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Is this a unique app? none are the same in play store? as you know google will ban your app if is a duplicate. Also when you fill up the colors and you done , you may want to add a goback button “home” for easy going back. Now where you get more free images? so they don’t be copyright? Thanks.

We have create this app our self. We have not copied any other app. You can search images on search engine. If you want any additional features then we can do it at some additional cost. Our skype is guru.technolabs

Actionbarsherlock and Google play service folder is not present in the source please sent the updated source to my mail id

I added required source manually but how do i add admob adunit id is missing in string.xml its not present

please respond ASAP

Please give us your email. We will email you source code

Is redo undo option available ? Let me check apk file

Nope..We can do it for you at some additional cost. Our skype is: guru.technolabs

Tap to fill color feature is available ?

your Code not running please give a solution to solve this problem see this video. see the video full and give a solution https://www.dropbox.com/s/hv03jj9lvovn6zs/colorbook.mp4?dl=0

Please give me your email.

please see this this screenshot how to solve this https://www.dropbox.com/s/etsvtq46i5a2qap/Capture.PNG?dl=0

please see this video signin .apk not generation give a solution https://www.dropbox.com/s/qmk5ummkercx2qe/colorbookbug.mp4?dl=0

please see this video signin .apk not generation give a solution https://www.dropbox.com/s/qmk5ummkercx2qe/colorbookbug.mp4?dl=0

Can you connect via team viewer ? Our skype is guru.technolabs for easier communication

this is my team viewr id 968 072 317 password 4948

this is my team viewer id 968 072 317 password 4948 i am waiting for your connection

No support received i think author cheating 3 weeks gone no support received if my problem solved i will command here otherwise do not purchase

Can you please give team viewer credentials ? We are sorry for your inconvenience.

Do you plan to create a IOS version soon?

Yes Sir..We are planning for it. It will take some time.. Please follow us on code canyon for updates.

If you need it earlier then we can do it for you. Reach us at skype: guru.technolabs

sir if you add itersititiel ads i will buy this code and thanks

Intestitial ads are already integrated in this app. :-)


The best support ,,many thank you.

First, I don´t speak English. Sorry for my English.

In your documentation appear a folder actionbarsherlock but in the zip don´t appear.

Would you help me.


Its okay :)

We are on diwali vacation. We will be back on monday. We will check it. Kindly add us in skype for easier communication. Our skype is guru.technolabs

Hi, i bought the app code and i can’t use it on eclipse, it gives errors signs on the principle file and “main” file, can you help me?

Our last comment was 2 days ago so we didn’t make you waited for that much day. :-) It’s only 2 days.

By the way don’t worry. We are sending you update today.

Thanks a lot, it runs correctly but i don’t know how to setup the interstitial ads

Cool…. Regarding Interstitial ads, documentation is already given. If you need further help on this then you can contact us on skype.