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Look is good, nice work! Good luck with sales! :)


are you saying this does NOT have chart boost? Can you add it for me?

Hi! This game already have chartboost. Let’s buy it.

Do you provide the buildbox file with regular license?.

No, only If you buy this template in an EXTENDED license you will get the Buildbox project file. But, write to me: Pavel.idle@gmail.com and we can deal about BuildBox file.

Where to add my AdMob code?

Hi! Thanks for purchase! See paragraph ?3 in FAQ files. If you steel have trouble, feel free to contact to me.

Everything is good Thank you

You are welcome! Now in reviewing are massive updata. With fix some bugs, and Adding new level. Stay tune

How can edit/create levels? I would also like to change the colors etc….

Hi! You easy can edit/create new level in BuildBox. Of course you can edit /assets/data/PTModelObjectAssetUnit.1.attributes.xml file, but there is so hard to understand. Change color you can by replace image in file /assets/data/atlases/atlas_ID101.png. Write to my mail, and we can discuss about build box file. Or game improvement. I have interesting thing for you. Regards

email sent to you. Where is the .plst file?

can i use eclipse or android studio to edit the game and is it possible to change ads.

Hello! No, if you want to change iOs project you need XCode and OS X. But if you need only change ads ID, please, write to me, I can do it for you.

Oops…sry for posting this in wrong place. I wanted to know about android version. Do you want me post on android page or can you answer here.

Oh! No problem :) Yes, you can easy use eclipse to change game settings. And asd ID too. In purchased file, you can find documentation file. Here is shart FAQ, and there you will find about settings app. Regards

hi is the app universal? for both iPhone and iPad?

Hi! Yes, of course this game looks good in all Apple device, from IPhone 4, to IPad Pro! Have a look in uniq redesign version too: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l9mpcnzj67j18e4/colorJumpRedesignBasic.mp4?dl=0

Hi, this is an Xcode project correct? I will buy today, thanks

Yes I saw this, awesome game I like it, I will purchase today, this will be my weekend project :)

And one last question, it does have admob enabled correct?

Yes, but if you have any trouble or questions, I will help you :)

Hi, i’ve purchased the EXTENDED LICENSE but can’t find the buildbox project file in the assets??? You say that you provide the buildbox project file with EXTENDED LICENSE purchase!? Please contact me asap to provide the BB projectfile… Thanks much and best regards, Christian

Hi! Yes, contact my mail, and I will send it file to you. It’s because I can’t send different packages for different license. Mail to: pavel.idle@gmail.com

Thanks. I already wrote a mail yesterday. Please Send to koch@code-k.info

Did you get my mail request? Can you please provide it today? Thanks and best, Christian

Hi, im thinking to purchase these.

Can u tell me whats included if i buy the $12 version ?

If i buy the extended license $59 , what will i receive ?

Hi! Regular license will provide to you only IOS project for XCode. Extended license also provide BuildBox file. this file can help you to add new levels, fitches, etc.

Hello, I’ve been waiting for over a week now to get my project back with the correct Ad ID’s configured for Google Admob and Charboost. What’s happening guys??? Someone please get back to me

This is ridiculous, I gave you guys my project over 2 weeks ago and still have gotten no response via email. A bad review will follow, someone needs to tell me what is going on here??

I responded to that email saying you can’t establish the keys for charboost without the app being live. So I asked should I publish the app as is and once accepted we could set up chartboost. But for now please simply add the Google admob to my app using the info I sent you guys

Ok! We will send project with your admob to armanirouse@gmail.com, right?

Yes sir

hello, i just bought the game. Can you help me customize it? i also sent you an email already

how do i install app in Xcode?

How do i install the app in Xcode?

how do i get a refund!? because it has been 4 days since my first question and no answers. I bought the full version and i have not receive and email reply from him yet. this is really sad.

how do i get a refund!? because it has been 4 days since my first question and no answers. I bought the full version and i have not receive and email reply from him yet. this is really sad.

Nice bro =)

apple is rejecting the app now saying it needs to include NSCalendarsUsageDescription can someone help with this please. Thank you

Please check email Pavesh, thank you sir

Hello is anyone available for support on this item? Apple is rejecting the binary saying it does not contain the NSCalendarUsage and permissions in the info.plist file and I need help locating this file in the project so I can attempt to add the permissions. Please check your emails guys, thanks in advance!