after you lose. Can u tell me how to fix? Thanks

oh sorry the score is not update when you click twitter button. always 0 points

2.1 Details

Upon further review we found that your app crashed on iPad running iOS 8.3 and on iPhone running iOS 8.3 randomly during gameplay when we tap on the buttons.

This occurred when your app was used:

- On Wi-Fi - On cellular network

Hello, Apple rejected as following

“We have attached detailed crash logs to help troubleshoot this issue.

Next Steps

Please revise your app and test it on a device to ensure that it runs as expected.”

Please update source code Thanks very much

Hi, I like this game, If I buy it Can i Redesign it, to make some changes in code and view ? and can I publish it in App store after it ?

Hi! Yes, you can redesign it, and published in App Store, but only for free. If you want to charge from app, you need to buy extended license. Good luck!

Has this game been updated for iOS 8.3 & 64-bit yet?

Of course!