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is this Android Studio Project or Eclipse? Can I import and edit it in Android Studio? Thank you

this is buildbox 2 project, you can import it into eclipse or android studio.

where is APK?

thank you i tested it but the some icons not working into the App like facebook like , statics , controls only share button is working , also there is no ads into the game

you need to add your ad id, facebook link, leaderboard id, share link.

is there an apk to test the game

Hi, and sorry for delay was very busy with reskin project, here is apk file https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfn3rshacp68xjs/com.yakloft.colorswitch4modes.apk?dl=0

Thank you :)

Hi , i can’t to upload it to android studio or buildbox , Please help me

my skype : faraji_56

i still wait your response ??

i sent to you a request

hi im still your request my skype : faraji_56

Hi Faraji, every thing good now?

Hi there! i can build the project for you and generate the apk, send me an e-mail : cyberhopital@gmail.com

hi, for what?

Good Product

thank you :)

If i buy this product will you generate the apk for me?

hi, yes we can export apk file for you but for extra money. let me know what you decide

Can I import this on Android Studio directly or does it need extra wok ? please let me know as soon as possible I am inteding to buy it .


A lot of bugs bro can you fix it ?!

yes i can fix bugs if you purshes it

Give me your email I have a deal if you agree!

you can contact me on skype haitham.alsalih , or onemanjo@gamil.com ,

hello i want to reskin it but i dont know why change admob. can you hepl me please

what about Android Studio and admob

I tried to send your email but got error , Can you send .bbdoc file for me on haydcat@collector.org? Thanks


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How to remove the button “No Ads” ?


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you can’t, you need to get buildbox project to edit


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alo you can’t, you need to get buildbox project to edit


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