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Great job on this, using it in a demo of a project I’ll be posting soon. Very easy to use and nice documentation. Good luck on your sales.


Thank you!

have you an idea how can i use with wordpress? i will use it for the background (body).

I am working on a WordPress version for both Color Switch and Gradient Switch.

Fullscreen-Preview dont work. please fix it i will see it in big action.

I’ve just checked it and it seems to be working fine. You should give it another go! :)

sorry, I tested it in IE 8 but doesn’t works…... (I tested your demo page in example download – full.html-) it’s perfect (obviously ) in crhome, FF and safari….(mac+pc)


I’ve just tested it in IE, and the full screen preview does seem to be broken. The normal documentation seems to work just fine so I guess it’s a problem in the full screen preview, rather than a problem in the code.

I’m working on it and i’m uploading an update ASAP .

I’m trying to add this into a WP build at the moment as the main background, here are my settings:

I’ve tried it on a few WP sites (html/html5), different themes etc and I can’t seem to get it to work.

Try unchecking the ‘Trigger on hover’ checkbox. I think that will solve your problem. Enabling ‘Trigger on hover’ will disable ‘Trigger on interval’.

Let me know if that solved your issues.


Unfortunately not, the background colors aren’t showing at all.


Can you send me a link to the website your using it on?

Instead of replying to your previous comment, I accidentally reported it. Sorry about that.

I’ve looked at your website and I’ve found out what the problem is. Your applying the Color Switch to the body, but the body is fully covered by the #container div. It’s probably working just fine, but you can’t see anything because the body is full covered.

I suggest changing the tag from ‘body’ to ’#container’ and see how that works out.


I did try that and have tried it again, as well as removing and background: CSS formatting for the body and #container, but still no luck…

Looking at the code I’m missing a piece of code. I think you’ve missed Step 3 from the ‘Installation’ section inside the documentation.

Sorry, I missed that! I’ve added it into the footer – it’s being picked up and is viewable in the source, but it’s still not working…

You’ve included the Color Switch and the jQuery UI script before including jQuery itself. I’ve downloaded a local copy of your webpage and moved both the scripts beneath the jQuery script and it’s working like a charm!

Good luck

Ahh, cheers – All working now, thanks for your help! I’ve moved the jQuery script to get the rotating twitter feed to work on the home page, unfortunately fixing the colour switch has disabled the tweet rotate.

I’m glad it works now! You’re using the rotating twitter feed on ’#example’, but I can’t find an element with an id ‘example’, maybe that’s what going wrong.


Problem was it was loading jQuery twice. I’ve added this fix to my theme functions.php file:

Which has fixed it, it’s still a bit buggy with the tweet rotates and a jQuery scroll to top but that’s not a problem.

When I try to change the speed of the color switch from the 5000ms to 1000ms and then ‘update’ it reverts back to 5000ms.

For some reason I had build in a check to prevent the speed to go lower then 5000ms. I’ve removed that check and I’ll submit it ASAP to CodeCanyon.

I’ve amended the functions file so that I can change the speed to whatever I want.

Thanks for you help again with this!

No problem! ;)

Nice work!

One question though..

How can i use it with mouseenter and mouseleave event?

ex. Blue color initially, red when mouse enters, blue again when mouse leaves.

Demo seems to be down?

Live preview not working.