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Game isn’t that bad but issue I had with it was that my finger gets on the way while spinning.

I would suggest shooting some special beams for extra LIVE

Thanks for the comments! The game actually allows you to spin anywhere on the screen so your fingers don’t have to cover the player. I’ll see what I can do about the extra lives!

ah I see :) , then that should be interesting bcos I like the games physics

Thank you!

Nice work, GLWS! :)


Hello, spoggles can u plz provide a apk file

Hello, I can’t provide an apk file, but if you would like to play it, please download from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thatssopanda.colorblock. Thanks!

score is displayed too small as well as the laps is not showed.

do you provide some help to do the achievements?

I can provide limited paid for help if you would like to incorporate achievements.

ok… send me a email: info@kjadvertising.com and let’s talk about it and maybe other services you can provide

Anyway to adjust the shield’s sensitivity so that they spin faster by swiping my fingers on the screen?

Thank you for the response but I mean’t in the code is there anyway I can modify it so that it is more sensitive and spins faster

Hello, if you would like to modify the way the shields spin, you’ll want to modify the function ‘onTouch’ located in scene_game.lua on line 84. I’m not sure if there’s a good way to make the shields spin faster while retaining gameplay value, but that’s where you would change it at.

Awesome thank you for the help

hello, I have played the game from Google Play.Liked it so far.But is it possible that you reduce the loading time ? I mean when you press start over the screen remains black for a while.If its not possible then a loading screen maybe.

Hello, what device were you using to play the game? I tested the game on an iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and didn’t notice a big load time. The reload should pretty instant, but that’s dependent on the device as well.

I played in Sony Xperia Z

the stop game functionality is not coded…

Hello, this a full game that is store ready and the start game, restart game, and a way to return to the menu is coded. I’m not sure what is meant by ‘there is no stop game functionality’.

yes pause the game is not there

Hello, I decided to not code in a pause game because I want to style the game mechanics in the same fashion as Flappy Birds. Casual games like this are meant to be a pick-up-and-play style game and during the game play, I do not believe there are any natural break points for the player to pause the game. Without any natural break points in the game and without any punishment for playing losing, I made a conscious decision to not implement a pause game. However, is this something your customers are asking for? I want to keep the game flow as natural as possible, but I might be able to work something for you.

What updates were implemented on the update?

The only change made was that leaderboards are turned off by default. This was by request.

If I wanted to push the ships curve just out of view but keep the functionality would i change values on line 182 scene_game.lau? I want the shots be one a the track but out of sight so users wont see where they may come from

So you want the ships to be off screen and make it look like the bullets are coming from the edges of the screen? If so, then yes you are right. You’ll need to edit line 182 which is the oval that the enemies follow. You’ll just need to make the oval bigger so the ships are off screen.

Thanks for the help boss man. Great Template!

Hey Spoggles, one last question. In your read me file you say to add the leaderboard ID to build.settings on line 13 however, isnt that for the Android app ID? I am running into the issue that the leaderboard button does nothing when tapped. I have added my GDPC leaderboard info to line 26 of the main as follows ” [“Android”] = {“google”, “CgkI_ouDwPoKEAIQAA”},—replace “google” with “none” if you don’t use any leaderboard!” but am getting no where with that button.

any ideas?

Hey! I was on Christmas leave and didn’t have easy access to email. The read me file says ‘Change 3 – Add your leaderboard IDs On lines 26 through 29 on main.lua, these variables hold your game center and google play services IDs. For Google Play services, you’ll need to add your leaderboard id to build.settings on line 13. ’. If you are using Google Play services, you’ll need to add it to both spots.

How to publish with other name with the names SoccerBlock on the background ?

Hi! You would need to swap out the graphics if you’d like to use the Soccer Block graphics.

you mean its ok to publish with that graphics if the name Soccer Block stays there but is not used ?

I mean on the title , but ok to have it published ?

Hello, I believe you would need to refer to the license details – https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard?license=regular.