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Very nice work, big sales to you :)

wow fantastic i like it, very nice work :) i wish you huge sales for the week :)

helo , i installed it but the plugin didn’t work ,

Hi. Thanks for using our plugins . please check our documention or video tutorials..


Hi, When are you planning to add support for WPML?

this versions is okay for WPML !

Thank you. It would be great if you could add that compatibility to your listing on this page where it mentions “Compatible With:”.

okay ! we will add . Thanks

Hi, pre-sales question here. Is there a limit on the amount of swatches that can be created? I am trying to find a solution that will allow me to choose from literally over 200 swatches (I know from a user standpoint this is insane but my client insists). Can your product do this?


The product have no limit to create swatches ... . you can create as you want ….


Great thank you. Another two questions 1) is there conditional logic? (example: if the T-shirt is red then you can only select white or black text…but if the t-shirt is white then you can only select red or black text…) and 2) can you add the variations globally? (example: I have created 200 variations and I want all 200 variations to show up on the product pages of ALL items in the “t-shirt” category without having to add 200 variations one by one to each and every single t-shirt).

1. All conditional logic will be apply from WooCommerce default .. 2 . Yes you can add variations globally !

Hi, Can i add this option on shop page? i want to change button style on shop page and single product page, is it possible ?

Hi . Only work on single product page …

Presale question – Smart Ajax swatches – smart ajax dropdown attributes plugin

Hi, I want know if your plugin can make the following configuration such as this example in the following link:

So I would need to populate the ajax attributes based on the programmed combinations within the product with a select ajax made up of smart swatches.

Is it possible? Thanks in advance.

Hi Hope will be work … The plugins using all default WooCommece property ..


On click don’t change big image into detail product

No sorry, work perfect. I have insert image into correct section. Thanks!!! :)

Good day to you. I have purchased this product 2 days ago, and installation went smooth, but after installing (please note that I had already variable products with color variations set up), I proceeded with this.

In the product editing page, I have clicked on the variation swatches section (please note that I have already set colors like grey, orange and yellow on this product), so in the colors section I have chosen the custom image from the dropdown selector, and it displayed me the 3 color mentioned and I could upload/add the cutsom image.

I did that, save/updated the product but after checking the product page, I still have the standard theme color selection buttons, and it didnt show me the custom images.

Please let me know, is there anything I have missed out? I have checked out the video tutorials, but they are basically if I would have basic/plain/simple products so I dont need to go through these steps.

Thank you in advance for your reply!


We’re currently using a Color Swatches for Attributes plugin from another author. The problem we have is the following: While the product attribute Import in English works well (attribute pictures appear on the frontend), the import of a foreign language (i.e. German, French, etc.) doesn’t work. After the import attribute pictures simply don’t display. Instead the standard WooCommerce dropdown appears. We’re using the latest WP All Import and WPML versions.

Question: Is your plugin 100% compatible with WP All Import and WPML and does your plugin solve the above issue?

Thank you for your immediate feedback.

Yes it’s compatible wpml .but you have to create own language file for each ..

TIck Sign missing in Color Variation. I edited the CSS file. Can you please help me locate how to bring it back? Thanks!

show me url


Are the variations swatches interdependent? Or is it possible to see the image correspondent color regardless of the size (for example) being selected?

Thanks in advance!

Thans for the reply!

I watched the video and it didn’t answer my question, though.

I know how to create attributes and variations. I just want to know if:

If the product has two attributes (color and size), does the product image change if the color swatch is clicked regardless of the size swatch being selected or not? Or does the image change only if both swatches are selected?

Thanks again!

yes it will be work as default role of woocomerce , we replace the default select function to color,image and text learn more ( )

Hi, i am using Kalium Theme and looking for a plug in that will replace the drop down variation list into photos for “size” AND “color” in the SHOP PAGE. the photo of the product ( in different colors) will change in the SHOP PAGE when the user hoover over the color variation. this need to change the same way ALSO in the PRODUCT PAGE. does your plug-in support this requirement ? thank you

Hi Thanks for contacting with w3ctheme . will be work as your requirement but we recommend watch video and getting more confirmation ( )


Pre-sale questions – I am currently using a different plugin, but it has been problematic, if anything else is changed on te product page, you need to go and re select the swatch options.

With your plugin can I create the same look as here for the size look. And if I use your plugin, will I manually have to change the 100+ products individually? Thanks

Yes you can do manually or set a common attribute for all product both options available !

if you visit this link and click on “CUSTOMIZE THE STYLE” next to the product. It has multiple attributes and the images also change as per the selection.

Can i do this with your plugin.

I might have more than 5 or 6 attributes per product – this is for cloths, so the attributes will be colours, fabric, style, sizes

No proble. You can add as wish

i hope you have checked the link above – if you are sure about this – then i will buy the plugin, i would request you to check the variations once again.

I need similar choices with image changes – i am not worried about styling – i just need these variation options – 5 – 8 per product – just like in the link above.

If you say yes – then i would like to buy, later if it turns out that i cant do all that – then can i get refund.

no problem you can set 8-15 variation each page ! we are using default property of woocomerce without styling options !

hi the plugin can let the user uplaod the file to admin ??

I’d like to know if the plugin uses global settings or do you have to set each individual product to show the variations.

One more question. If that particular variable is out of stock, is there an option to gray it our or strike through it?

My boss just purchased your plugin and I suggested it because you said we were able to set the labels using global settings but it looks like you can only set it up at the product level. You have settings for color etc but not to default to label, etc. Am I missing something?

I figured out the global issue but I’d still like to know if there is a way to gray out the buttons if the product variation is out of stock.

How to you set up the variation image swatches globally ?

I would be nice if there was some sort of visual que that displayed when a product was out of stock

Well After I configured the terms in the variation it doesn’t appear that it affected my pre-existing products – They are all still using the default drop down to select the product variations and not the image swatchs- So maybe I am missing a step

Sorry for the delyr reply !

Before buying, I want to know can I do something like this , The fixed price for color lenses 500 But if you choose only plano right 0.5 and move to the cart you will find the price 175 . And if you choose the plano right 0.5 and plano left 0.5 the price will be 550 . If you do not choose anything, the value will be 00 and the price will be 500