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Hi, when select I love you Frame, next select frame, the app crash. Now… when select another frame, app run…. next step select photo, when select photo, crop select and press save then app crash. Please you can see this error? thanks. I would like to buy your application, but it gives me these errors,. Nexus 5 Lollipop 5.0.1

Now it seems that if it works fine, thanks.

Ok thanks :)

We already have updated source code to cc. :)

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Hi there,

Also testing the app and the same thing. It crashes all the time.

In which device are you testing ?

I have updated apk and source code. It will take 48 hours to get updated. So if you need it urgently then please purchase the app and leave your email address here. I will send you updated source code in email.

i test apk
in 3 frame category when save it have a error photo(No thumbnail)

and when insert image from album to all frame , But if i want to change image again how ?

It should not happen. Please come online and lets share screen.

Please follow the instructions shown in screenshot. http://prntscr.com/65sbf8

If you are not getting then feel free to contact us on skype too. skype: guru.technolabs

i bought the app but in eclipse not works when i tried to create the apk file.

The sclipse don´t create the app, the software tries to package but still 10 minutes. I have a very faster pc

It might be possible that your phone doesn’t show image gallery quickly that’s why I told you to restart your phone. It depends on phone configuration.

For changing package name, please contact us at skype: guru.technolabs

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i don´t have skype, i write email. Regards

Hi there,

Is easy to change the frames inside ? Make other categories with other frames ?

Yes if you know coding..

for further support, skype: guru.technolabs

I bought the source code within the \ res \ drawable-hdpi folder CollegeFrame frames are all together without understanding the names or anything. You can tell me how I can add more photo frames? as follows the logic of names.

I am not understanding your request exactly. For “how to add more frames ” contact us on skype