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Objective-c or Swift? Can i replace with block image like find the different animal block?

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Hi, it is objective C. Nope, you can’t replace block image, as we haven’t used image but it is a code. However, little bit of custom programming can replace a color block with animals.

Does this come with instructions to add admob and leaderboard?

Yes. Features: Game Center, Ad-mob, App Review/Like button connected to iTunes Store.

hi, Can you help me integrate the chartboost?

Hi, we can. However – it will be additional custom development. You can email us “mailnike at gmail” if interested. Will reply you with the quote.

Does it have in app purchase?

Hi, nope. Check the app on the ituens, it is nicely build and with ad-mob

Hello, I never integrated Game Center before, how hard it is? Regarding admob, is it only banners or banners and interstitials? Regards

Hi, it is extremely simple, I have mentioned that in the documentation if you get confused just message. Ad-mob: it is both banner and interstitials.

I’m getting the following error when I try and run this app

error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Hi, apologies for the delay. Do you still need any help?

I noticed there is parse framework in this code, can we do PUSH notifications with it (when I run the app, it also asks for permission to send them)?

Hi, apologies for the delay. Do you still need any help?

Will it run in xcode 7.3 and ios 9.3

Yes, it will.

Will it (Color Sense) run in xcode 7.3 and ios 9.3

Very good. GLWS

How many level or difficulties? Can we add it manually?