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HI, could you please tell me how can I submit game score to game center(I have already setup leaderboard, and test it in sandbox)

I solved the above problem, I have another question, how to add rate me url, what kind of url link should I use?

Go to GP -> Classes -> Game Settings -> GlobalSettings.h and change #define LINK_TO_RATE_US @”http://www.link.com/”

hi, thanks for the reply, I solved the problem, the app is rejected,the reason is: “We found that your app uses the iOS Advertising Identifier but does not include ad functionality.” You didn’t implement the AdBanner delegate method? So how should I do? thanks

How do I change the Colour of the Best Score text and Number?

I’ve found the line;

_labelScoreBest = [[SimpleLabel alloc] initWithText:[NSString stringWithFormat:"%ld", (long)[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] integerForKey:“bestScore”]] fontSize:MS_FONT_SIZE_LABEL_SCORE_BEST position:MS_POSITION_LABEL_SCORE_BEST colorByHEX:MS_FONT_COLOR_LABEL_SCORE_BEST andZPosition:MS_ZPOSITION_LABEL_SCORE_BEST]; _labelScoreBestText = [[SimpleLabel alloc] initWithText:MS_TEXT_LABEL_SCORE_BEST_TEXT fontSize:MS_FONT_SIZE_LABEL_SCORE_BEST_TEXT position:MS_POSITION_LABEL_SCORE_BEST_TEXT colorByHEX:MS_FONT_COLOR_LABEL_SCORE_BEST_TEXT andZPosition:MS_ZPOSITION_LABEL_SCORE_BEST_TEXT];

But how do i add the hex code for the font and bg?

Go to settings files GP->Classes->Game settings->Interface->GameSceneName.h and change #define in #pragma mark Font Color

How do i also sort the leaderboard out, ive linked it to a leaderboard i setup in itunes connect, but it still doesn’t show the high scores on the leaderboard!

Having a few issues with the game.

Leaderboard doesnt work despite all the correct information being entered.

The game cursor falls off the bottom of the screen at a score of 200. How do i stop the cursor moving down?

How do i move an iAd to the top of the screen?

where are you man ? any new source code ?

Monday new games will be uploaded.

Can you please admob banner ads to this proejct?.

No, only iAd, but you can add it himself.

heyy.. no scores are upload to Game Center leaderboard how to upload scores to leaderboard even i cannot find any method which submit the score to the leaderboard

I just bought this code and doesnt work with latest IOS and XCODE. Could you please help?. What version of XCODE it works?

I open this game on latest Xcode version. Describe you problem to my mail.

It is working fine!, thanks!

I like this game and just wonder is it unity code?

No, it’s objective-c project

thanks for fast answer.

do you have any unity source code games, I can buy ?

All my unity project you can see in my profile, see “Unity games” collection. Also I can make something only for you. I’m available to freelance work.