Color Switch 3D + Buildbox Project Included

Color Switch 3D + Buildbox Project Included

Color Switch 3D (Android) is a highly addictive game where you have to tap the ball to Jump, Follow the color pattern on each obstacle . This game is made in Java using ECLIPSE. The game has been created Buildbox

Easy To Reskin

    - If you are new to gaming, don’t worry I can create a custom package just for you to submit to store. Provide me with the following:
  • Game Name
  • Bundle ID
  • Leaderboard ID
  • Review Link
  • Ads Network ID of your choice (Admob, Chartboost, Revmob, AppLovin, LeadBolt, Playhaven, Vungle, MoPub, HeyZap)

  • Buildbox project
  • AdMob Banner integrated
  • AdMob Interstitial integrated
  • Google Play Games Leaderboard integrated
  • Clear graphics
  • Optimized for tablets
  • Background music and sounds
Download APK from Dropbox

How to Setup and Reskin:

  • Install latest Android SDK
  • Open project in Eclipse
  • Change Package ID, App Name, icons, graphics and sounds
  • Set up Google Play Games Services
  • Set up AdMob ID, Google Play Games App ID and Leaderboard ID
  • Build an APK file
  • Upload it to Google Play

this game template is compiled ONLY in Eclipse. Do not use Eclipse simulator. Test either on Genymotion or Real Device. This is a product of BuildBox Project, thus, you will be able to reskin only .PNG images, there won’t be an opportunity to modify levels. If you want to get BuildBox Project then purchase extended license and contact us w/ a proof of your purchase, we will send you BuildBox Project. Thank you.
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